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  1. AdaDoom3 / AdaDoom3

    Id Software's Id-tech-4-BFG in the Ada programming language.

    Ada • Built by @AdaDoom3 @Kensan @mulander @OneWingedShark @charlie5

  2. Lucretia / tamp

    The Ada Microkernel Project

    Ada • Built by @Lucretia @nosey

  3. cforler / Ada-Crypto-Library

    The libadacrypt-dev is a crypto library for Ada with a nice API. It is written for the i386 and x86_64 hardware architecture and supports AES, Twofish, 3DES, Serpent SHA-1/256/384/512, DSA, OAEP-RSA, HMAC, CMAC, SIV, OCB, Nonces, Elliptic Curves. etc. It also contains regression tests consisting of over 400 tests. Dependencies: make and gnat-4.9.

    Ada • Built by @cforler @Mack-the-Knife @HPSchilling

  4. Lucretia / bare_bones

    Ada Bare Bones OS development tutorial source code

    Ada • Built by @Lucretia @nosey

  5. karakalo / old-lumen

    GUI toolkit for Ada using OpenGL

    Ada • Built by @AlexanderC2 @Lucretia @bouchain @oenone @nosey

  6. rtyler / tinywm-ada

    Port of tinywm to Ada for chuckles

    Ada • Built by @rtyler

  7. flyx / OpenGLAda

    Thick Ada binding for OpenGL and GLFW

    Ada • Built by @landgraf @rashfael

  8. persan / zeromq-Ada

    Ada-bindings for 0mq

    Ada • Built by @mk270 @landgraf @persan

  9. karakalo / lumen

    OpenGL GUI toolkit library for Ada

    Ada • Built by @AlexanderC2 @Lucretia @bouchain @oenone @nosey

  10. dsanson / Words

    A Latin-English Dictionary Program

    Ada • Built by @dsanson

  11. ThomasLocke / yolk

    A simple web-toolbox.

    Ada • Built by @ThomasLocke @sparre

  12. ytomino / drake

    Drake The Runtime Library for gcc-Ada

    Ada • Built by @AdaDoom3

  13. kburtch / SparForte

    Shell, web engine, scripting language mission-critical, scalable projects.

    Ada • Built by @kburtch @cicku

  14. flyx / OpenCLAda

    An Ada binding for the OpenCL host API

    Ada • Built by @rashfael

  15. rowsail / AdaForMicrocontrollers

    Ada For Microcontrollers (GPL)

    Ada • Built by @RobertKleczek @rowsail

  16. pchapin / thumper

    A secure timestamp client/server

    Ada • Built by @pchapin

  17. OpenAADL / AADLib

    Library of AADL models

    Ada • Built by @yoogx @abaouz @juli1 @Stachelbeck

  18. samueltardieu / aforth

    Embeddable Forth interpreter written in Ada

    Ada • Built by @samueltardieu

  19. Lucretia / sdlada

    Ada 2012 bindings to SDL 2

    Ada • Built by @Lucretia

  20. subjrs / Jaba

    Ada Jabber bot

    Ada • Built by @subjrs

  21. Lucretia / ether

    An SCGI library for Ada

    Ada • Built by @Lucretia

  22. OpenAADL / ocarina

    AADL model processor: mappings to code (C, Ada); Petri Nets; scheduling tools (MAST, Cheddar); WCET; REAL

    Ada • Built by @yoogx @juli1 @Ellidiss @phipse @bulletshot60

  23. AdaHeads / call-flow-control

    Call-information flow server.

    Ada • Built by @sparre @ThomasLocke @rostgaard @PedersenThomas

  24. davewebb8211 / ghdl

    Mirror of GHDL SVN with fixes and GCC 4.6.0 support

    Ada •

  25. UlrikHjort / SHA-1

    Implementation of the Secure Hashing Standard SHA-1 as defined in FIPS PUB 180-1.

    Ada • Built by @UlrikHjort


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