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This page tries to list all properties that different clients write into the medialib and that can be useful for other clients too.


Source: "client/generic"

  • rating - value from 0-5 where 5 is best and 0 is no rating
  • comment - a searchable comment
  • tag - comma seperated tags. tags could be "anything"


Source: "client/generic/voting"

  • vote_score - total score
  • vote_count - number of votes

For each vote "vote_count" is increased by one and "vote_score" is increased by a number 0-5. The client should calculate the average score by dividing vote_score by vote_count.

This is similar to the "rating" property, but this allows many votes and calculates an average, whereas "rating" is just a single value that is set to the latest voting.

Album Art

Also see Album_Covers.

Sources: "client/generic/arturl" and "client/generic/arturl_unverified"

  • album_front_large - front of album - at least 320x320
  • album_front_small - front of album - at least 140x140 - 160x160 is usually amazons standard size, the standard ``small size`` for itunes music store is 170x170 This is Required.
  • album_front_thumbnail - front of album - 100x100, only 100x100
  • album_back_large - back of album - at least 320x320
  • album_back_small - back of album - at least 140x140 - 160x160 is usually amazons standard size, the standard ``small size`` for itunes music store is 170x170
  • album_back_thumbnail - back of album - 100x100, only 100x100
  • artist_art_large - an artist image - at least 320x320
  • artist_art_small - an artist image - at least 140x140 REQUIRED
  • artist_art_thumbnail - an artist image - 100x100, ONLY 100x100

All values should give a url to the album cover. A client that fetches album art should be sure to try to fill in missing art. For example if a client gathers a Large image it should create scaled images to fill in the small and thumbnail sizes. These should be stored locally in ~/.xmms2/clients/generic/art . Clients should NOT scale up. so if you have a small only (the case for amazon) the client should scale down a thumbnail, but not scale up a large.

Any art that a client ``guesses`` should be put into arturl_unverified first until a verifier client moves them over to client/generic/arturl. This way we can make educated guesses in the background and then the user can verify them as time permits.

Client authors should be careful to note that "large" does not equal 600x600. Large image size is anything greater than 600x600, and thus client authors should consider checking image size and potentially scaling any large images they might run into.

Clients should use client/generic/arturl, but may use client/generic/arturl_unverified if they denote that the art is unverified.

Potentially there are other things, like inlay, cd, etc if you think they should be added, discuss in Talk page or on the mailinglist.

Overriding Metadata set by Plugins

Sources: client/generic/override and client/generic/override/*

Any metadata propery normally set by a plugin can be overridden. client/generic/override is intended for generic overrides, set by user input.

client/generic/override/*, where * is the name of an override client, is to be used for overriding metadata where there is no user input. This could be used for clients that do things like gather metadata from internet radio sites, or that gather metadata from MusicBrainz.

See Talk page for a discussion about some issues with the override source.

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