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  1. tangqi92 / BuildingBlocks

    积木 - 等你来搭建属于自己的应用

    Java • 198 stars today • Built by @tangqi92

  2. bonnyfone / vectalign

    Tool for create complex morphing animations using VectorDrawables (allows morphing between any pair of SVG image)

    Java • 196 stars today • Built by @bonnyfone

  3. tumblr / Backboard

    A motion-driven animation framework for Android

    Java • 162 stars today • Built by @ericleong @irace

  4. DavidPizarro / AutoLabelUI

    Android library to place labels next to another. If there is not enough space for the next label, it will be added in a new line.

    Java • 47 stars today • Built by @DavidPizarro

  5. drakeet / CrashWoodpecker

    An uncaught exception handler library like as Square's LeakCanary.

    Java • 31 stars today • Built by @drakeet

  6. gelitenight / WaveView

    waveview for android

    Java • 30 stars today • Built by @gelitenight

  7. xingrz / GankMeizhi

    干·妹纸 (Gān Mèizhi)

    Java • 28 stars today • Built by @xingrz

  8. mwolfson / android-historian

    A demo of the Android Material Design Support libraries

    Java • 29 stars today • Built by @mwolfson

  9. iluwatar / java-design-patterns

    Design pattern samples implemented in Java

    Java • 21 stars today • Built by @iluwatar @npathai @joshzambales @ruslanpa @yusufaytas

  10. futurice / android-best-practices

    Do's and Don'ts for Android development, by Futurice developers

    Java • 21 stars today • Built by @staltz @minsoopark @jonikarppinen @andyiac @peter-tackage

  11. drakeet / Meizhi 非官方客户端,RxJava & Retrofit

    Java • 22 stars today • Built by @drakeet @iamwent @daimajia @junyuecao @echodjb

  12. elastic / elasticsearch

    Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

    Java • 19 stars today • Built by @kimchy @s1monw @dadoonet @martijnvg @rmuir

  13. android10 / Android-CleanArchitecture

    This is a sample app that is part of a blog post I have written about how to architect an android application using Uncle Bob's clean architecture approach.

    Java • 20 stars today • Built by @android10 @rynkowsg @xilosada @sebastienrouif

  14. Qihoo360 / DroidPlugin

    A plugin framework on android,Run any third-party apk without installation, modification or repackage

    Java • 18 stars today • Built by @cmzy @mikesongming @qihoo360github

  15. aporter / coursera-android

    Source Code for Android Course Example Applications

    Java • 14 stars today • Built by @aporter @DavidJFelix @mayank-io @BoolLi

  16. H07000223 / FlycoDialog_Master

    This is an Android Dialog Library that you can directly use default inner dialog and default animation. It has 6 kinds of diaog and many kings of show and dimiss animations inside Library. It has good expansibility.If you don not like inner dialog and animation, you can custom them what you like in a sample way.

    Java • 17 stars today • Built by @H07000223

  17. florent37 / MaterialLeanBack

    A beautiful leanback port for Smartphones and Tablets

    Java • 17 stars today • Built by @florent37

  18. mikepenz / MaterialDrawer

    The the flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your Android project.

    Java • 16 stars today • Built by @mikepenz @alorma @wKovacs64 @talklittle @FWest98

  19. jdamcd / android-crop

    Android library project for cropping images

    Java • 16 stars today • Built by @jdamcd @nostra13 @alexblack @josephleon90 @clemp6r

  20. fenjuly / ToggleExpandLayout

    A togglelayout that can be used in setting interface

    Java • 17 stars today • Built by @fenjuly @cesarferreira

  21. square / retrofit

    Type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java by Square, Inc.

    Java • 15 stars today • Built by @JakeWharton @swankjesse @pforhan @edenman @eburke

  22. square / okhttp

    An HTTP+SPDY client for Android and Java applications.

    Java • 15 stars today • Built by @swankjesse @JakeWharton @adriancole @nfuller @mescortes

  23. chrisbanes / cheesesquare

    Demos the new Android Design library.

    Java • 12 stars today • Built by @chrisbanes

  24. bumptech / glide

    An image loading and caching library for Android focused on smooth scrolling

    Java • 13 stars today • Built by @sjudd @TWiStErRob @savvasdalkitsis @DavidWiesner @jnlopar

  25. spring-projects / spring-boot

    Spring Boot

    Java • 9 stars today • Built by @philwebb @dsyer @wilkinsona @snicoll @cdupuis


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