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Fresh-Stale-LastChance (FSLC) Box System

Since the May 2013 HackTheSpace day we've now got a properly set up Fresh-Stale-Last Chance box system in place.

What's that, I hear you ask?

Basically it's a common design pattern used by hackspaces to manage things that are donated as "someone might find this useful to use in a project". Because there's usually more stuff donated than time for members to use it in projects, the tendency would be for all available space to get used up storing old junk that no-one wants to use immediately, but that some unspecified person ''might'' want in the future.

To stop that happening, there's a strict limit to the amount of space allowed for it, and new donations will push old donations out to be recycled or otherwise disposed of.

How it works

If you've got something that you don't want any more, put it into the Fresh box on the racking in the workshop.

Anyone can take any of the things in any of the three boxes - labelled Fresh, Stale and Last Chance on the racking in the workshop. However, if you take something you must either store it in your member box, or take it home.

At each Maker Day, the contents of the Last Chance box will be disposed of, and the empty box will become the new Fresh box. The Stale box becomes the new Last Chance box, and the Fresh box becomes the new Stale box.

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