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  1. masuidrive / miyamoto

    Google Apps Scriptで書かれたSlack用勤怠管理Botの「みやもとさん」

    Gosu • Built by @masuidrive

  2. entaq / GoogleAppsScript

    Sample code for Google Apps Script.

    Gosu • Built by @entaq @ayyar @radef

  3. fastfedora / google-docs

    Libraries and functions used within Google Docs

    Gosu • Built by @fastfedora

  4. kazunori279 / Fluent-Dashboard

    A Google Spreadsheet designed to receive Fluentd event logs and display charts from them.

    Gosu • Built by @kazunori279

  5. BSData / wh40k

    Warhammer 40k

    Gosu • Built by @Kangodo @amis92 @NebSeele @senpai514 @Thairne

  6. gosu-lang / gosu-lang

    The Gosu programming language

    Gosu • Built by @rsmckinney @vicky17d @carsongross @sliu2013 @lboasso

  7. kprevas / ronin

    Ronin web framework

    Gosu • Built by @kprevas @carsongross @bchang @coryfoo @akeefer

  8. BSData / whfb

    Warhammer Fantasy

    Gosu • Built by @Maetco @StealthKnightSteg @andreagrax @ansacs @BSDataAnon

  9. NewVisionsScripts / autoCrat

    A flexible, easy to use document merge tool that enables conditional creation of PDF, Shared Doc and email file attachment from spreadsheet or form data.

    Gosu • Built by @astillman @TimCargan @dscaramellino

  10. adv0r / altcoin-google-spreadsheet

    Altcoin price tracker into a google spreadsheet. Scraping data from

    Gosu • Built by @adv0r

  11. Mogztter / asciidoc-googledocs-addon

    Export and import Google Docs as AsciiDoc

    Gosu • Built by @Mogztter

  12. digidem / GAS-github-json

    Uploads a Google Sheet to a github repository as geojson whenever the spreadsheet is updated

    Gosu • Built by @gmaclennan

  13. metricube / drivecopy

    Google Apps Script to copy folders in Google Drive

    Gosu • Built by @andrewcrouch

  14. cartland / instant-runoff

    Instant-runoff voting for Google Apps spreadsheets.

    Gosu •

  15. wreed12345 / GroupMe-Google-Apps-Script-Examples

    A bunch of examples for using the GroupMe API with Google Apps Script

    Gosu • Built by @wreed12345 @kidtangerine @emilh91 @MisterWalker @deadman96385

  16. google / forcefield

    Keep email out of your inbox when you're not at work.

    Gosu • Built by @mjjohnson

  17. adelevie / ParseAppsScript

    Utilities for using Parse with Google Apps Script.

    Gosu • Built by @adelevie

  18. rosulek / gmail-tickler

    Get emails out of your inbox until a specified date

    Gosu • Built by @rosulek

  19. harryonline / gmailevernote

    Google Apps script to forward messages to Evernote

    Gosu • Built by @harryo

  20. melissaguyre / mixpanel-segmentation-google-spreadsheets

    Mixpanel Segmentation Data Export script for report automation into Google Spreadsheets

    Gosu • Built by @melissaguyre

  21. mcdanielgilbert / gas-oauth2-gae

    A library for connecting from Google Apps Scripts to Google APIs using OAuth2 and a Service Account

    Gosu • Built by @mclaughta

  22. jalmeroth / jira-status-board

    Google #appsscript to serve @JIRA-stats to @panic Status Board

    Gosu • Built by @jalmeroth

  23. St3ph-fr / alertes-leboncoin

    Script d'alertes email via Google Docs

    Gosu • Built by @St3ph-fr @maximelebreton

  24. googlesamples / apps-script-dialog2sidebar

    Gosu • Built by @erickoledadevrel


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