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Issues tracking

Old issues are here: https://github.com/DoESLiverpool/Tosca/issues

New issues are proposed to put into the general list here: https://github.com/DoESLiverpool/somebody-should/labels/Tool%3A%20Polargraph%20%28Tosca%29

Current instructions:

  1. Turn on the switch at the mains that powers the BeagleBoard through its microUSB lead.

  2. The ipnumber has been fixed to

otherwise you have to do: 'sudo arp-scan | grep 84:eb'

  1. Go to find the tab in the bottom panel for a shell window at root@servotosca:/var/lib/cloud9# and type: ./gopolar.sh

This executes the startup eqeps and runs the socket serving webserver

  1. Go to With the websocket connected, see how you can drag the yellow disk and have the red disk follow it

Follow the instructions involving buttons and dialogs on the right hand pane

The code on the Beagleboard is backed up at: https://bitbucket.org/goatchurch/bbhquad


Machine Width (on the whiteboard) 1180
Machine Height (on the whiteboard) 880
Page Width (Openlabs poster) 840
Page Height (Openlabs poster) 590
Page Pos X (Openlabs poster) 177
Page Pos Y (Openlabs poster) 180
mm per rev 91
Steps per rev 200
Step multiplier 8? Maybe needs to be 16 (that was what it was set to before I started playing with it recently)
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