GSoC:2007 Generated IPC

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The project will be split into two parts, generating the server code and the client code. A high-level description of this functionality would be created and used to generate the code for this. The client side currently consists of an xmmsclient library that provides a high-level C interface to the XMMS IPC protocol, and is used as a 'glue layer' by the higher-level language bindings, such as perl and python. The work on this side would consist of defining a high-level description of the interface provided by xmmsc, generalizing it a bit, and then generating the C binding from this. The server-side consists of generating code that can serialize/deserialize commands and arguments from the client side and properly dispatch them to the correct code inside the server.

I will then need to test the C binding extensively for problems as the rest of the bindings depend on its correctness. The language I will be using for generating the code is Python. Detailed description of project

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