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  1. Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

    Vim script 24,119 1,733 Built by @justinmk @ZyX-I @tarruda @jamessan @bfredl 14 stars today
  2. ๐Ÿ’• A community-driven vim distribution inspired by spacemacs

    Vim script 3,809 307 Built by @wsdjeg @Gabirel @ccheek21 @tenfyzhong @lsrdg 9 stars today
  3. A tree explorer plugin for vim.

    Vim script 8,547 903 Built by @scrooloose @lifecrisis @PhilRunninger @camthompson @cperl82 8 stars today
  4. Oni: An IDE powered by Neovim

    Vim script 3,523 93 Built by @extr0py @keforbes @Bretley @freebroccolo @FrigoEU 8 stars today
  5. A solid language pack for Vim.

    Vim script 1,429 95 Built by @sheerun @yalesov @arthur-xavier @bitdeli-chef @clessg 7 stars today
  6. ๐ŸŒบ Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager

    Vim script 8,524 353 Built by @junegunn @starcraftman @blueyed @vheon @janlazo 6 stars today
  7. Go development plugin for Vim

    Vim script 7,169 722 Built by @fatih @Carpetsmoker @bhcleek @mattn @guns 6 stars today
  8. sleuth.vim: Heuristically set buffer options

    Vim script 661 44 Built by @tpope @vheon @blueyed @ericbn @gauteh
  9. Simple, Modern MacVim Configuration

    Vim script 572 45 Built by @jordwalke @pcottle @vramana @james2doyle @bsansouci
  10. Changes Vim working directory to project root (identified by presence of known directory or file).

    Vim script 376 38 Built by @airblade @jameslai @teranex @rdnetto @blueyed
  11. Asynchronous linting and make framework for Neovim/Vim

    Vim script 1,589 298 Built by @blueyed @benekastah @natemara @Neki @mhinz
  12. async language server protocol plugin for vim and neovim

    Vim script 108 7 Built by @prabirshrestha @keremc @djrenren
  13. A vim plugin wrapper for prettier

    Vim script 108 7 Built by @mitermayer @vutran @wangsongiam @eddiezane @Haegin
  14. Vim plugin to work with R

    Vim script 224 37 Built by @jalvesaq @mdlerch @FvD @klmr @ashiklom
  15. highlights JavaScript's Template Strings in other FileType syntax rule

    Vim script 64 6 Built by @Quramy @BigManWalter @wrongway4you @jesstelford
  16. Vundle, the plug-in manager for Vim

    Vim script 15,783 1,900 Built by @gmarik @jdevera @starcraftman @ryanoasis @lucc
  17. The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc

    Vim script 10,439 3,371 Built by @amix @andradei @daniilguit @bric3 @gnowxilef
  18. lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air

    Vim script 9,741 721 Built by @bling @chrisbra @blueyed @notpratheek @seletskiy
  19. pathogen.vim: manage your runtimepath

    Vim script 9,445 1,073 Built by @tpope @powerman @ffledgling @sofaking @dbb
  20. fugitive.vim: a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal

    Vim script 8,633 540 Built by @tpope @blueyed @qstrahl @flatcap @living180
  21. Syntax checking hacks for vim

    Vim script 8,412 1,001 Built by @lcd047 @scrooloose @kongo2002 @rbrown @cehoffman
  22. Vim distribution

    Vim script 7,389 861 Built by @kalbasit @tmm1 @adrianrego @wycats @wuputah
  23. ๐ŸŽ“ All things Vim!

    Vim script 7,203 288 Built by @mhinz @codeurge @ahmedelgabri @george-b @meain
  24. True Sublime Text style multiple selections for Vim

    Vim script 5,569 202 Built by @eapache @terryma @faceleg @balta2ar @djjcast
  25. ๐Ÿ“ Today I Learned

    Vim script 5,310 263 Built by @jbranchaud @sdegutis @xyproto @bengadbois @bhargavrpatel
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