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Attending External Events

Seán Gleeson edited this page Jul 4, 2019 · 2 revisions

Taken from Somebody Should issue #352, the procedure for attending external events on behalf of, and representing, DoES is:

Here's how I see it:

  • Create an issue for applying to the event.

  • Apply the Meetup: Events Label.

  • Create a Milestone if many tasks are required.

  • Assign/choose/volunteer a champion to co-ordinate the event for DoES (it helps if they commit to going) — assign that person(s) to the event issue.

  • Using the main event issue as a progress tracker, the coördinator should:

  • Apply for the event as applicable (ideally from a DoES email, but from the event champion if suitable).

  • Recruit attendees.

  • Collate the exhibition.

  • Recruit/organise transport (as appropriate).

  • Help attendees find hotels (if appropriate).

  • Create a packlist.

  • Reply to any H&S and risk assessment requirements.

  • Liaise with the event organisers regarding any drop-off and pick-up requirements.

  • Go to the event. …

  • Come back

  • Unpack

  • Report any necessary information and close any issues for the event.

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