IRC Meeting 2008 12 07 Agenda

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I think there should be a meeting soon, to clear up some issues.

The proposed datetime is Sunday 7 December 2008, 13.00 UTC (click!)

I do not think the usual status updates are required, as there meeting schedule hasn't been very regular.

If you cannot be present, please make sure to edit this page to add your point of view.

Nesciens 00:15, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

Points for discussion:

  • Can we relieve anders of some burden?
    • buildbot
      • (buildbot is online, not fully configured /nano)
      • (fantastic! /nesciens)
      • Just missing a few slaves I think. A box to run slaves on would be nice, they run on a fairly slow computer right now /AW
    • karma
    • merging
    • reviewing
  • Chaos with rvsplit-repositories
    • Is it possible to create a separate repository/branch for things like this?
      • which appears separately on g.x.s/merge/
      • which never gets rebased
      • which eventually get merged/rebased with devel (with/without history-rewrite?)
  • merge procedure
    • For large stuff: rebase or merge?
      • For example coll2 will be painful to rebase onto rvsplit, as a lot of xmmsc_coll has been changed to xmmsv_coll, which means conflict in every other commit. Merge might be less painful if such renaming is done in some pre-merge commit. Also functions need to be updated to rvsplit. Should this be in every patch where such a change is needed, or is one patch after the rebase ok?
        • (I believe that was why anders pushed that change as early as possible, separate from rv-split, it's in -devel.git and has been for a long time now /nano)
        • (Let me rephrase: Is git merge okay, or is rebase obligatory? If rebase should be done, is it okay to have a section in the history where the code is broken (so that you don't have to hunt down name changes in all commits, and can make a separate namechange commit instead?)? /nesciens)
        • (I just 'rebased' with the renaming (git format-patch; sed s/.../.../g; git am) /nesciens)
      • For large stuff: Make it small. Anything can be split up and be merged piecemeal. /AW
  • DrM
    • content (bug fixes, rvsplit, sc, nycli, coll2?)
      • abolish add/insert_encoded methods and move url encoding to the server? (See also bug #2073)
  • time line
    • rvsplit
    • sc
    • nycli
      • (I can work more on this now I'm on holiday. Upgrade to rv-split, sc, etc. /greafine)
    • coll2
    • DrM
  • coll2 remaining issues (more feedback (see ML))
    • Do we want an EMPTY-operator?
    • Which do we want: {LIMIT[start,length]} or {LENGTH[length], OFFSET[offset]} or {LIMIT[start,length,end]} or a combination of those?
  • There are lots of small bugs. How do we go about them? Can you just push them if you /think/ they're sane?
  • Buildbot
    • Who has fixing power? (Maybe someone other that anders can get is out of its cupboard, to get the config?)
      • (as said earlier, buildbot is online /nano)
      • (as said earlier: great /nesciens)
    • Possible to provide binaries in the long run?
  • g.x.s/merge
    • Who can edit?
    • is source available, so that patches can be submitted?
      • (should be made available at
    • Typo: "UNKONWN AUTHOR"
    • Maybe some "this commit is not in devel but in n dev repositories"-section?
  • FOSDEM'09
    • Is there news?
      • (we're going! without a devroom though/nano)
  • SkitIDet
    • karma?
    • mantis?
  • Planet
    • A number of feed links are broken
      • (drop a mail with updated links to the ml and i'll fix/nano)
      • (I dropped a mail / nesciens)
    • Is source available, so that patches can be submitted?
      • (source of planet? /nano)
      • (I have no clue how planet works, so maybe the config? /nesciens)
    • Who has editing power?
      • (i have for example /nano)
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