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  1. Nix Packages collection

    Nix 2,917 3,099 Built by @peti @edolstra @FRidh @7c6f434c @Mic92
  2. A configuration language guaranteed to terminate

    Nix 1,092 38 Built by @Gabriel439 @f-f @ocharles @changlinli @minimal
  3. Nix and Haskell in production

    Nix 501 50 Built by @Gabriel439 @Anton-Latukha @alexeyzab @domenkozar @hlian
  4. Reflex FRP is a composable, cross-platform functional reactive programming framework for Haskell. It allows you to build interactive components in pure functional style, working in harmony with established Haskell techniques and improving the quality and elegance of your applications.

    Nix 449 103 Built by @ryantrinkle @Ericson2314 @matthewbauer @luigy @alexfmpe
  5. Manage a user environment using Nix

    Nix 365 94 Built by @rycee @uvNikita @nonsequitur @Infinisil @teto
  6. A Haskell re-implementation of the Nix expression language

    Nix 330 76 Built by @jwiegley @ryantrinkle @bennofs @mightybyte @adnelson
  7. Provision Docker images using Nix

    Nix 263 21 Built by @zefhemel @alanz @benley @BYK @offby1
  8. Composable building blocks for Ethereum contracts

    Nix 246 46 Built by @nmushegian @ryepdx @rainbreak @apmilen @dbrock
  9. a way to develop software with Nix

    Nix 230 17 Built by @shajra @yurrriq
  10. nix modules for darwin

    Nix 229 47 Built by @LnL7 @peel @rvl @cmacrae @marsam
  11. Nix-based incremental build tool for Haskell projects

    Nix 176 12 Built by @nmattia @zimbatm @philderbeast @2mol @ruhatch
  12. A complete and Simple Nixos Mailserver

    Nix 166 19 Built by @r-raymond @eqyiel @phdoerfler @jbboehr @erosennin
  13. A collection of NixOS modules covering hardware quirks.

    Nix 140 43 Built by @yegortimoshenko @azazel75 @ehmry @Ma27 @Mic92
  14. mozilla related nixpkgs (extends nixos/nixpkgs repo)

    Nix 126 41 Built by @nbp @garbas @zimbatm @bkchr @glasserc
  15. Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting:

    Nix 124 5 Built by @domenkozar @asymmetric @yegortimoshenko @zimbatm
  16. My local Nix configuration

    Nix 124 29 Built by @jwiegley @wpcarro
  17. NixOS Vagrant boxes [maintainer=@zimbatm]

    Nix 123 38 Built by @zimbatm @PierreR @dysinger @alanpearce @cambid
  18. An operating system generator, based on NixOS, that, given a config, outputs a small (47 MB), read-only squashfs for a runit-based operating system, with support for iPXE and signed boot.

    Nix 116 6 Built by @cleverca22 @matthewbauer
  19. Generate Nix expressions to build NPM packages

    Nix 104 26 Built by @svanderburg @abbradar @cko @anpryl @clefru
  20. Instructions and scripts related to getting NixOS running on a newer generation MBP

    Nix 102 9 Built by @mbbx6spp
  21. Abandonware

    Nix 95 7 Built by @proger @fmap @4z3 @phunehehe @shlevy
  22. My NixOS configuration and custom Nix derivations.

    Nix 88 13 Built by @puffnfresh
  23. Nixpkgs/NixOS branches that track the Nixpkgs/NixOS channels

    Nix 86 53 Built by @peti @edolstra @FRidh @7c6f434c @Mic92
  24. Docker images for the Nix package manager

    Nix 85 13 Built by @LnL7 @3noch @ianmjones @angerman @elseym
  25. My dotfiles

    Nix 81 75 Built by @rasendubi
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