Client:Esperanza Git Usage

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This is a quick guide on how to work on Esperanza with Git.


git clone git://

this will create "esperanza" locally and you will have the default branch checked out.


Esperanza relies on branches, have one per version that is released. To inspect what branches that are present do

git branch -r

that will list something like:

origin/0.3 origin/0.4 origin/HEAD

the first part is the namespace, in this case origin. which denotes that these branches are on where you cloned them from.

To switch branch use the checkout command:

git checkout origin/0.4

When switching branches it can be good to see where you are by doing

git log

Git log will show you what changes you have there.

To start working with a specific branch it's recommended that you don't work in the remote branch. So let's create a local branch of the remote 0.4 branch.

git checkout origin/0.4 #switch to 0.4 git checkout -b 0.4

other remote branches

if you want to add multiple remotes to your tree, for example the master tree, do the following:

git remote add main

the string "main" can be choosen as you want it. But remember the next commands use the choosen string, so replace all "main" with your namespace name.

to update a remote branch use the command

git fetch main

this will update the "main" remote branch and you can do

git branch -r

to view them. in this case you should have the lines:

main/0.3 main/0.4

in there.

merge remotes

First off, git merge doesn't do what you think it will do :-) always use git pull when merging. if you want to merge the main/0.4 into your own 0.4 branch do the following

git checkout 0.4 #make sure we are in the local branch git fetch main #update the remote branch git pull main 0.4 #merge it!

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