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  1. krschultz / android-proguard-snippets

    Proguard configurations for common Android libraries

    IDL • Built by @krschultz @michaelcarrano @groupsky @nekofar @JaredBanyard

  2. spark / shields

    Repo for shield files for the Spark Core

    IDL • Built by @mohitbhoite @zsup @brandoaire @kennethlimcp @towynlin

  3. guanix / boards

    Various PCB designs in KiCad

    Prolog • Built by @guanix

  4. bitcraze / crazyflie-electronics

    Datasheets and KiCad project files for the Crazyflie electronics design.

    IDL •

  5. nanofury / NanoFury

    NanoFury Project

    IDL • Built by @nanofury

  6. mossmann / retroreflectors

    RF retroreflectors

    IDL • Built by @mossmann

  7. wlandsman / IDLAstro

    Astronomy related procedures in the commercial IDL language

    IDL • Built by @wlandsman @tbowers7

  8. piranha32 / FlyingBone

    Proto board for BeagleBone

    IDL • Built by @piranha32

  9. Galvant / usb_wrapper-pcb

    KiCAD project files for the USB Wrapper project

    IDL • Built by @scasagrande

  10. pcbsd / pbi

    The PC-BSD PBI module repository

    IDL • Built by @pcbsd-commit-bot @beanpole135 @kmoore134 @oleantus @fraenki

  11. BathroomEpiphanies / KiCAD-Keyboard-Tutorial

    Tutorial on making keyboard PCB layouts in KiCAD

    IDL • Built by @BathroomEpiphanies @jakllsch

  12. Galvant / gpibusb-pcb

    PCB KiCAD project files

    IDL • Built by @scasagrande

  13. phenoptix / AVRISP

    AVR ISP Shield for Arduino Project

    IDL • Built by @phenoptix

  14. dominicgs / BeagleDancer

    A Facedancer21 expansion board for the BeagleBone.

    IDL • Built by @dominicgs

  15. bitcraze / crazyradio-electronics

    Datasheets and KiCad project files for the Crazyradio electronics design.

    IDL •

  16. regack / 4x6

    4x6 Keypad

    IDL • Built by @regack

  17. poppy-project / poppy-electronics

    IDL • Built by @Fdepraetre @matthieu-lapeyre

  18. makestuff / lx9

    HW: A beermat-sized PCB with FPGA, SDRAM, Hi-Speed USB & 50 FPGA I/Os

    IDL • Built by @makestuff

  19. hzeller / bumps

    BeagleBone Universal Multi Pololu Steppers

    IDL • Built by @hzeller @jerkey

  20. loxodes / mr_radar

    A compact open hardware FMCW radar altimeter.

    IDL • Built by @loxodes

  21. FSund / qtcreator-project-structure

    IDL • Built by @FSund @dragly

  22. mgalloy / mglib

    IDL library of Michael Galloy

    IDL • Built by @mgalloy @pbitzer

  23. dawhite / MCTK

    The MODIS Conversion Toolkit plugin for ENVI

    IDL • Built by @dawhite

  24. myriadrf / Parallella-RF

    300 MHz to 3800 MHz TCVR daughter card for the Parallella board

    IDL • Built by @9600

  25. mgalloy / mgunit

    Simple testing in IDL

    IDL • Built by @mgalloy @kimyx


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