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  1. Open source multi-protocol messaging broker

    Erlang 4,284 1,126 Built by @rade @michaelklishin @dumbbell @emile @hairyhum 7 stars today
  2. EMQ - Erlang MQTT Broker

    Erlang 3,366 676 Built by @emqplus @huangdan @turtleDeng @HJianBo @phanimahesh 6 stars today
  3. The Arweave server and App Developer Toolkit.

    Erlang 81 16 Built by @wrj-arc @DamonSweeney @samcamwilliams @jxs1 @majastanislawska
  4. Apache Kafka client library for Erlang/Elixir

    Erlang 226 77 Built by @zmstone @id @onno-vos-dev @dszoboszlay @juise
  5. Erlang/OTP

    Erlang 6,886 1,792 Built by @bjorng @IngelaAndin @sverker @psyeugenic @garazdawi
  6. Small, fast, modern HTTP server for Erlang/OTP.

    Erlang 5,072 930 Built by @essen @nox @acammack @bfrog @fishcakez
  7. Apache CouchDB

    Erlang 3,735 783 Built by @kocolosk @janl @davisp @rnewson @fdmanana
  8. Robust, ubiquitous and massively scalable Jabber / XMPP Instant Messaging platform

    Erlang 3,595 1,136 Built by @badlop @zinid @alexeyshch @mremond @weiss
  9. A description of the Erlang Runtime System ERTS and the virtual Machine BEAM.

    Erlang 1,966 170 Built by @happi @robertoaloi @kvakvs @djnym @hirotnk
  10. Erlang web MVC, now featuring Comet

    Erlang 1,731 306 Built by @evanmiller @zkessin @danikp @choptastic @mihawk
  11. ActorDB distributed SQL database

    Erlang 1,650 60 Built by @SergejJurecko @seeekr @otobrglez @getong
  12. MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.

    Erlang 1,615 427 Built by @etrepum @mdempsky @doubleyou @robertkowalski @lhft
  13. Lisp Flavoured Erlang (LFE)

    Erlang 1,605 98 Built by @rvirding @yurrriq @oubiwann @arpunk @profitware
  14. Tsung is a high-performance benchmark framework for various protocols including HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.

    Erlang 1,597 352 Built by @nniclausse @tisba @rodo @zhihuij @cstar
  15. a Map/Reduce framework for distributed computing

    Erlang 1,549 256 Built by @jflatow @pmundkur @pooya @patrikpettersson @kostis
  16. A REST-based system for building web applications.

    Erlang 1,404 273 Built by @invalid-email-address @kellymclaughlin @vinoski @seancribbs @argv0
  17. A distributed MQTT message broker based on Erlang/OTP

    Erlang 1,344 139 Built by @dergraf @larshesel @ioolkos @tsloughter @marianoguerra
  18. The LeoFS Storage System

    Erlang 1,187 135 Built by @yosukehara @mocchira @Licenser @windkit @vstax
  19. 🔵🔵🔴 N2O: Protocol Server for WebSockets

    Erlang 1,107 155 Built by @5HT @doxtop @m-2k @G-Grand @rilian
  20. ATTENTION: Please find the canonical repository here:

    Erlang 1,090 264 Built by @tuncer @dizzyd @Vagabond @hyperthunk @alexeyr
  21. Yaws webserver

    Erlang 1,067 230 Built by @klacke @vinoski @capflam @carsten3347 @tuncer
  22. A hunky Erlang worker pool factory

    Erlang 1,065 267 Built by @Vagabond @skeltoac @sasa1977 @ddosia @drobakowski
  23. MongooseIM is a mobile messaging platform with focus on performance and scalability

    Erlang 974 318 Built by @michalwski @badlop @erszcz @arcusfelis @alexeyshch
  24. Functional programming inspired by ML for the Erlang VM

    Erlang 969 44 Built by @j14159 @lepoetemaudit @danabr @Licenser @ypaq
  25. Deprecated Erlang build tool that makes it easy to compile and test Erlang applications, port drivers and releases. We encourage you to move to

    Erlang 930 295 Built by @tuncer @dizzyd @ferd @lrascao @Vagabond
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