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**This page describes a component of XMMS2.**

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Summary =======

Adds support for playing CD Audio.


Browsing the cdda:// will show all valid urls for tracks on the currently inserted CD.

$ xmms2 server browse cdda:// cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/1  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/2  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/3  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/4  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/5  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/6  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/7  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/8  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/9  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/10  cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/11 

You can add the whole CD to the playlist with the add -P command.

$ xmms2 add -P cdda://

Or you can add a single song by specifying its full path from the browse.

$ xmms2 add cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/8

Or you can use * instead of track number to add whole CD in reverse order.

$ xmms2 add cdda://h4JxJj8jIp_HtscYOua_TZxNe9g-/*

You can specify the device which the plugin should use by modifying the cdda.device config value.


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