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3rd Party Modules

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Module Authors

There is always a need for more modules. Check out the forums to see what people are requesting. If you have created an module, feel free to edit this page and add your module to the list.

General Advice

As MagicMirror is a fantastic project that is highly connected with aesthetics, it is surprising to see how few module developers actually bother to put a screenshot on their README pages. As MM has gained huge popularity, so has the number of available modules. For new users and developers alike, it is very time consuming to navigate around the various repositories in order to find out what exactly a certain module does, how it looks and what it depends on. Unfortunately, more often than not, this information is rarely available nor easily obtained without having to install it.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to include the following information in your README file.

  • A high quality screenshot of your working module
  • A short, one sentence, clear description what it does (duh!)
  • What external API's it depend on, including web links to those
  • Whether the API/request require a key and the user limitations of those. (Is it free?)
  • What is the current development status (WIP, completed, maintained or abandoned)

Surely this also help you get better recognition and feedback for your work.

Create your own module

If you want to build your own modules, check out the MagicMirror² Module Development Documentation. When you're done, just edit this page and add your module to the list!

3rd party modules

The following modules are created by their respective authors.


Development / Core MagicMirror

Title Author Description
mmpm Bee-Mar The unofficial MagicMirror 3rd Party Package Manager. Automates searching, installation, removal, updating, and upgrading of MagicMirror modules.
MMM-Button PtrBld Use a button to hide or show different modules via a broadcast message.
MMM-Buttons Jopyth More complicated, but also more powerful: multiple buttons, configurable notifications, different actions on short and long press.
MMM-Carousel w/ Navigation barnabycolby & shbatm Fork of MMM-Carousel with page indicators and navigation buttons.
MMM-Carousel barnabycolby Rotate modules, to save space on screen.
MMM-connection-status SheyaBernstein Display internet connection status for MagicMirror2
MMM-Dynamic-Modules Toreke Change positions of modules.
MMM-Glance eouia Show specific module(s) and hide others for a some time by notification or command.
MMM-GroveGestures eouia detecting 3D gesture with GroveGesture Sensor(PAJ7620u2)
mm-hide-all masters1222 Hide all modules on your screen.
MMM-Logging shbatm More details and customization for MM's Node.js console logs.
MMM-ModuleScheduler ianperrin Create schedules to control when other modules are shown, hidden or dimmed and to send notifications to other modules.
MMM-ModuleToggleButton balassy Shows or hides other modules when a momentary push button is pressed. Useful for development and maintenance after the module is deployed.
MMM-Navigate AxLED A module to connect a rotary encoder to MagicMirror and use it for Navigation inside of MagicMirror.
MMM-NetworkConnection Slamet PS Display network connection status (ping, download speed, upload speed).
MMM-network-signal PoOwAa Display a solid wifi logo as network signal based on ping speed.
MMM-NotificationTrigger eouia MMM-NotificationTrigger is a simple notification relay which can convert notifications from TRIGGER_NOTIFICATION to FIRE_NOTIFICATION
MMM-OnScreenMenu shbatm Simple On-Screen Menu for controlling the MagicMirror²
MMM-pages edward-shen An maintained module that allows you to rotate out pages of modules!
MMM-page-indicator edward-shen A helper module to display what page you're on. Intended to be used with other modules that rotate out modules.
MMM-Page-Selector Veldrovive Configure location and visibity of modules on defined pages.
MMM-ProfileSwitcher toasti007 This Module adds the ability to have different layouts for different profiles.
MMM-Remote-Control-Repository eouia Plugin for MMM-Remote-Control to update installable modules automatically.
MMM-Remote-Control Jopyth Cleanly shutdown (or reboot) your mirror, edit which modules are shown on your mirror and turn your monitor off and on from a simple website, i.e. from your smartphone.
MMM-Simple-Swiper Bee-Mar; OttoJuba Simple, multi-threaded interface for HC-SR04 ultra sonic sensors to be used with MMM-pages
MMM-Tabulator E:V:A A Demo module for using Tabulator to directly parse JSON/XML into MM DHTML tables.
MMM-ViewNotifications glitch452 Display a list of notifications that have been broadcast to all the modules.
MagicMirror-Module-Template MichMich Module to help developers to start building their own modules for the MagicMirror.


Title Author Description
MMM-AVStock eouia MagicMirror module for displaying stock price with Alphavantage API.
MMM-CoinMarketCap glitch452 Display cryptocurrency information from the Coin Market Cap website. Ticker Price, Logos, Sparkline Graphs, etc...
MMM-Coinbase XC2DN Display your Bitcoin Coinbase balance on your MagicMirror.
MMM-LICE Mykle1 Live International Currency Exchange
MMM-SingleStock balassy Displays the stock price of a single company without any fancy animation.
MMM-Stock hakanmhmd Displays current stock prices of companies using YAHHO FINANCE API...
MMM-bitcoin valmassoi Display bitcoin ticker price.
MMM-crypto-portfolio Carl Extended Display cryptocurrencies based on Matteo Danelli's module shows the total of your assets over time.
MMM-cryptocurrency matteodanelli Display cryptocurrencies ticker price, with graphs and changes over time.
MMM-ethereum Deathrid3r747 Display ticker with ethereum USD price
MMM-stocks elaniobro Display a scrolling stocks ticker.

News / Religion / Information

Title Author Description
MMM-CrisisInformationSweden boghammar News feed from the Swedish Government Crisis Information (
MMM-DailyBibleVerse Arthur Garza A module that displays the verse of the day from
MMM-ELMPrayerTime Moin Ahmed Displays praying times from East London Mosque in London.
MMM-GoogleFit amcolash Display google fit daily step count and weights.
MMM-MyPrayerTimes HTilburgs MyPrayerTimes is a simple Module, that calculate prayer times for any location around the world, based on a variety of calculation methods currently used in Muslim communities using the Aladhan API
MMM-News eouia Displaying NEWS with picture, touchable and customizable.
MMM-News-QR Nischi Add a QR Code with the link to the showing Newsfeed (Default Newsfeed Module)
MMM-OpeningHours Menturan Module that displays places opening hours.
MMM-PrayerTime Slamet PS Displays moslem praying time with Adhan recital.
MMM-RandomQuranAyah Slamet PS Display ayah/verse of Qur'an randomly.
MMM-WeeklySchedule pinsdorf Display weekly recurring timetables such as class schedules.
MMM-shabbat SheyaBernstein Display shabbat times for the current week and optionally hide all modules.
MMM-wiki mrinzis Displays random Wikipedia snippets.
MMM-LesJoiesDuCode Tomadelostacos Displays the last post from Les Joies Du Code, or TheCodingLove (The english version).

Transport / Travel

Title Author Description
MMM-TransLoc OrangleHoopla Display TransLoc locations for a bus stop, used by the Rider App
DWD-RealtimeIrishRail archerydwd Display Realtime Irish Rail data for a targeted station.
JIR-EMT jirsis Estimated arrival time and distance Madrid Buses
MMM-AC-aseag j-hiller Displays departures for ASEAG busses in Aachen, Germany.
MMM-Avinor KAG Avinor flight schedule for airports in Norway
MMM-BdxBus kuitin Hour bus station of Bordeaux
MMM-BMWConnected hdurdle Displays information about your BMW from the BMW Connected Drive API.
MMM-Bubi balassy Displays the number of available bikes on the selected stations of the Budapest public bike system (aka MOL Bubi).
MMM-Bysykkel JonasTriki Display the availability of the city bikes around in Norway from A to B.
MMM-CTA NateDee Displays arrival times for the Chicago Transit Authority 'L' system buses and trains.
MMM-DCMetroTrainTimes AdamMoses-GitHub Displays the arrival time of trains to any station in the Washington DC subway metro system (WMATA) as well as incidents reported for any of the line colors.
MMM-DVB skastenholz Station monitor for the Dresden/Germany local transport (DVB) bus, tram and train system.
MMM-DisneyWaitTimes gberg927 Displays ride wait times at the Disney World Parks.
MMM-DublinRTPI galaktor Customisable real-time stop data for Dublin Bus, Luas and IrishRail stops
MMM-EFA-departures Dom1n1c Station monitor for local transport companies using the EFA system.
MMM-Entur-tavle Arve Display public transport information/departure boards for any public transport in Norway
MMM-FAA-Delay nigel-daniels Display information published by the FAA on delays and weather conditions at some US airports. Note: this has been updated following a change by the FAA to the API.
MMM-FlightsAbove E:V:A A flight radar that display airplane/flight details of what is currently flying in the airspace above some location.
MMM-Fuel fewieden Display Gas Station prices.
MMM-Futar balassy Displays Budapest public transport information directly from the Futár webservice.
MMM-GeoTracking asimhsidd Geo-track a moving object on the map by continuously listening to a pubnub channel where the publisher (example file attached) has to publish the new location (lat, lon) as and when moves
MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic vicmora Displays a Google map, centered at provided coordinates, with traffic information.
MMM-HH-LocalTransport georg90 Display local transport in Hamburg/Germany.
MMM-HK-KMB MMM-HK-KMB Display the KMB Estimated Time of Arrival in Hong Kong.
MMM-HK-Transport MMM-HK-Transport Display the transport info in Hong Kong.
MMM-Hive MMM-Hive Displays Hive (British Gas) inside / outside temperature.
MMM-JNV michgue Station monitor for the Jena/Germany local transport (JNV) bus and tram.
MMM-KVV yo-less Station monitor for the Karlsruhe/Germany local transport (KVV) bus, tram and train system.
MMM-LocalTransport CFenner Display the next public transport connections for a certain route.
MMM-Luxembourg-Public-Transport MarinescuEvghenii Luxembourg public transport departures in real time.
MMM-MBTA edward-shen Displays information about a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) station, including upcoming arrivals and alerts and warnings.
MMM-MTA-NextBus Tie Displays the arrival time of the next few buses for a particular bus stop. This is for the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) in New York City.
MMM-MyCommute Jeff Clarke Displays your commute times to several destinations. Highly configurable.
MMM-MyTTC Jeff Clarke Displays Toronto Transit schedule for your selected routes and stops.
MMM-NJTransit Dmitry Studynskyi Real-time bus tracking for NJ Transit.
MMM-NMBS-Connection Jan-Bart Display upcoming trains between 2 NMBS/SNCB stations. (Belgium)
MMM-Nantes-TAN normyx time to the next buses, tramways or navibus from a list of stations / lines for Nantes (TAN).
MMM-NesteBussAtB ottopaulsen A Magic Mirror Module that shows how many minutes until the next bus(es) goes from given bus stops.
MMM-nyc-transit Elaniobro Real-time MTA subway countdown clock
MMM-OakBus IbrahimIrfan Real-time bus tracking for Oakville, ON Bus transit.
MMM-oebb-station-board Michael Scharl Shows trains and other public transports for a configured ÖBB-Station.
MMM-OneBusAway Jesus Silva Shows ETA for buses for a given stop using OneBusAway API
MMM-OpelStatuses Santanachia Shows current production satatus of your Opel/Vauxhall
MMM-OsloCityBike TobbenTM Shows nearby CityBike stations in Oslo, and the number of bikes available at each.
MMM-Paris-RATP-PG da4throux Time to the next buses, metros, rers & tramways for Paris Network (RATP), along with: the traffic status for selected lines, the risk of rain in the next hour, autolib and velib stations status.
MMM-PublicTransportBerlin deg0nz Display departures for public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg (Covers VBB Area).
MMM-PublicTransportDB olexs Display departures for public transport in Germany using db-hafas data (Deutsche Bahn). Includes most local networks with buses, trams etc., however will less details than other modules that use local network APIs directly (e.g. RMV has no real-time delay data, only scheduled departures). Note: Does not work since Sep 2017, due to changed structure of the API Response. Partial possible fixes in PRs.
MMM-PublicTransportHafas raywo Display departures for public transport in Germany using hafas-client data (Deutsche Bahn). Includes most local networks with buses, trams etc., however will have less details than other modules that use local network APIs directly.
The module is intended to replace MMM-PublicTransportLeipzig since the Leipzig module relies on very unstable data from LVB (Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe). The displayed departures use the colours used in Leipzig but can easily adapted to other colour schemes.
MMM-PublicTransportLeipzig raywo Display departures for public transport in Leipzig. The used data are quite unreliable. Please use MMM-PublicTransportHafas instead. It comes preconfigured for Leipzig.
MMM-PublicTransportVVO ChristianGeie Display live departures from public passenger transport service of the 'Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe' (VVO).
MMM-RMV Com-Lum Rhein-Main local transport system (RMV) - Departure Monitor
MMM-RNV yawns Monitor a given station in the RNV traffic network
MMM-ResRobot Alvinger Public transport information for Sweden.
MMM-Ruter CatoAntonsen Display public transport information for Oslo and Akershus in Norway
MMM-SFMuniBusTimes vikramraja1995 Displays the ETA of San Francisco's MUNI Bus and Rail systems based on the given stops and routes.
MMM-SL-PublicTransport boghammar Display public transport in Stockholm/Sweden.
MMM-SNCF jvanoost Display upcoming trains between 2 SNCF stations (France)
MMM-Skyss PabloDons Based on MMM-Ruter, but for the municipality of Hordaland in Norway
MMM-SwissCommute nixnuex Display the next departures for your favorite (train) connection in Switzerland (SBB)
MMM-SwissStationboard vanhoekd Display the next departures in every direction for your favorite trainstation in Switzerland with delay information
MMM-TFL SilverBirchh Transport For London tube status board
MMM-Tesla janhenrik Displays some of your Tesla's data on your Mirror (early prototype)
MMM-TeslaStatus aduyng Display my tesla status using data from firebase realtime database
MMM-Toulouse-Transports LoneWanderer-GH time to the next buses lines for Toulouse (Tisseo).
MMM-TracCar asimhsidd Track moving objects through APIs on google maps. This is based on a websocket connection to the server over which the locations of all the registered users are received upon any update. Not only the markers are updated but also the map's center & zoom level. All online users have a green icon, rest are red. Error handling is built in too.
MMM-Traffic SamLewis0602 Display commute travel time with current traffic conditions factored in. Can be used for driving, biking, walking, and public transit.
MMM-TrainConnections Bangee44 Display trains from your favourit departure station to any destination in Europe.
MMM-Trains-Trafikverket per-garden Additional Module for MagicMirror², to display train departure times for railway stations within Sweden, as supplied by the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).
MMM-Tube-Status nigel-daniels Simple at-a-glance display of the London Underground system status.
MMM-UKLiveBusStopInfo nwootton This module displays LIVE UK information about a specific bus stop and the routes that serve it.
MMM-UKNationalRail nwootton This module displays LIVE UK National Rail train arrivals & departures from a specified station.
MMM-VTA-Live nigel-daniels Lets you see when VTA light rail trains are about to arrive at your selected stop.
MMM-Vasttrafik-PublicTransport bureus Display public transport operated by Västtrafik for western part of Sweden, including Gothenburg.
MMM-Vrr Klizzy Easy configuration module to display bus and train arrivals/departures with different display types for Germany (VRR and more EFA).
MMM-WienerLinien fewieden Display Public Transport timetable of Vienna/Austria.
MMM-bustimes cirdan Display Dutch bus and some other public transports for a targeted set of bus stops.
MMM-google-route mrdis Displays the two best routes from an origin to a destination, using Google Directions API.
MMM-iHaveBeenThere basti0001 Visulizes your places where you have been traveled..or intend to go.......or or or.
MMM-lyft kyle-kelly Estimated arrival times for lyft
MMM-mvgmunich mrVragec Displays the public transport information for Munich - Germany.
MMM-nextbike yo-less Station monitor for the nextbike bike-sharing network.
MMM-nstreinen qistoph Shows informantion on trains departuring a configurable Dutch trainstation.
MMM-pekavm ytmytm Station monitor for tram and bus system in Poznań.
MMM-socialbicycles 0lek Station monitor for bicycle networks based on the Socialbicycles API/Infrastructure, e.g. Wavelo in Kraków, Poland.
MMM-stib danito Display the next transports for any given STIB (Brussel/Belgium) station.
MMM-swisstransport Bangee44 Display train departures from your favourit trainstation.
MMM-uber kyle-kelly Estimated arrival times for UBER
MMM-vvsDeparture niklaskappler Display departures for public transport in Stuttgart (Covers VVS Area).
mm-hsl-timetable ZakarFin Display departures for public transport in Helsinki region - Finland.
MMM-MyTraffic HTilburgs Real Time Dutch traffic information from the ANWB
MMM-CoupEscooters Bogomips Display COUP e-scooters around you and sort them by distance. It works for Berlin and other cities
MMM-PGHBus yuhanx0728 Real Time Pittsburgh bus information from Port Authority
MMM-Trenitalia Alberto Caliman Train information for single line

Voice Control

Title Author Description
MMM-AlexaOnOff shbatm Simple Mirror Control from External Home Assistant (Alexa/Google Home/
MMM-Alexa sakirtemel Amazon Alexa integration with using Javascript only.
MMM-AssistantMk2 eouia New Google Assistant embeding with screen output.
MMM-GoogleAssistant gauravsacc Google Assistant integration using python library. Activated using hotword 'Ok Google'
MMM-GoogleTTS eouia Text-to-Speech module for MagicMirror with Google Cloud TTS API. Give a voice to your Mirror.
MMM-Hello-Mirror Matzefication Voice-Control for the MagicMirror based on Google Speech Recognizer (annyang). Send a notification to all other modules on voice detection.
MMM-Hotword eouia Hotword detector with snowboy.
MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall joanaz Alexa voice control to show/hide modules, search for images or Youtube video, and display them with the search term on the mirror.
MMM-Polly dgburr Text-to-Speech using Amazon Polly.
MMM-TTS fewieden Offline Text-To-Speech based on festival.
MMM-Voice-Commands Veldrovive Highly configurable voice control based on annyang.
MMM-Voice-Control dr4ke616 Voice control based on annyang.
MMM-awesome-alexa dolanmiu Easy, hands free Amazon Alexa integration; activated, simply by saying "Alexa".
MMM-kalliope sispheor Control MM from Kalliope assistant
MMM-voice fewieden Offline Voice Recognition Module for MagicMirror2, with ability to control other modules, based on pocketsphinx.
magic-mirror-voice whyjustin Voice control based on based on Sphinx and Alexa.
voicecontrol alexyak Voice control based on snowboy.


Title Author Description
MMM-3Day-Forecast nigel-daniels Simple display of today, tomorrow & next-day, designed to work with MMM-Weather-Now. Now uses WeatherBit API as Wunderground are cancelling the free service :( Please update and update config!
MMM-AareGuru buge Displays the temperature from for the river Aare in Switzerland (in Brienz, Interlaken, Thun, Bern, Hagneck, Biel or Brugg).
MMM-AirNow nigel-daniels Simple display of air quality based on the US AirNow API.
MMM-AirQuality CFenner Display the air quality index for a certain location.
MMM-Airly mstarzec386 Air pollution in Polish cities. Data from airly (
MMM-BMW-DS Mykle1 Weather designed for bottom bar position, now using the DarkSky API
MMM-Buienradar StefanNienhuis This module will show a map with the weather forecast provided by Buienradar.
MMM-DHT22 Bangee44 Monitor the temperature and the humidity from a DHT22-Sensor on your Magic Mirror
MMM-DHT bernardpletikosa displays temperature/humidity readings from DHT11 sensor
MMM-DWD-WarnWeather LukeSkywalker92 Displays weather warnings for Germany.
MMM-DarkSkyForecast jclarke0000 A weather module that displays current, hourly and daily forecast information using data from the Dark Sky API.
MMM-DarkSkyRadar vincep5 Display a radar map from DarkSky
MMM-FHEM BenRoe Display Readings/Values from your FHEM device like temperature or humidity.
MMM-FloGraph KAG Displays tide graph for Norway
MMM-Flo KAG Displays tide table for Norway
MMM-GPSWeather mochman Display weather from a self-updated GPS Location.
MMM-GameOfLife raywo Displays a grid simulating the Game of Life.
MMM-HDC1080 MichaelF1 Display the temperature and humidity of the I2C-based HDC1080-sensor on your Magic Mirror
MMM-IndoorTemp sebastianhodapp The module emits the notification "INDOOR_TEMPERATURE" to display the indoor temperature received via a subscribed MQTT topic in the default Current Weather module.
MMM-LocalTemperature glitch452 Show the temperature and/or humidity from a DHT11, DHT22, or AM2302 sensor
MMM-Looko2-aq marska Display the air quality index from looko2 sensor.
MMM-MyDutchWeather HTilburgs Displays local Dutch weather from the KNMI 10-minutes netwerk
MMM-MyWeather Jeff Clarke / Martin Kooij Fork of MMM-WunderGround, with a few more display options and slightly different formatting. Updated under the hood to use weatherbit API, Wunderground free API is discontinued.
MMM-NOAA3 Cowboysdude Different providers for users to choose from. Shows current plus 3 day forecast. Mouseover shows forecast, with Air, UV, Humidity, Sunrise and Set.
MMM-NOAA3 cowboysdude Display of weather with a variety of config options and providers. Shows current plus 3 day forecast
MMM-Netatmo CFenner Display your Netatmo in/outdoor weather station data on your MagicMirror.
MMM-OpenmapWeather SathyarajV Display current weather as image based on the Openmap Weather API data with different formatting.
MMM-PilotWX Mykle1 Static or Rotating Weather for Pilots. International ICAO's
MMM-Pollen vincep5 Display information for your US zipcode
MMM-RBB-Weather nkl-kst Display RBB weather data
MMM-RainFc cirdan 2 hour Dutch rain forecast graph based on Buienradar
MMM-RainForecast-FR tttooommm56 Graphical and textual rain forecast for France.
MMM-RecentRainfall vincep5 Display recent US rainfall with a small map of your state
MMM-RemoteTemperature balassy Displays the temperature from a remote sensor that is capable to POST the measured value through HTTP protocol in JSON.
MMM-SmokedMirror Santanachia Air pollution in Polish cities.
MMM-TAF imperian Display METAR and TAF data for airports world-wide.
MMM-UKMOWeatherWarnings maloakes Display weather warnings for the UK issued by UK Met Office.
MMM-Vindsiden erikmohn Display weather data from weather stations available at
MMM-WWI Mykle1 Nope! Not World War I. It's Weather Without Icons. Up to the minute weather. Full weather information, yet a small footprint.
MMM-Weather-Now nigel-daniels Simple clean display of the weather now, designed to go with MMM-3Day-Forecast. Now uses WeatherBit API as Wunderground are cancelling the free service :( Please update and update config!
MMM-Weather-SMHI-Hourly Menturan Displays weather from Swedish SMHI hourly
MMM-WeatherBackground eouia MagicMirror Module - for Weather image background from Unsplash. This is a plugin of other weather modules.
MMM-WeatherDependentClothes fruestueck Display clothing depending on the weather forecast and your personal preferences.
MMM-Windy santi4488 Adds the windy weather map which covers the whole screen
MMM-WorldTides yawns Displays low and high water time predictions for a given tide station, derived from
MMM-WunderGround RedNax67 Display weather based on wunderground API.
MMM-YrNow Yr The official Yr Nowcast module for MagicMirror², which displays data from Yr. Nowcast data is only available for some Norwegian locations covered by the Norwegian weather radars. Yr is a weather service from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
MMM-YrThen fmandal Displays weather forecast from Yr. Yr is a weather service from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.
MMM-aqicn gpailler Display the air quality index from aqicn project.
MMM-aviationwx stuloh Display aviation weather (METAR) and FAA delay data for continental U.S. airports. nebulx Displays snow reports from
MMM-darksky-hourly JacquesCedric Hourly weather and precipitation pulled from DarkSky
MMM-dht22 nebulx29 displays temperature/humidity readings from DHT22 sensor connected via GPIOs
MMM-forecast-io dmcinnes Display weather based on forecast API.
MMM-forecast-io idoodler Fork of MMM-forecast-io Display weather based on forecast API. Uses the INDOOR_TEMPERATURE notification to display the indoor temperature emmited by some modules
MMM-meteoblueCurrent Bangee44 Display current weather based on the API.
MMM-pollen devduisburg Display 2 day pollen forecast based on DWD geoserver data
MMM-rain-forecast Carl Graphical rain forecast for the Netherlands, no dependies or outside scripts needed. Superfast with scalable vector graphics in desired color
MMM-weatherchart paphko Display a weather diagram provided by
MMM-weatherforecast jharttech This is a new version of the weather forecast module for MagicMirror. This one does not come as a default module. This version has been edited to allow the days of the week to span left to right, each with its own weather icon and details. Uses API Key.
wuforecast MattLugar Weather Underground Forecast Module Retrieves forecast from Weather Underground. Also adds a percentage probability of precipitation to forecast display.
MMM-RAIN-RADAR jojoDuQuartier Displays a Precipitation Radar for your Location
MMM-MoonPhase Nolan Kingdon Presents the real-time moon phase


Title Author Description
MMM-AllsvenskanStandings retroflex Shows the current standings of Allsvenskan (the top Swedish football league).
MMM-CollegeFootballTop25 AdamMoses-GitHub Displays the Top 25 College Football Teams (USA) based on the Associated Press Polling.
MMM-Fantasy-Premier-League Wuz0ink Display current standings and latest points of your Fantasy Premier League.
MMM-Formula1 ian A module that displays the driver standings from the current Formula 1 season.
MMM-MyScoreboard jclarke000 Module for MagicMirror to display today's scores for your favourite teams across multiple sports.
MMM-MyStandings vincep5 Display ESPN standings for the big 4 US sports
MMM-NFL fewieden Display scores of National Football League (optional voice-control).
MMM-NHL fewieden Display scores of National Hockey League.
MMM-Olympia ghlasse A module that displays the medals for the current summer olympics.
MMM-OlympicGames fewieden Displays the medals for olympic winter games in Pyeongchang 2018.
MMM-SHL bureus Display stands of Svenska Hockey Ligan (SHL).
MMM-ScottishPremierLeague fewieden Display scottish premiere league standings.
MMM-SoccerLiveScore LukeSkywalker92 A module that displays live scores of your favorite soccer leagues/competitions.
MMM-soccer fewieden A module that displays standings from European Soccer (Football) leagues. (optional voice-control)

Utility / IOT / 3rd Party / Integration

Title Author Description
MMM-Airtable Yash Module to display tables from Airtable.
MMM-API JuZim A somewhat RESTful(ish) API.
MMM-Advent Jopyth Display a candle burning down towards a specific date (e.g. an advent candle).
MMM-AfterShip Mykle1 Track all your deliveries in one module. Supports 428 couriers worldwide!
MMM-AfterShip vanhoekd Displays all your tracked parcels from AfterShip.
MMM-AlarmClock fewieden Alarm Clock Module for MagicMirror2. (touch and non-touch)
MMM-ArduPort Dentrax This module provides Arduino serial communication support with Raspberry PI. Arduino sends the sensor's data value to the module using Python. Your next favorite Plug&Play utility module.
MMM-Beestat vincep5 Display Ecobee runtime data from API
MMM-BornBeforeDate justjim1220 module request to show the date you must be born before to enter premises.
MMM-Bose-Soundtouch Carl Shows the music that plays on your Soundtouch
MMM-Bring werthdavid Display a Bring! shopping list in a flexible view and touch support
MMM-BringList rseidt Display a Bring! shopping list in a tabular view
MMM-Buller da4throux Dynamic compliments leveraging Google Tasks
MMM-CalendarExtTimeline eouia Display current timeline schedules. This is a plugin module for MMM-CalendarExt.
MMM-CalendarExt eouia Extended calendar and event view.
MMM-CalendarWeek heskja Display a weekly (n days) calendar view
MMM-Callmonitor-Current-Call PaViRo Extension for MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor (Displays the currently active call)
MMM-Chart MarinescuEvghenii Chart module. This is a simple wrapper for Chart.js
MMM-ComEdPrice vincep5 Displays ComEd Hourly Pricing
MMM-CountDown boazarad Display a count down to a date/event.
MMM-Cursor MarinescuEvghenii Display cursor when user moves mouse and hide after delay.
MMM-CzechPost RichieCZ Display tracking information for parcels handled by Czech Post
MMM-DailyAlarm eouia MagicMirror module for daily recurrent event alarms
MMM-Discogs mboskamp A module to display a random release from your music collection.
MMM-DockerVisualizer aaron64 See your docker swarm running in real time through docker-swarm-visualizer
MMM-Domoticz Carl A module to display data from your home automation system.
MMM-edgerouter-throughput Michael Scharl Show the interface throughput of an Ubiquity EdgeRouter
MMM-EmbedYoutube nitpum Embed youtube video and playlist.
MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor PaViRo FRITZ!Box Callmonitor (Display an alert when someone is calling and offers a call history...)
MMM-Fibaro Carl Retrieves temperature and energy use data from your Fibaro Home Center.
MMM-FreeBox-Monitor tataille Display data from your FreeBox v6 server (Revolution) from the french ISP free.
MMM-GCP da4throux Track your GCP (Google Cloud Platform) activity.
MMM-GoogleBirthdaysProvider PalatinCoder Integrate your Google Contact's birthdays in the MagicMirror calendar
MMM-GoogleShoppingList eouia Display a google shoppinglist items
MMM-GoogleTasks jayked Display Google Tasks
MMM-HTTPRequestDisplay Eunanibus Display XML data from a HTTP response.
MMM-Homematic Sickboy78 Shows values and warnings from HomeMatic smart home components and system variables as text, icons or both.
MMM-Hover dancj Connects to HoverLabs hover gesture detector and can raise notifications on swipes and taps
MMM-Hue-Lights michael5r Display the status of your Philips Hue lights and light groups on your Magic Mirror. Supports multiple view types and modes.
MMM-Hue MitchSS Display the status of groups or lights in your Philips Hue setup.
MMM-IOTStatus aduyng Show my Smartthings Home automation device status using firebase realtime database
MMM-IPCam RedNax67 Display ipcam feed on MagicMirror.
MMM-ISY shbatm Display status of lights and variables on a floor plan connected to an ISY-994i Device.
MMM-JSONStatusChecker shbatm Display a True/False status from any JSON source (e.g. VPN Connected/Disconnected).
MMM-Jeedom prysme Display values from Home automation software JEEDOM.
MMM-JsonGraph Timdows Creates a SVG bar chart based on a list gathered from a json request
MMM-JsonTable Timdows Creates a table filled by a list gathered from a json request, and puts all variables of the object in its own table column
MMM-KeyBindings shbatm A module for getting bluetooth remote control and keyboard inputs
MMM-LCDControl Txukie Turns on or off a device connected to GPIO (in my case, an LCD screen) based on the input of a PIR device. Integrates nicely with MMM-Assistant (for voice control) and MMM-TelegramBot (for Telegram control).
MMM-Live-Stream-TV mcintyrehh Display HLS live feeds with Arduino powered channel changing!
MMM-LocalVideoPlayer RayTCosgrove A lightweight local video player for Magic Mirror.
MMM-Loxone idoodler MMM-Loxone connects to your Loxone Miniserver and lets it communicate to your MagicMirror².
MMM-MPR121 PatriceG Connects multiple touch (capacitive) buttons via a MPR121 touch controller to send notifications to other modules (based on MMM-Buttons)
MMM-MQTT ottopaulsen A Magic Mirror Module that subscribes topics from MQTT message queues, and displays the payload values in a table, with configurable labels.
MMM-MQTT-Publisher cybex-dev MM Module that publishes notifications with any payload (messages, values, etc) sent via received by sendNotification() method to specified topics on MQTT Broker(s).
MMM-MQTTfloorplan DMailMan A Magic Mirror Module that subscribes to topics from MQTT message queues, and displays the sensor results on a floor plan of your house.
MMM-Memo schnibel Add one to many memo notes ("post-it look & feel") on your Magic Mirror. Content is manageable through HTTP get requests.
MMM-MotionDetector rejas Camera based motion detector that turns of your display after a while, updated fork of alexyaks version.
MMM-MusicOnDemand Ptrk95 Play music with deezer on a browser in the background.
MMM-MyCalendar Jeff Clarke Same functionality as the default Calendar app but different display formatting.
MMM-MyGarbage HTilburgs Displays your Custom Garbage Calendar.
MMM-MyWastePickup Jeff Clarke Displays your schedule for Toronto curb-side waste collection.
MMM-MysqlQuery ralberth Run a SQL SELECT against a MySQL database and display the results in an HTML table.
MMM-NearCompliments semox Uses HC-SR04 sensors to measure distance and display compliments if USER_PRESENCE is detected by MMM-PIR-Sensor and user is near the magic mirror.
MMM-Nest-Cameras michael5r Displays your Nest cameras on your Magic Mirror and gives you the option to show either live streams or constantly-updated snapshots.
MMM-Nest-Status michael5r Displays both your Nest thermostats and protect smoke detectors on your Magic Mirror. Supports multiple designs & sizes.
MMM-Netatmo-Presence AgP42 Display live snapshot of Netatmo Presence and Welcome cameras and an events timeline of all your Netatmo Presence cameras.
MMM-Netatmo-Thermostat overflOw11 Netatmo thermostat module.
MMM-NetworkScanner ianperrin Display the status of devices on the network based on their MAC address
MMM-NewsFeedTicker justjim1220 Mod of the default newsfeed module - shows the logo and scrolls the headlines and brief description across the screen like those seen on the news channels.
MMM-NoteTaker joanaz Display your notes stored by Alexa skill Note Taker.
MMM-OpenTherm RedNax67 Display information from your OpenTherm gateway.
MMM-PageReader dgburr Loads a website and highlights each sentence in turn (timer or event-driven).
MMM-PC-Stats mykle1 A MagicMirror module to get system stats from a PC board. Supports multiple core CPU's.
MMM-PIR-Sensor PaViRo This module can monitor a PIR motion sensor and put your mirror to sleep if nobody uses it.
MMM-PIR mboskamp Another PIR monitoring module that allows you to run custom scripts and integrates MMM-TelegramBot commands.
MMM-Parcel martinkooij Glance over your parcel deliveries on your Mirror, track your shipments. >400 couriers supported (AfterShip integration). Various layout options depending on your need. With auto translate feature to your language.
MMM-PimaticFloorplan marcelwinh Show lights and window states on a floorplan given from a pimatic server.
MMM-Ping CFenner Display the mirrors connection status.
MMM-Property-Managed Property Managed Integrates with landlord management site Property Managed to display upcoming actions.
MMM-Pull mboskamp Module to pull changes from module/MagicMirror repositories and restart your MagicMirror via Telegram commands.
MMM-PushBulletNotifications basknol Display notifications from phone and PC and control your mirror using Pushbullet (API)
MMM-QRCode MarinescuEvghenii Show QRCode image of encoded text.
MMM-RPI-LED idoodler Control the build in LEDs of your Raspberry Pi.
MMM-RSS-FEED taolanoz Display any RSS feed
MMM-RTSPStream shbatm Show RTSP video stream(s) from one or more security cameras.
MMM-RemoteCompliments mitchelltmarino Provides seamless integration with Google Drive™ to display compliments and images from Drive on the MagicMirror² interface.
MMM-RescueTime Duske Show your daily time spent using your digital devices with RescueTime
MMM-Rest Tuxdiver Fetching REST data and display them on the mirror.
MMM-Roomba980 relm Display status of local Roomba.
MMM-ScreenLogic Parnic Module to read data from a Pentair ScreenLogic pool system.
MMM-Selfie Txukie Takes a Selfie with an official Raspberry Pi Cam and can publish it to Facebook or Twitter. Needs API keys. Integrates nicely with MMM-Assistant (for voice control) and MMM-TelegramBot (for Telegram control).
MMM-Seneye Si-Hill Connects to the Seneye Aquarium Monitor API and displays water parameters from the most recent test data
MMM-ShairportMetadata surekap A module to integrate Apple AirTunes/Airplay metadata coming via shairport-sync into the MagicMirror. Does not work with video or mirroring.
MMM-ShipmentTracking fewieden Display your shipment tracking status.
MMM-SimpleLogo frdteknikelektro Simply displays logo with local image file path or url.
MMM-Skolmaten retroflex Show school lunch menus in Sweden from
MMM-SlackAnnouncements Hacker Home MTV Post announcements to your mirror from a designated Slack channel!
MMM-Smappee CFenner Module to integrate Smappees smart home energy consumption monitor.
MMM-SmartWebDisplay AgP42 An iFrame module to display web content to your MagicMirror (including YouTube, IP Cameras, ...). Several rotating URL, autorefresh and remote control of the URL to display, Next/Prev/Play/Stop. MMM-SmartWebDisplay forum
MMM-Solar tkrywit Display statistics from your Enphase Energy microinverter PV system.
MMM-SolarEdge bertieuk Display statistics from your SolarEdge PV inverter system.
MMM-SnmpIntSpeed irsheep Uses SNMP to display bandwidth usage from a network device interface.
MMM-Sonos CFenner Display the currently playing track of your Sonos system.
MMM-StorH SkogDev A shopping list module for users of the StorH app.
MMM-Strava ianperrin A module that displays your activity data from
MMM-Swipe mochman Uses 2 HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors to determing hand position to produce a "Swipe Left", "Swipe Right", or "Press".
MMM-SystemStats BenRoe Shows Raspberry Pi system stats like CPU temperature, free Ram, System load, and Uptime.
MMM-SystemTemperature MichMich Display your Raspberry Pi's processor temperature on your MagicMirror.
MMM-TFL-Arrivals MMM-TFL-Arrivals This module gets real time arrival predictions for specifc stops using the TfL API.
MMM-TPLink Slamet PS Display the status of TPLink lights/plugs in your local network.
MMM-TelegramBot eouia Remote controlling your MagicMirror on Telegram.
MMM-Timetable eouia Display static structured timetable for school or work.
MMM-ToDoLive mykle1 Edit ToDo's, lists, reminders, messages etc without quitting or restarting your MagicMirror.
MMM-Todoist CBrooker Displays your todos from Todoist on your MagicMirror.
MMM-Tools eouia Display system stats and control. With MMM-TelegramBot you can command screen on/off, capture screen. Asus Tinker Board also supported.
MMM-Toon MichMich A Magic Mirror Module for the Toon Thermostat.
MMM-Trello Jopyth This module can show Trello cards on your mirror.
MMM-UDR CrimsonClyde Display own events in default compliments module style
MMM-WatchDog MichMich Keeps an eye on your UI and quits app in case the UI crashes. If you combine this with the PM2 process manager, MM2 will automaticly restart after a UI failure.
MMM-Wattvision vincep5 Displays energy consumption from Wattvision
MMM-WestBerksBinDay hdurdle Displays next refuse and recycling collections for West Berkshire (UK) houses based on Unique Property Reference Number.
MMM-Widget eouia Inserting, evaluating, excuting external web widgets on MM.
MMM-Wunderlist-Enhanced DaveRicher A modified MMM-Wunderlist that allows you to create sub groupings using multiple lists...
MMM-Wunderlist PaViRo Displays your Wunderlist todos on your mirror ...
MMM-Yeelight Slamet PS Display the status of Yeelight bulbs in your local network.
MMM-YouLess2 eckonator This module reads from a YouLess energy meter in your network to display a gauge of realtime energy usage information. It´s a optimized fork from QNimbus first module.
MMM-YouLess QNimbus This module reads from a YouLess energy meter in your network to display realtime energy usage information.
MMM-chromecast flo80 A module to directly cast from the MagicMirror server to a chromecast.
MMM-fbPageCounter eouia Likes counter of FACEBOOK page.
MMM-fitbit SVendittelli Display your Fitbit statistics.
MMM-fronius peteyjaym Fronius Solar Module (Display data from a Fronius Solar Inverter)
MMM-googlemaps sp4ceman Displays a google map of an origin and destination
MMM-hass aserramonner An alternate home-assistant integration.
MMM-homeassistant-sensors leinich Display information from Home Assistant using the home assistant REST API.
MMM-iCloud-Client Bitte-ein-Bit Load iCloud addressbook and provide birthday iCal feed for calendar module and addressbook for MMM-FRITZ-Box-Callmonitor.
MMM-iFrame-GSlides jharttech The MMM-iFrame-GSlides module is a module for MagicMirror. It is a simple way to add an iFrame of a published Google Slides Presentation to your MagicMirror.
MMM-iFrame-Ping AgP42 An iFrame module to display any web content to your MagicMirror (including YouTube, IP Cameras, ...). Several functionalities like auto-refresh, Ping the Url before to display it and last update time display. See also MMM-SmartWebDisplay
MMM-iFrame alberttwong A simple way to add an iFrame of any web content to your MagicMirror. Supports multiple URLs and will rotate between them. Works with static pages or streams like Nest Cam, D-Link Cameras,, YouTube and more.
MMM-ioBroker Bluefox Display ioBroker values on MagicMirror.
MMM-ip fewieden Display IPv4/IPv6 Network Address.
MMM-json-feed amcolash Display data from any JSON source.
MMM-max mirko3000 Displays the status of you MAX! radiator thermostats via the MAX! cube gateway.
MMM-nagios qistoph A Magic Mirror Module for Nagios.
MMM-openhabfloorplan paphko Show lights and window states on a floorplan of an openhab server.
MMM-pihole-stats SheyaBernstein Display stats from Pi-Hole DNS ad blocking.
MMM-ping fewieden Display status from website/ip's.
MMM-portscan Wanztwurst Track the status of your services with opened/closed ports
MMM-synology-ds Thlb Display Synology Download Station tasks on your MagicMirror.
MMM-syslog paviro API for sending notifications to your mirror.
MMM-temp-ds18b20 Thlb Display DS18B20 sensor's temperature on your MagicMirror.
MMM-updateFromStdOut msteinkogler Display temperature readings from a USB DVB-T stick acting as a 433Mhz SDR, receiving input from a cheap wireless weather sensor (GT-WT-01).
MMM-uptimerobot mrVragec Display monitor data (online/offline detection) from
MMM-wordnik Vendittelli Get the word of the day, its definition, and origin ...
MMM-xiaomi mirko3000 Integrate temperature and humidity from your xiaomi smarthome system.
PresenceMonitor-WiFi RpDp-git A python script that puts your display to sleep, if your smartphone/smartwatch is not connected to the WiFi network !
calendar_monthly KirAsh4 Display a compact monthly calendar view.
camera alexyak Display a webcamera video feed.
email-mirror ronny3050 Display incoming emails.
iFrame desertblade A simple way to add an iFrame of any web content to your MagicMirror. Seem to be abandoned.
internet-monitor ronny3050 Display internet statistics such as strength and speed information.
motiondetector alexyak Camera based motion detector.
octoprint-module DongerZonnie & shbatm View & Control an OctoPrint 3d Printer Server Instance.
phone-notification-mirror ronny3050 Displays and alerts mirror users on new phone notifications.
MMM-Zabbix-Alerts Spectroman Show the status of triggers from Zabbix via API calls.
MMM-Pins PtrBld Triggers any specified rpi pins with different trigger notifications. All messages will be registered with the MMM-Remote Module automatically. It can also play sounds using MMM-Sounds module when a pin is toggled.

Entertainment / Misc

Title Author Description
Daily Pokemon Nolan Kingdon Displays a random Pokemon, it's type, and stats daily.
DailyXKCD Blastitt Displays the daily XKCD web comic.
German Word Clock alexBeuth Displays a Word Clock written in German.
Hello-Lucy Mykle1 MMM-voice enhancement. Using voice commands, hide or show individual modules, all modules, or pages of modules
MMM-ATM Mykle1 Another Trivia Module? Really?.
MMM-AoC JonasTriki Displays a private leaderboard in Advent of Code
MMM-ApexLegends retroflex Shows stats (level, kills and global rank) for players of Apex Legends.
MMM-Astrology Cowboysdude Displays daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes for MM2.
MMM-Astronauts Mykle1 A rotation of astronauts that are currently in space and the spacecraft they are on.
MMM-BMI Mykle1 Body Mass Index Calculator. For those seeking separation or divorce.
MMM-BMW Mykle1 Minimalist Weather for the bottom_bar or thirds position of your MagicMirror.
MMM-BackgroundSlideshow darickc Show fullscreen slideshow in background from images in a local folder. Great for a photo frame.
MMM-BrawlStars retroflex Shows stats (level, trophies and victories) for players of mobile game Brawl Stars.
MMM-Brewdog jsteel715 Displays information about beers available from Brewdog.
MMM-Bob-Ross Veldrovive Spice up your life with a happy little painting and video of the man himself.
MMM-CARDS Mykle1 Play 5 Card Stud Poker against your mirror.
MMM-CECControl Nischi Send Notification to this module to turn TV over HDMI on or off
MMM-Census Mykle1 World Population and demographics, by age and sex, or by individual country. 1950 - 2100.
MMM-Chuck-Norris Todd Santoro Displays a random Chuck Norris fact using a free public API
MMM-Clash-Royale ian A module that displays random Clash Royale decks.
MMM-Clockinese Mykle1 A simple analog clock module using Chinese numbers. For MagicMirror²
MMM-Cocktails Mykle1 How to make all kinds of mixed drinks - Instructions, ingredients and images. For MagicMirror²
MMM-CountEvents eouia Countdown or countup for events.
MMM-Dad-Jokes Echang15 Simple display of dad jokes from
MMM-DailyDilbert andrecarlucci Displays the daily Dilbert strip.
MMM-DigClock justjim1220 modified defult clock showing only the digital part
MMM-DigitalAlarmClock justjim1220 A vintage-style Digital Alarm Clock integrating MMM-DigClock and MMM-AlarmClock.
MMM-Dreambox AxLED A module to connect a Dreambox or a Enigma2 Receiver (like VU or VU+) to MagicMirror and stream stations via omxplayer.
MMM-Dribbble marcobiedermann MagicMirror² module which shows the latest popular dribbble shots
MMM-DropboxWallpaper eouia Show photos from Dropbox as wallpaper
MMM-EARTH-Live Mykle1 Live video of the Earth from the International Space Station.
MMM-EARTH Mykle1 Watch the sunlit side of Earth as it rotates.
MMM-EOL Mykle1 The Encyclopedia of Life.
MMM-Earthquake Mykle1 The probability of an earthquake in your city. You'll be surprised!
MMM-EasyPix Mykle1 The easiest way to show pictures on your mirror.
MMM-EventHorizon Mykle1 Simple countdown timer for events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vacations, etc.
MMM-Events Mykle1 Upcoming events in your city. Concerts, Performances, Comedy Shows, Sporting Events, Theatre, Exhibits, Art Galleries, Museums, Festivals, Food & Drink and many more.
MMM-EyeCandy Mykle1 Add some EyeCandy to your mirror. You can even choose your own local images or internet images.
MMM-FMI Mykle1 Find My iPhone tells you the location of your iPhone and sends loud, beeping tones, even when muted.
MMM-Face-Reco-DNN Nischi All new Version of Face Recognition with Open CV 4.1 and Deep Neural Network
MMM-Facial-Recognition-OCV3 normyx Modified version of the above PaViRo one that works with OpenCV 3.3+, where training tools is merge in one project and code simplifications.
MMM-Facial-Recognition PaViRo Facial recognition and module swapping based on the current user ...
MMM-Fish nigel-daniels Shows a fish every day, fish is good for you :)
MMM-Flickr kapsolas A module to load last 20 images posted to user's Flickr photostream to mirror and animate them; with the need of an API_KEY
MMM-Fortnite retroflex Shows Fortnite players' stats (score, matches played and kills).
MMM-Fortune Mykle1 A fortune cookie for your MagicMirror.
MMM-Globe LukeSkywalker92 Displays live image of our planet.
MMM-GooglePhotos eouia image gallery or wallpaper with your Google Photos account
MMM-GoogleCast ferferga See what's playing in your Google Cast device in your MagicMirror
MMM-HappyHours aleckeller A module that finds and displays local happy hours
MMM-History Cowboysdude Displays History that happened on today's date.
MMM-HolidayLights justjim1220 Modified from cowboydude's MMM-Xmas for different holidays, events,
MMM-ISS-Live Mykle1 Displays live video from the International Space Station on your MagicMirror.
MMM-ISS Mykle1 Know when the International Space Station is visible from your location. Can be seen with the naked eye.
MMM-ITCH-IO Xanthus1 Displays recently featured and highly rated free games from .
MMM-ImageFileWatcher basknol Displays an image for a period of time when added/uploaded to a directory.
MMM-ImageSlideshow AdamMoses-GitHub Displays images one-at-a-time from local folders.
MMM-Inspirobot JonathanAndersonPE-GitHub Displays AI generated inspirational images from
MMM-Instagram kapsolas A module load the images from a users Instagram feed. The images are displayed on the mirror and animated; it requires an API_KEY
MMM-JEOPARDY Mykle1 Spanning more than 40 years, the widely popular game show comes to your Magic Mirror. With more than 156,800 clues and answers from the show.
MMM-JewishDate yohaybn MagicMirror Module - This module displays the current Jewish date.
MMM-Launch Mykle1 Ever wonder just how often mankind is launching things into space? Once a year? Twice? WRONG! On a daily basis. Often, several times a day! Don’t believe it? Neither did I.
MMM-Lottery Mykle1 A MagicMirror module that gives you truly random lottery numbers, coinciding with many International lotteries.
MMM-LunarDate eouia MagicMirror Module - Lunar date of today (Chinese Zodiac)
MMM-Lunartic Mykle1 Up to the minute information about our Lunar partner, with a splash of EyeCandy, to boot!
MMM-MARS Mykle1 Mars Exploration Rover missions.
MMM-MP3Player Asimsidd A module for playing music from USB pen drive as soon as it is inserted.
MMM-MPD timjong93 Uses MPD to show the state and playlist of your music player.
MMM-Meniny eouia Display Slovak name of day.
MMM-MinecraftStatus ralberth Player status of Minecraft server
MMM-MotionControl Nischi Control HDMI TV if some movement are detected from 3rd Party modules
MMM-MovieInfo fewieden Display information about upcoming movies (title, cover, genre, rating, plot) or discover movies with custom filters.
MMM-MovieListings Tueti Displays the currently airing top movies in theaters around you.
MMM-MyTraktSeries TheVieiraAkA A module to display your show's watch progress in a private list in your account.
MMM-MyVideoPlayer justjim1220 A video player with buttons to select a video to play.
MMM-NASA Mykle1 Stunning imagery and information about your universe. Choose from a host of categories. Looks amazing on your mirror!
MMM-NEO Mykle1 Near Earth Objects passing by our planet this week. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!
MMM-NameDay RichieCZ Nameday module for MagicMirror2 (multiple countries)
MMM-Namnsdag Menturan Displays Swedish name of the day.
MMM-NowPlayingOnSpotify raywo Display the song you are currently listening to on Spotify.
MMM-OClock eouia O-clock inspired by PolarClock Screensaver.
MMM-Overwatch retroflex Shows stats for Overwatch players.
MMM-PandorasMirror spelinski A Magic Mirror module for streaming Pandora music.
MMM-PaprikaMenu kaelspencer Displays a weekly meal menu from the Paprika Recipe Manager app.
MMM-PetFinder Mykle1 All types of pets for adoption. Cat, dog, bird, horse, rabbit, reptile, smallfurry, barnyard.
MMM-PlexDeck RobertShippey Show "On Deck" titles from your local Plex Media Server
MMM-Podcast2 Ax-LED This module can stream the video of 100 Sekunden Tagesschau by using omxplayer. It can be controlled by MM notification system.
MMM-Podcast PtrBld This module can show/hide a video downloaded from a Podcast or a private server (needs static file path). At the moment you can only display the video by clicking a button (use the MMM-Button module).
MMM-Profile Kurtern84 A simple module to show a profilpicture with your name and wheater report for your MagicMirrorDisplays Swedish name of the day.
MMM-RandomPhoto diego-vieira A module that will load a random photo from an URL.
MMM-RandomYouTubePlayer justjim1220 A module that will load a playlist into a YouTube player, AND shuffle the videos in the playlist.
MMM-Recipe Cowboysdude Displays a new recipe everyday on your MM2.
MMM-Reddit kjb085 Displays top level content from Reddit in either headlines or image based display types.
MMM-Rijks eouia MagicMirror module for Rijks Museum. This was developed using the Rijksmuseum API.
MMM-RottenTomatoes AdamMoses-GitHub Displays the Rotten Tomatoes meter score for the current box office and movies coming soon.
MMM-SORT Mykle1 Static Or Rotating Tides module. Replaces/combines MMM-SimpleTides and MMM-StaticTides.
MMM-Screencast kevinatown Cast a video from your phone to the magic mirror (currently can only cast YouTube)
MMM-ScriptScheduler ralberth Run a set of command-line scripts on a cron schedule and display an icon to differentiate
MMM-Scrobbler PtrBld Display the current playing song from Spotify, ITunes and Co.
MMM-Snow MichMich More realistic snow plugin to improve your winter experience
MMM-SpotifyConnectUI CatoAntonsen Display information from Spotify Connect e.g. cover, artist and track information.
MMM-Spotify eouia Spotify Controller
MMM-SunRiseSet Mykle1 More information than you ever wanted to know about the rising and setting of the sun.
MMM-TautulliActivity derekn Displays the currently playing Plex stream activity from Tautulli.
MMM-Trakt Kiina A module to display your upcoming Shows from your account.
MMM-TweetsByTimelineOrList AdamMoses-GitHub Displays tweets a few at a time from a user's home timeline or list.
MMM-TwitterTrendsByPlace AdamMoses-GitHub Displays the Twitter Trending Topics for a given place or city, as well as showing the tweet volume for each topic.
MMM-Unsplash Parnic Display a random image from Unsplash categories.
MMM-VideoPlayer Asimsidd A module for playing video on your magic mirror from any device on the same network.
MMM-Volume eouia Control volume of MagicMirror
MMM-Wallpaper kolbyjack Rotates through wallpapers from Bing or Reddit.
MMM-YouTube-API C4TFLY Enables easy integration of YouTube videos.
MMM-food2fork-recipes Spectroman Fetches one recipe type per day from food2fork API and display as a small menu.
MMM-horoscope MMM-horoscope Displays Daily Horoscope.
MMM-jokes pvyParts A module to load random jokes from the web.
MMM-kudos thomo Compliment clone - allows to define when (at which hour) the used kudo(compliment) subset will change and you can define further subsets - up to one for each hour.
MMM-lichess-daily tonymorris The daily puzzle
MMM-moon-phases Spectroman Show an image of the current moon phase
MMM-mumble TPWSOS Display users currently connected on the mumble server (murmur).
MMM-APOD Grena A Magic Mirror Module displaying the last Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD). This is an evolution of MMM-nasaastropic : supports image and video and display title, description and copyright.
MMM-nasaastropic nebulx29 A Magic Mirror Module displaying NASA's astronomy picture of the day.
MMM-quote-of-the-day Sispheor Show a random quote from an online collection of quotations by authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Multi language supported
MMM-teamspeak3 Thlb Display client list of a Teamspeak3 server on your MagicMirror.
MMM-volumio-playing mrdis Displays what a Volumio device is currently playing
PlutoTime croxis Display the next time on a clear morning or evening that you can go outside and experience the brightness of high noon on Pluto.
Snow nhubbard Get your festive on. Put snow in the background for winter or anti burn-in purposes... your family won't know the difference.
Swiss, Bern dialect Word Clock splattner Displays a Word Clock written in the Swiss German dialect of Bern.
The Quote Catalog salpar Displays a random quote from various movies, books, and people.
WallberryTheme delightedCrow Re-themes MagicMirror² to look like a beautiful digital photo wall display. It adds a new font, styles, redesigned clock and weather displays, and rotating background image pulled from
mm-music-player masters1222 Simple player to play your music.
planetrise croxis Display the rise and set times of the planets.
random_quotes KirAsh4 Display random quotes from brainyquote.
twitControl Blastitt Display your Twitter feed.
worldclock eouia Display local time of several locations.
MMM-Space grabenhenrich Adds vertical space (as HTML div) between modules.
MMM-DateOnly grabenhenrich Shows the date without a clock (if you have one in another place).


Title Author Description
MMM-Nightscout bureus Keep track of blood glucose levels with ease thru your magic mirror
MMM-OneTouchReveal Canonip Keep track of blood glucose levels measured with your LifeScan OneTouch Glucose Meter
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