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  1. Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera

  2. Simple features for R

    R 80 20 Built by @edzer @Robinlovelace @etiennebr @mpadge @mdsumner
  3. R interface to many NOAA data APIs

    R 100 28 Built by @sckott @adam-erickson @geanders @jsta @hrbrmstr
  4. Detailed Visualization of Large Complex Data in R

    R 82 24 Built by @hafen @schloerke @lhsego @renkun-ken
  5. Dev version of Rfacebook package: Access to Facebook API via R

    R 180 168 Built by @pablobarbera @jonas28 @andrewgeisler @mpiccirilli @stas-malavin
  6. Code accompanying the book "Machine Learning for Hackers"

  7. An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R

    R 2,199 826 Built by @hadley @wch @kohske @jiho @thomasp85
  8. Easy interactive web applications with R

  9. ๐ŸŽ“ A collection of interactive courses for the swirl R package.

  10. A curated list of awesome R packages, frameworks and software.

    R 1,831 684 Built by @qinwf @zero323 @briatte @renkun-ken @brunovilar
  11. Anomaly Detection with R

    R 1,802 390 Built by @akejariwal @darrkj @caniszczyk @terrytangyuan @jhochenbaum
  12. Dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation

    R 1,578 635 Built by @hadley @romainfrancois @krlmlr @lindbrook @hannesmuehleisen
  13. Investing Returns on the Market as a Whole

    R 1,526 77 Built by @zonination
  14. Tools to make an R developer's life easier

    R 1,410 497 Built by @hadley @wch @jimhester @krlmlr @jennybc
  15. A general-purpose tool for dynamic report generation in R

    R 1,299 596 Built by @yihui @ramnathv @krlmlr @jjallaire @robertzk
  16. A minimal benchmark for scalability, speed and accuracy of commonly used open source implementations (R packages, Python scikit-learn, H2O, xgboost, Spark MLlib etc.) of the top machine learning algorithms for binary classification (random forests, gradient boosted trees, deep neural networks etc.).

    R 1,090 175 Built by @szilard @hetong007 @nicolaskruchten @earino @jangorecki
  17. Import public NYC taxi and Uber trip data into PostgreSQL / PostGIS database, analyze with R

    R 867 254 Built by @toddwschneider @seifer08ms @dbkaplun
  18. Create interactive web graphics from R via plotly's JavaScript graphing library

    R 828 300 Built by @cpsievert @mkcor @pedrodz @chriddyp @xsaintmleux
  19. Generate reproducible html5 slides from R markdown

    R 746 328 Built by @ramnathv @krlmlr @muschellij2 @Roon @jjallaire
  20. Simple web scraping for R

    R 714 197 Built by @hadley @johncollins @earino @jimhester @renkun-ken
  21. ggplot themes and scales

    R 700 145 Built by @jrnold @daroczig @jmlondon @hadley @joelcarlson
  22. Dynamic Documents for R

    R 692 376 Built by @jjallaire @jmcphers @yihui @javierluraschi @kevinushey
  23. Create graph diagrams and flowcharts using R

    R 648 107 Built by @rich-iannone @timelyportfolio @achubaty @jjallaire @iwi
  24. R frontend for Spark

    R 624 340 Built by @shivaram @concretevitamin @sun-rui @hlin09 @lythesia
  25. Rmd source files for the HarvardX series PH525x

    R 614 1,118 Built by @mikelove @rafalab @vjcitn @alexnones @yeredh
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