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  1. 📺 COBOL bridge for NodeJS which allows you to run COBOL code from NodeJS.

    COBOL 408 25 Built by @IonicaBizau @krzkaczor @rbkrabbe @andrewstucki @BernhardBezdek
  2. Micro web-framework for COBOL

    COBOL 389 12 Built by @azac
  3. 📟 Node.js bridge for COBOL which allows you to run Node.js code from COBOL.

    COBOL 132 5 Built by @IonicaBizau
  4. Unit testing framework and sample code for batch Cobol programs.

    COBOL 22 5 Built by @davenicolette @neopragma
  5. Programas para creacion y validación de XML, Facturas CFDI, Retenciones, Contabilidad electronica (SAT/SHCP/Mexico)

    COBOL 14 12 Built by @fortiz
  6. A RESPONSIVE HTML5/CSS3 Javascript free Framework for COBOL systems

    COBOL 12 2 Built by @addinall
  7. Running a webapp in pure COBOL

    COBOL 8 Built by @OlliV
  8. COBOL 8 Built by @smoochisnoopers @stacksmith-bot
  9. 席替えスクリプト2015!

    COBOL 8 8 Built by @hfm @hanazuki @kentaro @komaji @orzup
  10. IRC bot in COBOL-74

    COBOL 7 Built by @zgrep @heddwch
  11. COBOLUnit is a unit testing framework for OpenCOBOL (fork)

    COBOL 7 1 Built by @gbeine
  12. A bunch of example programs written to learn Cobol and become the Mayor of Cobol on trending

    COBOL 7 2 Built by @m3talsmith
  13. 🌉 COBOL bridge for NodeJS with promises support.

    COBOL 6 2 Built by @IonicaBizau @krzkaczor @BernhardBezdek
  14. CoinBoller is a Minesweeper implemented by COBOL

    COBOL 5 1 Built by @yujisakata
  15. A simple unfeatured calculator written in MicroFocus COBOL for Visual Studio 2015

    COBOL 5 Built by @gaessaki
  16. Cobcurses (migrated from SF)

    COBOL 4 Built by @ve3wwg
  17. Examples for OpenCobol, AS400 Cobol, Ibm CL

    COBOL 4 2 Built by @Martinfx @Malanius
  18. COBOL 4 Built by @Amatsukan
  19. An ANTLR4-based parser and grammar for Cobol 85

    COBOL 4 4 Built by @uwol
  20. Common programming katas with solutions in COBOL (GnuCOBOL)

    COBOL 4 Built by @mikebharris
  21. Open Cobol (GnuCobol), Ocesql and CGI Project

    COBOL 4 2 Built by @peterb67
  22. Geek Code 2.1

    COBOL 3 1 Built by @rflejeune
  23. Adds COBOL support to pyQode

    COBOL 3 4 Built by @ColinDuquesnoy
  24. COBOL 3 1 Built by @matthewbrulotte
  25. COBOL assignments

    COBOL 3 Built by @proxa
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