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  1. p-e-w / finalterm

    At last – a modern terminal emulator. THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER BEING ACTIVELY DEVELOPED.

    Vala • Built by @p-e-w @Lasall @tom95 @ferki @arkocal

  2. solus-project / budgie-desktop

    Flagship desktop of the Solus Project

    Vala • Built by @ikeydoherty @horst3180 @LeoIannacone @iv597 @ShyPixie

  3. baedert / corebird

    Native Gtk+ Twitter Client

    Vala • Built by @baedert @pvagner @ryanlerch @Lyude @allanday

  4. codito / gnome-pomodoro

    A time management utility for GNOME based on the pomodoro technique!

    Vala • Built by @kamilprusko @codito @amanbh @nzjrs @haaja

  5. naxuroqa / Venom

    A Vala/Gtk+ graphical user interface for Tox

    Vala • Built by @naxuroqa @ctrl-shift @concuror @Ansa89 @notsecure

  6. davvil / pdfpc

    A presenter console with multi-monitor support for PDF files.

    Vala • Built by @davvil @jakobwesthoff @rschroll @tschager @nomeata

  7. birdieapp / birdie

    Vala • Built by @vascomfnunes @ivonunes @nathandyer @Cka3o4Huk @edersohe

  8. mank319 / Go-For-It

    A stylish to-do list with built-in productivity timer.

    Vala • Built by @mank319 @voldyman @JMoerman @fredmwangi @dardevelin

  9. jessevdk / gitg

    A GitX clone for gtk+/GNOME (**moved to**)

    Vala • Built by @jessevdk @nacho @weynhamz @piotrdrag @gregier

  10. Simmesimme / Gnome-Pie

    A pie menu launcher for linux. Read the release announcement of version 0.6.8 at Or have a look at the homepage!

    Vala • Built by @Simmesimme @gabdub @magnunleno @rtraverso86 @RaphaelRochet

  11. GNOME / vala


    Vala • Built by @juergbi @lethalman @nemequ @ricotz @desrt

  12. holylobster / nuntius-linux

    Nuntius delivers notifications from your phone or tablet to your computer

    Vala • Built by @nacho @kalev @pbor @flyingrub @piotrdrag

  13. Valama / valama

    Next generation Vala IDE

    Vala • Built by @Lasall @LSenf @inizan-yannick @Overscore @steveno

  14. tiliado / nuvolaplayer

    The third generation of Nuvola Player - cloud music integration for your Linux desktop

    Vala • Built by @fenryxo @dukex

  15. pdfpc / pdfpc

    A presenter console with multi-monitor support for PDF files.

    Vala • Built by @davvil @jakobwesthoff @rschroll @AndreasBilke @andybarry

  16. blaztinn / submarine

    Search and download subtitles

    Vala • Built by @blaztinn

  17. GNOME / geary

    email client

    Vala • Built by @jimbonator @eric-yorba @rschroll @chazomaticus @yoseforb

  18. voldyman / MarkMyWords

    Markdown editor

    Vala • Built by @voldyman @emersion @PerfectCarl @Obsidien @dar5hak

  19. valum-framework / valum

    Web micro-framework written in Vala

    Vala • Built by @arteymix @antono @Bob131 @corpsee @Ferruck

  20. sgringwe / rdio

    A simple native implementation for Rdio music services

    Vala • Built by @sgringwe @aldonogueira @fitojb @bendavis78

  21. jakobwesthoff / Pdf-Presenter-Console

    A Keynote like presenter console with multi-monitor support and the ability to read PDF as input files.

    Vala • Built by @jakobwesthoff @nomeata @renewagner @barak

  22. rastersoft / autovala

    A program that automatically generates CMake configuration files for your Vala project

    Vala • Built by @rastersoft @y-ishida @andrewbenton @Mic92 @Matrix-Zhang

  23. linvinus / AltYo

    AltYo - drop-down terminal emulator, written in vala, depends only on libvte and gtk3.

    Vala • Built by @linvinus @dallatorretdu

  24. EasyRPG / Editor-GTK

    Game editor similar to RPG Maker

    Vala • Built by @Falc @sre @fdelapena @take-cheeze @MarianoGnu

  25. gnome-globalmenu / gnome-globalmenu

    Global Menu centralizes the application's menu bar to one place.

    Vala • Built by @rainwoodman @lviggiani @fengshenx @teolemon @dwatson031


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