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  1. Repository for Programming Assignment 2 for R Programming on Coursera

  2. My work on Analytics and Research in Data Science

    R 152 11 Built by @dupadhyaya 6 stars today
  3. Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns 🗺️ in R

    R 47 3 Built by @marcosci @mhesselbarth @Nowosad @laurajanegraham 6 stars today
  4. simple tools for data cleaning in R

    R 468 52 Built by @sfirke @rgknight @chrishaid @billdenney @Tazinho 5 stars today
  5. R package for airborne LiDAR data manipulation and visualisation for forestry application

    R 95 21 Built by @Jean-Romain @daveauty @floriandeboissieu @bi0m3trics @frank2165 5 stars today
  6. Time-aware tibbles

    R 123 23 Built by @DavisVaughan
  7. This R package is designed to obtain USGS or EPA water quality sample data, streamflow data, and metadata directly from web services

    R 91 49 Built by @ldecicco-USGS @wdwatkins @lindsaycarr @jread-usgs @jiwalker-usgs
  8. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) API Client

    R 182 72 Built by @leeper @almartin82 @cboettig @ThierryO @nqbao
  9. Lightweight markup language - document once, include anywhere

    R 215 45 Built by @hplgit @KGHustad @dragly @mimeiners @ischurov
  10. JVM-based interpreter for the R language for the statistical analysis.

    R 407 69 Built by @akbertram @psolaimani @mjkallen @hannesmuehleisen @hlin09
  11. simple and scalable statistical modelling in R

    R 314 30 Built by @goldingn @michaelquinn32 @benmarwick @twolodzko
  12. An R Package for the Structural Topic Model

    R 161 59 Built by @bstewart @crew102 @patperry @vincentarelbundock @jrnold
  13. Packrat is a dependency management system for R

    R 267 67 Built by @kevinushey @jmcphers @jcheng5 @jjallaire @aronatkins
  14. Data transformation and utility functions for R

    R 53 16 Built by @sjPlot @strengejacke @arfon @ceefluz @leeper
  15. R Package for accessing and plotting Google Maps

    R 103 18 Built by @SymbolixAU @tospig @techisdead
  16. Development version of 'spatstat' package ..............................

    R 58 29 Built by @baddstats @rubak @antiphon @angan06 @richierocks
  17. Static Code Analysis for R

    R 475 85 Built by @jimhester @fangly @gaborcsardi @saurfang @schloerke
  18. 🎓 A collection of interactive courses for the swirl R package.

  19. JASP aims to be a complete statistical package for both Bayesian and Frequentist statistical methods, that is easy to use and familiar to users of SPSS

    R 264 92 Built by @jonathon-love @boutinb @quentingronau @akashrajkn @FransMeerhoff
  20. Code accompanying the book "Machine Learning for Hackers"

  21. An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in R

  22. A curated list of awesome R packages, frameworks and software.

  23. Easy interactive web applications with R

  24. Anomaly Detection with R

    R 2,620 597 Built by @akejariwal @darrkj @caniszczyk @terrytangyuan @jhochenbaum
  25. dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation

    R 2,512 948 Built by @hadley @romainfrancois @krlmlr @lionel- @batpigandme
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