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  1. 开放源码,基于springMVC+springSecurity3.x+Mybaits3.x的权限系统,,支持开源

    Slash 301 464 Built by @lanyuancom
  2. Ready-Made CloudSlang Flows and Operations

    Slash 58 106 Built by @Bonczidai @mihaitusa @tethryus @orius123 @oritstone
  3. 采用了Metronic前端模板,bootstrap 3.0,spring security 3.1,mybatis 打造的后台权限管理平台

    Slash 53 57 Built by @bigbomb
  4. Everyone who has a merged pull request is invited to become an admin of this repo.

    Slash 30 17 Built by @wchill @ix @kjensenxz @theishshah @rgbkrk
  5. Convert office document to pdf and swf

    Slash 25 6 Built by @sharp
  6. Slash 12 8 Built by @Synesso @2m
  7. This is a combination of the Akka cluster example with

    Slash 9 4 Built by @ograycode
  8. The source code to

    Slash 8 4 Built by @charliesome @zzak @schnauzer @richo
  9. My collection of katana args/lookfiles for shaders in katana

    Slash 8 4 Built by @dekekincaid
  10. Slash 6 2 Built by @fomcl @the-lo-ni-us @jaleskovec @invalid-email-address
  11. Software based Energy Monitor for Cloud Computing - based on SIGAR

    Slash 4 2
  12. random renderman stuff

    Slash 4 1 Built by @prideout
  13. 开放源码,基于springMVC+springSecurity3.x+Mybaits3.x的权限系统,,支持开源

    Slash 3 464 Built by @lanyuancom
  14. shared data for the jed editor

    Slash 3
  15. ezeShaderSuite 3delight

    Slash 3 3 Built by @ezequielmastrasso
  16. A project for predicting personality of individuals using their facebook statistics. In this project we propose a neural network approach. We are doing this as our major project in 8th semester of B.Tech Computer Engg. at Jamia Millia Islamia in 2014

    Slash 3 2 Built by @niyasc
  17. AppDynamics machine agent extension to monitor Tibco EMS server and queues

    Slash 3 3 Built by @tradel
  18. CloudSlang Documentation

    Slash 2 11 Built by @Bonczidai @SamMarkowitz @oritstone @gituser173 @andreivasiletruta
  19. Very Simple Toon Shader for Pixar RenderMan scince 1998. I will port them to RIS.

    Slash 2 Built by @digiponta
  20. Kaleidoscope는 vert.x와 graphicsmagick을 이용한 Web 기반 쎔네일 생성기

    Slash 2 Built by @guriguri
  21. Slash 2 3 Built by @mikeboers @markreidvfx
  22. Skip-mer tools

    Slash 2 Built by @ljyanesm @bjclavijo
  23. MyDBaaSMonitor - A Web Environment for Database-as-a-Service Monitoring

    Slash 2 2 Built by @araujodavid @franzejr
  24. Slash 2 Built by @mechtaev
  25. Slash discussion forums

    Slash 2 Built by @charliesome
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