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  1. A repository to house all of my XCOM 2 mods.

    UnrealScript 22 5 Built by @BlueRaja @robojumper @IphStich
  2. TitanRPG is a complete standalone roleplaying game mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004 based on ideas introduced in UT2004RPG and DruidsRPG.

    UnrealScript 16 8 Built by @pdinklag
  3. Forms is a GUI framework for the Unreal Development Kit. Programmed in UnrealScript independent of Scaleforms and UIScene. Inspired by OOP and subobjects semantics of the Unreal Engine 2 GUI's framework.

    UnrealScript 12 1 Built by @EliotVU
  4. Unreal Development Kit combined with Open Sound Control

    UnrealScript 11 2 Built by @robertkhamilton @robsmule @DireDm
  5. Darkest Hour: Europe '44-'45

    UnrealScript 11 4 Built by @handsm @cmbasnett @AndrewTheel @kashash @piotrlukasik86
  6. A modification for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

    UnrealScript 9 3 Built by @eezstreet @jose21crisis @Mezzokoko @sandman332
  7. UnrealScript 6 2 Built by @CacoFFF @Chamberly
  8. Converts PowerBASIC source code to C++. For use with uCalc Transform.

    UnrealScript 5 Built by @uCalc
  9. UDK simple adventure game

    UnrealScript 5 3 Built by @Speedy37 @jdebarochez @Tweenkie @tangwing
  10. Heart Rate-based First Person Shooter

    UnrealScript 4 Built by @imatv @VipulKashyap @JRotman @EthanHarte @definitelynotjuju
  11. UnrealScript 4 1 Built by @MalucoMarinero @bountygiver
  12. 3rd person tower defense and shooter game developed in UnrealEngine 3, with characters of Jazz Jackrabbit

    UnrealScript 4 Built by @onurtemizkan
  13. a modification for Tripwire interactive's "Killing Floor 2" to increase difficulty

    UnrealScript 4 1 Built by @notblackout
  14. UTComp v1.7a + CTF specific additions

    UnrealScript 4 1 Built by @kevindqc @dcramps
  15. Updated dummy classes for Rocket League map making

    UnrealScript 3 Built by @timunrue
  16. Unreal Tournament '99 version 451b exported UnrealScript sources.

    UnrealScript 3 Built by @Slipyx
  17. Add stabilize ability to any soldier, when the targeted soldier already has a medikit.

    UnrealScript 3 1 Built by @Jusas @katms
  18. XCOM 2 Mod Config Menu: a project to build a shared settings menu for Xcom 2 mods.

    UnrealScript 3 5 Built by @andrewgu @BlueRaja @RealityMachina @Superd22
  19. Allows users to configure the hp for the specimens

    UnrealScript 3 Built by @scaryghost
  20. Mutator for Killing Floor specimens

    UnrealScript 3 Built by @scaryghost
  21. UnrealScript 3 1 Built by @MartinPalko
  22. Unreal Script Multi-Hack Base Source Code for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (Previously Unreleased)

    UnrealScript 3 Built by @TheDarkCode
  23. Small UT3 mutator that allows spectators to view player nicknames

    UnrealScript 2 1 Built by @WGH- @RattleSN4K3
  24. Instagib mod for Chivalry

    UnrealScript 2 5 Built by @BradyBrenot
  25. Shifter, a gameplay modification for Deus Ex

    UnrealScript 2 Built by @TheLonerD
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