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  1. Lanica / Platform-platino

    Game Development SDK

    Lasso • Built by @peachpellen @BrunoFonzi @vladubogdan @jonbeebe @infosia

  2. agile-geoscience / notebooks

    IPython Notebooks

    Lasso • Built by @kwinkunks @EvanBianco

  3. openBIMstandards / DataSetSchependomlaan

    Lasso • Built by @SvSchaijk @berlotti @pipauwel @rubendel @jakob-beetz

  4. knop-project / knop

    Web application framework for Lasso 8 and 9

    Lasso • Built by @stevepiercy @jolle-c @bfad @johansolve

  5. MarcoAntonini / RepRapLcd4D

    Touch Color LCD Firmware for RepRap Printer.

    Lasso • Built by @MarcoAntonini

  6. Zeroloop / ds

    Datasource (DS) — Modern high performance replacement for Lasso inline

    Lasso • Built by @Ke- @bfad @iamjono

  7. agile-geoscience / welly

    Well handling

    Lasso • Built by @kwinkunks @EvanBianco

  8. bfad / Lasso-HTTP

    Object-Oriented curl HTTP wrapper for Lasso

    Lasso • Built by @bfad @iamjono

  9. sconten / rppy

    A rock physics library for Python

    Lasso • Built by @sconten

  10. cleveland-metroparks / tree-interpolator

    A PovRay powered tree interpolator for creating forest digital surface models from LiDAR point clouds

    Lasso • Built by @smathermather

  11. kwinkunks / hacksaw

    Quick look for logs

    Lasso • Built by @kwinkunks @YongxinYXL @gordfoo

  12. google / kir-holiday-lights

    Lasso • Built by @edalquist @ktgow @americanjeff

  13. smathermather / postgis-cookbook-data

    A repository for all the data associated with the PostGIS Cookbook

    Lasso • Built by @smathermather

  14. potokrm / oil-and-gas

    Oil and gas repo

    Lasso • Built by @potokrm

  15. kwinkunks / pylasdev

    LAS 2.0 and Dev files reader/editor/writer

    Lasso •

  16. polyrabbit / polyglot

    Detecting Program Language from Source Code Using Naive Bayes Classifier

    Lasso • Built by @polyrabbit

  17. jfoshee / rockhack

    Rock Hack - Multiscale Well Log Display

    Lasso • Built by @jfoshee @ben-bougher

  18. petroGG / Basic-Well-Log-Interpretation

    Basic Well Log Interpretation with python, pandas, matplotlib

    Lasso • Built by @petroGG

  19. LassoSoft / Memcached

    Implementation of Memcached access for Lasso 9

    Lasso • Built by @iamjono @EricFromCanada

  20. iamjono / lasso9-github-api

    Lasso 9 GitHub Client side API Library

    Lasso • Built by @iamjono @bfad

  21. alongubkin / timer

    Timer plugin for SourceMod

    Lasso • Built by @0wn3r @alongubkin @peace-maker

  22. Zeroloop / Lasso-9-Improvements

    Public repository for Lasso 9 improvements / extensions

    Lasso • Built by @Ke-

  23. slode / chimpress

    Command line utilities for compression and decompression

    Lasso • Built by @slode

  24. bryanhirsch / git_make

    Use git-subtree to build a Drupal site from a make file inside an existing Git repository.

    Lasso • Built by @bryanhirsch

  25. jussihirvi / LassoBlogger

    A blog engine for Lasso

    Lasso • Built by @jussihirvi

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