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  1. Source Han Sans | 思源黑体 | 思源黑體 | 源ノ角ゴシック | 본고딕

    Objective-J 5,246 544 Built by @kenlunde @davelab6
  2. Source Han Serif | 思源宋体 | 思源宋體 | 源ノ明朝 | 본명조

    Objective-J 3,319 321 Built by @kenlunde @shinriyo
  3. Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

    Objective-J 2,156 341 Built by @aljungberg @tolmasky @Dogild @primalmotion @daboe01
  4. XMPP Based Orchestrator

    Objective-J 807 125 Built by @primalmotion @CyrilPeponnet @nicolasochem @everplays @Dogild
  5. A fast PEG parser written in JavaScript with first class errors

    Objective-J 407 48 Built by @tolmasky @stevegeek @dqminh @klaaspieter @paulbaumgart
  6. A collection of re-usable views, controls & utilities for Cappuccino.

    Objective-J 173 33 Built by @luddep @aljungberg @BlairDuncan @dtsitses @klaaspieter
  7. GitHub Issues Front-end

    Objective-J 133 19 Built by @tolmasky @nickjs @eventualbuddha @michaelvillar @paulbaumgart
  8. A collaborative drawing app to exemplify using Cappuccino with WebSockets and Node.js.

    Objective-J 129 10 Built by @saikat
  9. Cappuccino on Rails

    Objective-J 127 14 Built by @jerodsanto @benlangfeld @pepijn @binaryways @43n79w
  10. A collection of extensions for the Cappuccino Application Framework.

    Objective-J 90 7 Built by @jerodsanto @14to9
  11. A Cappuccino & Objective-J wrapper for the awesome RaphaelJS vector graphics library

    Objective-J 75 7 Built by @jfahrenkrug @Chielus
  12. Cappuccino Demos

    Objective-J 67 26 Built by @tolmasky @aljungberg @Dogild @kicsipixel
  13. Textmate Bundle for Cappuccino / Objective-J

    Objective-J 66 13 Built by @malkomalko @klaaspieter @sir-birdie @jerodsanto
  14. A class for working with CouchDB documents from Cappuccino/Objective-J

    Objective-J 66 6 Built by @topfunky
  15. Example for dragging files from the desktop to any CPView in a Cappuccino app running in a browser.

    Objective-J 62 14 Built by @davidcann
  16. Alternative UI framework for Cappuccino

    Objective-J 61 3 Built by @austinsarner @davisml
  17. Framework for handling authentication on the frontend of your Cappuccino application.

    Objective-J 59 9 Built by @saikat @benlangfeld @spakanati @jrhe @tdreyno
  18. This is a demo application for bringing together the Cappuccino Framework and the Tornado Web server.

    Objective-J 55 4
  19. This project is no longer under active development. Here for historical reasons.

    Objective-J 53 5 Built by @jukart
  20. A Cappuccino control providing a rich text editing view through a browser driven content editable field. Formerly named WyzihatKit.

    Objective-J 52 7 Built by @aljungberg @paulbaumgart @klaaspieter
  21. Objective-J 50 341 Built by @tolmasky @aljungberg @klaaspieter @cacaodev @stevegeek
  22. Animated layout system using Objective-J and Foundation

    Objective-J 47 3 Built by @austinsarner
  23. TNKit is a set of utility classes for Cappuccino. These classes have been extracted from the Archipel Project

    Objective-J 40 16 Built by @primalmotion @lvauvillier @Dogild @joehoyle @t00f
  24. Source code for the examples used in the Cappuccino Casts episodes

    Objective-J 37 1
  25. A Rich Text Editor for use with the Cappuccino Web Application Framework

    Objective-J 35 2 Built by @ryanjafari
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