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  1. krschultz / android-proguard-snippets

    Proguard configurations for common Android libraries

    IDL • Built by @krschultz @michaelcarrano @ruijun @SandroMachado @groupsky

  2. msdx / android-proguard-cn


    IDL • Built by @msdx @riveryan

  3. wlandsman / IDLAstro

    Astronomy related procedures in the commercial IDL language

    IDL • Built by @wlandsman @sappjw @olebole @tbowers7 @jslavin

  4. guanix / boards

    Various PCB designs in KiCad

    Prolog • Built by @guanix

  5. BathroomEpiphanies / KiCAD-Keyboard-Tutorial

    Tutorial on making keyboard PCB layouts in KiCAD

    IDL • Built by @BathroomEpiphanies @jakllsch

  6. offbye / Android-ProGuardRules

    A collection of Proguard rules for android libraries.

    IDL • Built by @Coolerfall

  7. nanofury / NanoFury

    NanoFury Project

    IDL • Built by @nanofury

  8. piranha32 / FlyingBone

    Proto board for BeagleBone

    IDL • Built by @piranha32

  9. Galvant / gpibusb-pcb

    PCB KiCAD project files

    IDL • Built by @scasagrande

  10. phenoptix / AVRISP

    AVR ISP Shield for Arduino Project

    IDL • Built by @phenoptix

  11. Galvant / usb_wrapper-pcb

    KiCAD project files for the USB Wrapper project

    IDL • Built by @scasagrande

  12. pcbsd / pbi

    The PC-BSD PBI module repository

    IDL • Built by @pcbsd-commit-bot @beanpole135 @kmoore134 @oleantus @fraenki

  13. AndroidKnife / proguard-config

    Common library proguard configuration for android develop !

    IDL • Built by @hwangjr

  14. dominicgs / BeagleDancer

    A Facedancer21 expansion board for the BeagleBone.

    IDL • Built by @dominicgs

  15. mgalloy / mglib

    IDL library of Michael Galloy

    IDL • Built by @mgalloy @pbitzer

  16. riverloopsec / apimote

    ApiMote IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Sniffing Hardware

    IDL • Built by @riverloopsec

  17. makestuff / lx9

    HW: A beermat-sized PCB with FPGA, SDRAM, Hi-Speed USB & 50 FPGA I/Os

    IDL • Built by @makestuff

  18. myriadrf / Parallella-RF

    300 MHz to 3800 MHz TCVR daughter card for the Parallella board

    IDL • Built by @9600

  19. FSund / qtcreator-project-structure

    IDL • Built by @FSund @dragly

  20. regack / 4x6

    4x6 Keypad

    IDL • Built by @regack

  21. idl-coyote / coyote

    The Coyote Library evolved from work David Fanning was doing teaching IDL courses and answering IDL questions on the IDL newsgroup. It is meant to be a well-documented library that demonstrates how to write solid (dare we say eloquent) IDL programs that are easy to maintain and extend. You can learn more about these programs and about IDL progra…

    IDL • Built by @flamingbear @davidwfanning

  22. vim-jp / vimdoc-ja-working

    vimdoc-ja working repository

    IDL • Built by @ynkdir @k-takata @crazymaster @koron @nakinor

  23. RasmusB / CANPi

    A CAN controlled add-on board for Raspberry Pi

    IDL • Built by @RasmusB

  24. KennedyResearch / LandTrendr-2012

    LandTrendr Code (from /projectnb/trenders/code/LandTrendr2012)

    IDL • Built by @KennedyResearch

  25. simonmonk / eagle

    Open Source Design Files and Library to support the book: Make your Own PCBs with EAGLE

    IDL • Built by @simonmonk

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