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  1. DISID's repository of proofs of concept.

    AspectJ 107 149 Built by @cordin @pilarargudo @jcagarcia @jmvivo @eruiz
  2. AspectJ 79 97 Built by @jkutner @ProgramMax
  3. Examples for Spring Roo in Action

    AspectJ 61 48 Built by @krimple @spenchikala
  4. Playground for instrumenting `scalac` using AspectJ.

    AspectJ 42 3 Built by @gkossakowski @paulp @lrytz @fanf
  5. demo project releasing aspectJ environment

    AspectJ 21 5 Built by @Archinamon
  6. A 'typical' Web CRUD App with Spring and Hibernate and lots of configurable bad performance characteristics

    AspectJ 15 8 Built by @RichardWarburton @johnoliver @karianna
  7. Neerogi Health Care System

    AspectJ 7 4 Built by @imesh
  8. Online exam application.

    AspectJ 6 1 Built by @luyanfei
  9. Automated train and test of fastText model for sentiment analysis on Amazon reviews

    AspectJ 5 Built by @bittlingmayer
  10. publicly availalbe datasets set up for use with PartitionFinder

    AspectJ 5 7 Built by @roblanf @dkainer @terezasenfeldova @snubian @AliceFSmith
  11. an implementation of "code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code"

    AspectJ 4 2 Built by @sonoisa
  12. AspectJ 3 Built by @sanjeevrrathaur @sanjeevrathaur
  13. An ongoing collection of IDs for Tweets discussing North Carolina House Bill 2 (The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act)

    AspectJ 3 Built by @cazzerson
  14. sports fan oriented applications

    AspectJ 3 1 Built by @dav0
  15. Collection of my all spring roo apps

    AspectJ 3 Built by @nishantraut
  16. AspectJ 3 3 Built by @pivotalguru
  17. AspectJ 2 1 Built by @irina-petrovskaya @jb-tester
  18. Administration Component for the SaaS Golf ScoreCard application using Spring Roo and the Spring framework.

    AspectJ 2 Built by @eugenebell
  19. LRI Reboot 2.0 is a new implementation of the Learning Resource Index backed by an RDBMS and coded in Java.

    AspectJ 2 4 Built by @verlin-inbloom @jasonhoekstra @vincentmayers
  20. Repository to upload my own proofs of concept and some code examples

    AspectJ 2 2 Built by @jcagarcia @cordin
  21. How to correctly set up a multi-module Maven project for AspectJ

    AspectJ 2 1 Built by @kriegaex
  22. AspectJ 2 2 Built by @serenapotts @linhpham @serenapotts3 @hburgh
  23. Fantasy-basketball for friends

    AspectJ 2 Built by @Dolmio
  24. Yelp Search API with Spring Roo, OAuth 1.0a via Scribe and GSON

    AspectJ 1 1 Built by @ithunt
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