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  1. Mercury-Language / mercury

    The Mercury logic programming system.

    Mercury • Built by @wangp @juliensf @PaulBone @zsomogyi @sebgod

  2. DuncanMC / iOS-CAAnimation-group-demo

    This is a demo project that illustrates various Core Animation techniques, focusing on animation sequences created using CAAnimationGroup

    Mercury • Built by @DuncanMC

  3. wangp / bower

    A curses terminal client for the Notmuch email system

    Mercury • Built by @wangp

  4. JanX2 / JKPTree

    A simple CFTree Cocoa wrapper.

    Mercury • Built by @JanX2 @jkp

  5. kgomara / OCAEditableCollectionViewFlowLayout

    UICollectionViewFlowLayout subclass that allows cell deletion and re-ordering

    Mercury • Built by @kgomara

  6. obviousjim / OculusSphericalVideoViewer

    Watch any Spherical video in the Oculus Rift

    Mercury • Built by @obviousjim @prisonerjohn

  7. hessler / iOS-Web-View-Multiwindow

    Repository for Xcode example project demonstrating how to support multiple windows when using UIWebView.

    Mercury • Built by @hessler

  8. armadillu / ofxThreadedVideoPlayer

    OSX video playback addon based on ofxAVFVideoPlayer. Allows to load movies on the fly in a background thread without hiccups.

    Mercury • Built by @armadillu

  9. C4Cypher / Apollo-lander

    Lua implemented in Mercury

    Mercury • Built by @C4Cypher

  10. HyperInfo / HyperInfoCtrl

    HyperInfo Controller for iOS

    Mercury • Built by @HyperInfo

  11. tejonbiker / Earhart

    This project involves several things related to the development of a hexacopter controller, the Raspberry Pi is the first platform to implement the controller, using C to get the most low level and the most faster execution.

    Mercury • Built by @tejonbiker

  12. sebgod / mercury-unicode

    Unicode character database parser and library for the Mercury language

    Mercury • Built by @sebgod

  13. catlan / EDMessage

    Mercury • Built by @catlan @erikdoe @znek

  14. gnustep / gsldap

    Mercury •

  15. juliensf / mercury-misc

    Library of miscellaneous utilities

    Mercury • Built by @juliensf @sebgod

  16. martinthomson / drafts

    Internet drafts

    Mercury • Built by @martinthomson @danbev

  17. PaulBone / mfcgi

    Fast CGI binding for Mercury

    Mercury • Built by @PaulBone @eazar001

  18. sharnett / jabr-power-flow

    A Python implementation of a conic programming formulation to the power flow problem on tree networks, as described by Rabih Jabr.

    Mercury • Built by @sharnett

  19. Cadmium-Language / cadmium

    The Cadmium term rewriting language.

    Mercury • Built by @juliensf

  20. mndrix / brass-plates

    Tools for finding the contents of Lehi's Brass Plates

    Mercury • Built by @mndrix

  21. BiaoMao / SOPTSetup

    SuperOPF Setup code for EI, Ercot and Wecc

    Mercury • Built by @BiaoMao

  22. aitmlouk / Mon_PFE_Resources

    my resource for final project study including report doc & pdf source code ...

    Mercury •

  23. saloot / NeuralAssociativeMemory

    Mercury • Built by @saloot

  24. Wysaat / mercury

    The Mercury logic programming system.

    • Built by @wangp @PaulBone @juliensf @zsomogyi @sebgod

  25. kgomara / KOResume

    iOS and Android versions of the KO Resume Example

    Mercury • Built by @kgomara


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