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  1. Mercateo / rust-for-node-developers

    An introduction to the Rust programming language for Node developers.

    Rust • 44 stars today • Built by @donaldpipowitch @killercup @echochamber @allyjweir @tracker1

  2. dropbox / rust-brotli

    Rust • 19 stars today • Built by @danielrh @killercup

  3. rust-lang / rust

    A safe, concurrent, practical language.

    Rust • 13 stars today • Built by @bors @brson @alexcrichton @pcwalton @nikomatsakis

  4. pingcap / tikv

    Distributed transactional key value database powered by Rust and Raft

    Rust • 15 stars today • Built by @siddontang @BusyJay @ngaut @disksing @morefreeze

  5. gyscos / Cursive

    A ncurses-based UI library for rust

    Rust • 12 stars today • Built by @gyscos @GuillaumeGomez

  6. dropbox / rust-alloc-no-stdlib

    An interface to a generic allocator so a no_std rust library can allocate memory, with, or without stdlib being linked.

    Rust • 11 stars today • Built by @danielrh

  7. matthiasbeyer / imag

    imag - Text based personal information management suite

    Rust • 11 stars today • Built by @matthiasbeyer @homu @TheNeikos @neithernut @llogiq

  8. google / xi-editor

    A modern editor with a backend written in Rust.

    Rust • 10 stars today • Built by @raphlinus @bch29 @hjylewis @subumm1 @pocket7878

  9. redox-os / redox

    Redox: A Rust Operating System

    Rust • 9 stars today • Built by @jackpot51 @ticki @stratact @tedsta @polymetric1

  10. hyperium / hyper

    An HTTP library for Rust

    Rust • 7 stars today • Built by @seanmonstar @reem @pyfisch @mlalic @renato-zannon

  11. habitat-sh / habitat

    Modern applications with built-in automation

    Rust • 7 stars today • Built by @fnichol @chef-delivery @reset @juliandunn @adamhjk

  12. kud1ing / awesome-rust

    A curated list of Rust code and resources.

    Rust • 7 stars today • Built by @kud1ing @frewsxcv @kbknapp @pwoolcoc @fkr

  13. rust-lang / rust-by-example

    Learn Rust with examples (Live code editor included)

    Rust • 6 stars today • Built by @steveklabnik @mdinger @Xmasreturns @brson @ubsan

  14. kbknapp / clap-rs

    A full featured, fast Command Line Argument Parser for Rust

    Rust • 6 stars today • Built by @kbknapp @homu @Vinatorul @sru @Byron

  15. rustbridge / helix

    Ruby and Rust, sitting in a tree

    Rust • 5 stars today • Built by @chancancode @wycats @aergonaut @steveklabnik @paul

  16. flosse / rust-web-framework-comparison

    A comparison of some web frameworks and libs written in Rust

    Rust • 5 stars today • Built by @flosse @SethDusek @mitchtbaum @killercup @housleyjk

  17. mozilla / geckodriver

    WebDriver <-> Marionette proxy

    Rust • Built by @jgraham @andreastt @AutomatedTester @vladikoff @juangj

  18. llogiq / flamer

    A compiler plugin to insert flame calls

    Rust • Built by @llogiq @weiznich @carols10cents @dzamlo @Kha

  19. serde-rs / aster

    A libsyntax ast builder

    Rust • Built by @erickt @hugoduncan @Manishearth @pczarn @jnicholls

  20. rust-lang-nursery /

    A small macro for defining lazy evaluated static variables in Rust.

    Rust • Built by @Kimundi @Ericson2314 @drewcrawford @SimonSapin @cmr

  21. gfx-rs / gfx

    A high-performance, bindless graphics API for Rust.

    Rust • Built by @kvark @sectopod @bjz @cmr @csherratt

  22. AngryLawyer / rust-sdl2

    SDL2 bindings for Rust

    Rust • Built by @AngryLawyer @nukep @bvssvni @drbawb @andelf

  23. thehydroimpulse /

    Nanomsg library for Rust

    Rust • Built by @blabaere @thehydroimpulse @glycerine @dcbishop @Ryman

  24. tomaka / android-rs-glue

    Glue between Rust and Android

    Rust • Built by @tomaka @ozkriff @mbrubeck @skligys @kmcguire3413

  25. maidsafe / rfcs

    Request for Comment (RFC) papers and discussions on Project SAFE core libraries and API's

    Rust • Built by @dirvine @rossmuir @krishnaIndia @ustulation @Fraser999

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