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  1. High precision scientific calculator with support for physical units

    PureScript 1,558 60 Built by @sharkdp @n4bb12 @colinwahl @Caleb-An @abaco
  2. A puzzle game inspired by functional programming

    PureScript 1,299 64 Built by @sharkdp @FranklinChen @djsiroky @shlomif
  3. A declarative, type-safe UI library for PureScript.

    PureScript 819 141 Built by @garyb @paf31 @jdegoes @natefaubion @cryogenian
  4. Build type-safe web apps with PureScript.

    PureScript 525 75 Built by @alexmingoia @roryc89 @ttoe @menelaos @eskimor
  5. Extract content from webpages using CSS Selectors, XPath, and JS expressions

    PureScript 455 16 Built by @osener
  6. A build tool for PureScript projects

    PureScript 406 84 Built by @hdgarrood @bodil @paf31 @natefaubion @damncabbage
  7. Sources for the PureScript book

    PureScript 387 147 Built by @paf31 @fmancinelli @jw120 @tinkhaven @minikomi
  8. Keep track of your πŸ’΅, πŸ•˜, πŸ–, πŸ„, 🍻 on your command line

    PureScript 362 11 Built by @adius @ad-si @janschultecom @JagdCake @teuffy
  9. A simple PureScript wrapper for React

    PureScript 319 59 Built by @paf31 @fisx @ethul @passy @doolse
  10. React Bindings for PureScript

    PureScript 277 55 Built by @ethul @paf31 @andreypopp @joneshf @natefaubion
  11. A special-purpose UI library for Purescript

    PureScript 242 11 Built by @sharkdp @koterpillar @joncfoo @oblitum @kejace
  12. Elm style FRP library for PureScript

    PureScript 228 43 Built by @bodil @CarstenKoenig @koterpillar @ttbodil @michaelficarra
  13. An asynchronous effect monad for PureScript

    PureScript 198 52 Built by @jdegoes @natefaubion @garyb @epost @hdgarrood
  14. Beautiful, hand-crafted commandline interfaces for node.js

    PureScript 184 6 Built by @felixSchl @jimt @rgrannell1 @runarberg
  15. Tutorial Series - Make the Leap from Javascript to PureScript

    PureScript 183 14 Built by @adkelley @tomchentw @jcuratolo @karthikiyengar
  16. Type-safe, statically checked composition of HTTP servers

    PureScript 183 18 Built by @owickstrom @paluh @rightfold @jimmyhuco @garyb
  17. An experiment in replacing the virtual DOM and avoiding diffing

    PureScript 137 8 Built by @paf31 @Dierk @ianbollinger @ritschwumm
  18. Purescript wrapper for Express.js

    PureScript 135 42 Built by @nkly @kika @Lupino @anttih @epicallan
  19. Purescript for Elm devs. πŸš€

    PureScript 115 6 Built by @alpacaaa @brendanzab @paluh
  20. Atom package for PureScript build, completion, etc support

    PureScript 112 16 Built by @nwolverson @kRITZCREEK @sectore @passy @dkoontz
  21. PureScript UI framework based on lenses.

    PureScript 109 9 Built by @zrho @clayrat @FrigoEU @paf31 @michaelficarra
  22. Starter Pux app w/ hot-reloading and isomorphic routing and rendering

    PureScript 103 38 Built by @alexmingoia @damncabbage @lexi-lambda @kingsleyh @averagehat
  23. A simple push-pull FRP implementation

    PureScript 101 13 Built by @paf31 @i-am-tom @anttih @MonoidMusician @danlaudk
  24. An educational game with ponies

    PureScript 100 11 Built by @bodil @seanstrom
  25. Purescript implementation of Elm 0.16's signals modules

    PureScript 94 2 Built by @rgrempel
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