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Installation notes

Download and install macports

Install glib-2.0 and sqlite through macports with the command: "port install sqlite3 glib2". Then, make sure that '/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig' is on your PKG_CONFIG_PATH. Now you should be good to compile xmms2 on your Mac OS X Tiger.

Support for major plugins and formats require the following additional macports:

  • python bindings: py26-cython
  • nycli: libreadline
  • mp3: libmad
  • flac: flac
  • vorbis: libvorbis

Say you've installed MacPorts under /opt/local, the following should produce a xmms2 build for you once you've installed the dependencies:

./waf configure --conf-prefix=/opt/local --prefix=/opt/local ./waf build sudo ./waf install

CoreAudio output

XMMS2 has Native support for CoreAudio, no more fulhack as in XMMS1 using a hacked ESD.

CoreFoundation eventloop.

For client writers, the libxmmsclient-cf library contains glue to integrate libxmmsclient with the CoreFoundation main loop.

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