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= What Should NewDinky Look Like? =

In the most recent expansion of DoES Liverpool, we've taken on the room nearest the lifts (which was used at Howduino and Barcamp and called "new Dinky").

This page is a place to work out what sort of things it will be used for, and to help organise what needs to be done to it to (a) make it fit for purpose, but also (b) make it look and feel as epic as the people who'll be using it :-)

At present all of this is open for debate, but it seems useful to have some thoughts/parameters as a seed for discussion.

== Brief ==

The pressure that's caused the expansion is the fact that Room 29 (the more private office in the main space) is full, and there are an increasing number of permanent desk members in the main room. That means on days when there are a lot of hot-deskers we're pretty full, and there's an increasing conflict between people wanting to leave stuff on their desks and us holding evening/weekend events in the main room.

We'd like to use New Dinky to address these problems, which means that it should solve two problems:

  1. Provide desk space for hot desk members
  2. Provide an event space, which can be reconfigured for either talks (projector, rows of seats) or workshops (seats and tables)

That usage means that it will often be the first room that people encounter when visiting DoES for the first time, so it should also reflect a bit of the spirit of the community - showing some of the less office-y things that people get up to. It shouldn't need someone from the community to explain all of the items too (e.g. if we move Bubblino in then there should be a little description plaque next to him to explain what he does)

== Inspiration ==

Links to other spaces that show (elements of) what we'd like to achieve:

After a few weeks of researching different working environments I have begun to develop some tangible style ideas. Some of these may seem radical and expensive, the images here are not what we will be able to achieve but, a guide and a structure on how we should proceed. All the links are based on the Industrial Style, which means using things like the girders as a feature or using materials such as wood, metal and leather, and also keeping things simple and clean. The relevant points to look at in these images are not how flash they are but how do to achieve the style?

In its basic form: having a coherent design. And to break that down further: to have furniture that matches and compliments the other items in the room. To ensure that a colour theme is adhered to and that certain shapes and line are considered. While you are looking through the things to consider are things like repetition of objects (chairs, storage, sets of draws, desks etc) and the complimentary artwork, coloured walls, lights and soft furnishing (fabrics). The industrial style allows for things to look distressed, have exposed brick work, girders and so on but everything is clean, precise and in its place.

I have also been researching furniture for the space and I have come into some difficulty as the price of good folding tables are rather pricey (and the [ cheaper ones] aren't good enough) so I am currently considering the alternatives which I will post links for soon along with a colour scheme and fabric ideas.

Here's some links:

  • []
  • []
  • []

Here's some images of an IKEA scouting trip:

== Ideas ==

"Side Room" Needs sound/echo proofing somehow. Having tried to use it to take a phone call in the past, there is an uncomfortable level of echo —generated by the room. Simply having some "stuff" in there could well help. (PF)

Room may need its own WiFi base station as signal's not entirely reliable from the main room (see tasks). There is potentially a phone line in here though so we should look into enabling this to give the room its own ADSL connection (and bandwidth!)

== Tasks ==

  • Check the wiring of the RFID door lock system and install a new Raspberry Pi.
  • --(Fit the sockets to each end of the installed network cable.)--
  • --(Setup the WiFi Access point to be a repeater of the one in the main room, but on channel 1 (a la [ DD-WRT guide]))--

== Supplies ==

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