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  1. 1

    rust-lang/rust Rust

    a safe, concurrent, practical language

  2. 2

    japaric/rust-by-example Rust

    Learn Rust with practical examples

  3. 3

    chris-morgan/rust-http Rust

    Rust HTTP library (server and client) [obsolete but still maintained until teepee/teepee is ready]

  4. 4

    BurntSushi/quickcheck Rust

    QuickCheck for Rust (with shrinking).

  5. 5

    sfackler/rust-openssl Rust

    OpenSSL bindings for Rust

  6. 6

    mozilla/servo Rust

    The Servo Browser Engine

  7. 7

    uutils/coreutils Rust

    Cross-platform Rust rewrite of the GNU coreutils

  8. 8

    iron/iron Rust

    Middleware-oriented, rapid, scalable, concurrent and safe server development in Rust.

  9. 9

    eudoxia0/corvus Rust

    Low-level Lisp for LLVM

  10. 10

    pcwalton/sprocketnes Rust

    NES emulator written in Rust

  11. 11

    rust-lang/cargo Rust

    The Rust package manager

  12. 12

    jeaye/q3 Rust

    A Quake 3 like game with voxelized destructible maps

  13. 13

    PistonDevelopers/piston Rust

    A user friendly game engine written in Rust

  14. 14
  15. 15

    pcwalton/ Rust

    A module for freestanding Rust programs

  16. 16

    sebcrozet/nphysics Rust

    2 and 3-dimensional rigid body physics engine for Rust.

  17. 17

    bvssvni/rust-empty Rust

    An Makefile to get started with Rust

  18. 18

    teepee/teepee Rust

    Teepee, the Rust HTTP toolkit

  19. 19

    crabtw/rust-bindgen Rust

    binding generator for rust language

  20. 20

    bjz/glfw-rs Rust

    GLFW3 bindings and idiomatic wrapper for Rust.

  21. 21

    brson/rust-sdl Rust

    SDL bindings for Rust

  22. 22

    eholk/Boot2Rust Rust

    EFI applications in Rust

  23. 23

    phildawes/racer Rust

    Rust Code Completion utility

  24. 24

    pcmattman/rustic Rust

    Rustic Operating System

  25. 25

    wycats/rust-activesupport Rust

    Small demos that illustrate Rust's expressiveness


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