Client:Esperanza Windows Build Instructions

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This is a guide, which should help to setup a Windows Build Environment for Xmms2 Client Esperanza and to build it.


setup of the build environment

  1. extract the DrJekyll stuff into a folder of your choice (e.g. c:\Programme\Xmms2\DrJekyll)

  2. extract from the MSys.7z under MSys\include the boost folder into include\xmms2\ of your DrJekyll installation (e.g. c:\Programme\Xmms2\DrJekyll\include\xmms2, so you get a boost folder in there)

  3. run the Setup of trolltech, during the setup let it download the mingw stuff!!

  4. extract esperanza source

  5. edit the config.pri in esperanza source folder e.g.:

  change:   PREFIX += "SET THIS TO YOUR XMMS2 INSTALL DIR"'   into:   PREFIX += "c:/Programme/Xmms2/DrJekyll"

  change:   CONFIG += console   into:   # CONFIG += console   except you want to have a console!

build it

So far so good. Wasn't that difficult isn't it? :) The next steps will then build esperanza and hopefully create a esperanza.exe in the esperanza source folder.

  1. go to Qt4 installation directory. There in the "bin" Folder, you will find a qtvars.bat. Execute it. Now you have a cmd prompt, with Qt4 Build Environment set up.

  2. cd to the Esperanza Source Folder

  3. execute "qmake"

  4. execute "make"

use it

Now that you have the esperanza.exe, you need to collect some dll's and put them all together in one folder.

  1. Locate the MinGW Folder (from Qt4 Installation) and copy following file from the "bin" folder into a empty folder (e.g. c:/Programme/Xmms2/Esperanza )

  * mingwm10.dll

  1. Locate the Qt4 Folder and copy the following files from the "bin" folder into the same folder from 1.

  * QtCore4.dll   * QtNetwork4.dll   * QtGui4.dll   * QtXml4.dll

  1. Locate the Xmms2 DrJekyll Folder and copy the following files into the same folder from 1.

  * libboost_signals.dll   * libxmmsclient.dll   * libxmmsclient++.dll

  1. Finally copy the esperanza.exe into the same folder form 1.

  2. Now you can execute esperanza.exe, but make sure you have xmms2d.exe running!! :D

Have fun with your own esperanza!!

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