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  1. Example code and materials that illustrate applications of SAS machine learning techniques.

    SAS 72 78 Built by @jphall663 @brettwujek
  2. This is the collection of my own SAS utility macros/ sample code over my past 10 years of SAS programming and analysis experience.

    SAS 57 59 Built by @xieliaing @countrysideid
  3. SAS macros for statistics and graphics

    SAS 55 40 Built by @friendly
  4. Teaching and lab materials for the "SAS Programming for R Users" course, including course notes, data, and code.

    SAS 21 18 Built by @cjdinger
  5. Delivery standard industry analyses, built upon CDISC standards for analysis data

    SAS 19 24 Built by @DanteDT @htu @ksny @GustavBernard @William-Houser
  6. All things SAS related (programs, macros, presentations, etc)

    SAS 14 14 Built by @scottbass
  7. Various macro utilities for SAS(r) This site is not connected with

    SAS 14 9 Built by @tomhub
  8. SAS 14 14 Built by @Jiangtang
  9. SAS programming including extensive data-set manipulations,multidimensional arrays, SAS functions.

    SAS 13 8 Built by @jlroo
  10. A SAS library for SAS University Edition and SAS Studio

    SAS 12 Built by @leptonyu
  11. SAS 10 31 Built by @benjamin-chan @renfrst
  12. SAS 9 16 Built by @AndrewBorst @akispert @AbhidnyaKawli @rcook05
  13. Example code and materials that illustrate using neural networks with several hidden layers in SAS.

    SAS 9 15 Built by @jphall663
  14. Contains all of my personal SAS macros that I use for running statistical analyses.

    SAS 7 7 Built by @lwjohnst86
  15. SAS code from my regression course at CSU East Bay

  16. Resources related to instantiating and testing the PCORNet Common Data Model.

    SAS 6 2 Built by @ehsanullahjan @jestill @ashee
  17. This repository provides example code for loading and analyzing data from AHRQ's Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). More information about the survey and access to public use data files is available on our website

    SAS 6 5 Built by @e-mitchell @abiener @jerrodfanderson @Counting-People
  18. R package for National Automotive Sampling System data

    SAS 6 3 Built by @cwickham @batpigandme
  19. SAS 6 8 Built by @Gnaymie @DominicPazzulaFRG @holinus @cajohnst @FinancialRiskGroupAdmin
  20. SAS 5 3 Built by @heike @dicook @yihui
  21. SAS Macros Utilizing the REDCap API for Data Exchange

    SAS 5 4 Built by @jason-lones
  22. SAS 5 8 Built by @martinholmer @andersonfrailey @Amy-Xu @MattHJensen
  23. PCORnet Data Curation Query Package

    SAS 5 2 Built by @rusincovitch @SarahPalmer @aberch
  24. Some general macro to make SAS life easier

    SAS 5 3 Built by @elong0527
  25. A SAS macro for producing a beeswarm plot (i.e., a strip plot with non-random jittering)

    SAS 4 Built by @srosanba @rtbailey
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