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  1. Open Neural Network Exchange

    PureBasic 4,321 599 Built by @bddppq @houseroad @linkerzhang @yuanbyu @smessmer
  2. Deep Pose Estimation implemented using Tensorflow with Custom Architectures for fast inference.

    PureBasic 1,302 456 Built by @ildoonet @kimdwkimdw @llach @AlexanderMelde @Hosseinhashemiir
  3. A tool for managing complex enterprise Kubernetes environments as code.

    PureBasic 329 27 Built by @anguslees @hausdorff @jessicayuen @tomwilkie @mkmik
  4. A repository for storing pre-trained Caffe2 models.

    PureBasic 177 60 Built by @orionr @bwasti @houseroad @Shuolongbj
  5. Computer generated erotica for the discerning technophile.

    PureBasic 94 4 Built by @lisawray
  6. Tutorial for how to export your tensorflow models in python to C++

    PureBasic 75 20 Built by @HamedMP
  7. Intelligent Parking System

    PureBasic 73 16 Built by @HauyuChen
  8. PureBasic 72 15 Built by @lenixlobo
  9. 🅰️ Google Fonts for A-Frame - All of them.

    PureBasic 69 8 Built by @etiennepinchon @donmccurdy
  10. simple shortcut manager for macOS

    PureBasic 67 2 Built by @deseven
  11. A collection of useful codes from the PureBasic forums and other sources

    PureBasic 28 9 Built by @SicroAtGit @tajmone
  12. Pre-trained models for Caffe2

    PureBasic 27 3 Built by @leonardvandriel
  13. The first dataflow based Hex-Editor!

    PureBasic 20 1 Built by @Dadido3
  14. Some patches to modify behaviour of Pebble smartwatch firmwares. Apply with from pebble-firmware-utils.

    PureBasic 17 1 Built by @MarSoft
  15. [ALPHA] Models for Runway

    PureBasic 17 4 Built by @cvalenzuela @oveddan
  16. Realize the wireless control of Electric Fan

    PureBasic 14 1 Built by @HauyuChen
  17. Action Recognition based on Pose Estimation. Graduation Project for Bachelor Degree.

    PureBasic 13 1 Built by @I3orn2FLY
  18. TS100 v2.12 with voltmeter

    PureBasic 12 Built by @alexgavs
  19. Hands on Tensorflow Lite for Intelligent Mobile Apps [video], published by Packt

    PureBasic 11 4 Built by @jmlipman @PacktDwayne @kuonb
  20. An early beta client for Ace of Spades. Fully working and compatible to 0.75 servers.

    PureBasic 10 1
  21. An opinionated web test atuomation framework based on Selenium WebDriver

    PureBasic 10 4 Built by @CosminSontu @webdrivendevelopment
  22. To preserve programs as historical material

    PureBasic 10 Built by @imos
  23. A CS:GO MultiHack

    PureBasic 10 6 Built by @pf3ff3rl3
  24. attorney online custom server

    PureBasic 10 6 Built by @stonedDiscord
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