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  1. A curated list of amazingly awesome Elixir and Erlang libraries, resources and shiny things. Updates:

    Elixir 8,555 829 Built by @h4cc @doomspork @optikfluffel @fladson @Kosmas 6 stars today
  2. PostgreSQL driver for Elixir

    Elixir 597 159 Built by @ericmj @fishcakez @josevalim @MSch @tyre
  3. Elixir 134 22 Built by @benwilson512 @bruce @scrogson @jlgeering @adri
  4. UUID generator and utilities for Elixir

    Elixir 218 32 Built by @zyro @milmazz @a-bro @alco @andykingking
  5. Phoenix Template Engine for Slim

    Elixir 205 31 Built by @doomspork @chrismccord @programisti @lpil @hedgesky
  6. Twilio API client for Elixir

    Elixir 187 60 Built by @danielberkompas @enilsen16 @andrewshatnyy @techgaun @MortadaAK
  7. Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications

    Elixir 14,029 2,037 Built by @josevalim @lexmag @ericmj @whatyouhide @eksperimental
  8. Productive. Reliable. Fast.

    Elixir 12,615 1,558 Built by @chrismccord @josevalim @lancehalvorsen @Gazler @jeregrine
  9. A database wrapper and language integrated query for Elixir

    Elixir 3,788 927 Built by @josevalim @ericmj @michalmuskala @laurocaetano @wojtekmach
  10. A community driven style guide for Elixir

    Elixir 2,829 221 Built by @christopheradams @levionessa @eksperimental @whatyouhide @Gazler
  11. A static code analysis tool for the Elixir language with a focus on code consistency and teaching.

    Elixir 2,642 203 Built by @rrrene @devonestes @mikestok @little-bobby-tables @narrowtux
  12. A walk through the Elixir language in 30 exercises.

    Elixir 2,412 352 Built by @seven1m @eddwardo @parroty @jduan @fdbeirao
  13. The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

    Elixir 2,329 206 Built by @bruce @benwilson512 @axelson @maartenvanvliet @Gazler
  14. Elixir Authentication

    Elixir 2,309 247 Built by @doomspork @scrogson @victorlcampos @aaronrenner @aaronjensen
  15. Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.

    Elixir 2,203 145 Built by @sergiotapia @tchoutri @skwerlman @christian-fei @benfb
  16. Simplify deployments in Elixir with OTP releases!

    Elixir 2,086 284 Built by @bitwalker @mobileoverlord @martin-langhoff @chenxsan @imranismail
  17. A specification and conveniences for composable modules between web applications

    Elixir 1,859 391 Built by @josevalim @whatyouhide @ericmj @Gazler @scrogson
  18. Deployment for Elixir and Erlang

    Elixir 1,607 147 Built by @bharendt @gerhard @lessless @mk @johannesE
  19. An incredibly fast, pure Elixir JSON library

    Elixir 1,534 177 Built by @devinus @BennyHallett @lucidstack @josevalim @optikfluffel
  20. Hacker to the 💚

    Elixir 1,470 140 Built by @jerodsanto @codyjames @adamstac @gerhard @jsunsawyer
  21. Yet Another HTTP client for Elixir powered by hackney

    Elixir 1,449 245 Built by @edgurgel @whatyouhide @reset @ryanwinchester @d0rc
  22. Web app for hosting asciicasts

    Elixir 1,287 158 Built by @sickill @sparrovv @SunDi3yansyah @foobarto @clkao
  23. Converts Elixir to JavaScript

    Elixir 1,253 57 Built by @bryanjos @vans163 @stephanvd @seleem1337 @harlantwood
  24. Run, Dynamo, Run!

    Elixir 1,102 155 Built by @josevalim @bbrietzke @stevedomin @parroty @jwarwick
  25. ⌚️ Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir

    Elixir 1,100 80 Built by @c-rack @maennchen @alPacino @princemaple @theoretick
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