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Basic UNIX commands

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The list of commands, used in UNIX shell (sh, bash, etc).

Basic File Operations


If you don't know smth - RTFM! man stands for manual. And what you were thinking of? Type $ man If you want to have information about . Example: $ man ls LS(1) NetBSD General Commands Manual LS(1) NAME ls -- list directory contents SYNOPSIS ls [-AaBbCcdFfghikLlmnopqRrSsTtuWwx1] [file ...] DESCRIPTION For each operand that names a file of a type other than directory, ls displays its name as well as any requested, associated information. For each operand that names a file of type directory, ls displays the names of files contained within that directory, as well as any requested, asso- ciated information. If no operands are given, the contents of the current directory are dis- played. If more than one operand is given, non-directory operands are displayed first; directory and non-directory operands are sorted sepa- rately and in lexicographical order. The following options are available: ...


Change Directory Use is very simple, and just like use of cd in DOS cd ~/l33t/h4x/ Note that ~ is your home directory, if you need to see where you are (if your prompt doesn't display it, use: pwd


MoVe or rename a file mv oldname.dix newname.dix mv ~/olddirectory/file ~/newdirectory/file Note that on *nix, moving and renaming files is essentially the same thing, as the entire path is considered part of the file name


Captian Planet. I mean... CoPy cp ~/old ~/new


cp -R

Copies everything in a directory and subdirectories


SFTP CoPy Like cp, but allows copying from one machine to another. scp ./ If you wanted to copy an entire directory: scp -r ./cake Note that ./ is the current directory.

cat, more etc

Note, that you can use Unix_operands with this commands


Printing the whole file to teh screen. $ cat some.file i am faggot hhahahah gsgffsdf agfsd.. (file content) Now, try this: $ cat faggot.txt >> copypasta.txt This appends the content of faggot.txt to copypasta.txt


Showing the begining of the file $ head ussr.txt Союз нерушимый республик свободных сплотила на веки великая Русь!


OMG, works like head, but in opposit way! ~/vk% tail
unless $response->is_success or $response->code == 302; print "Success.\n"; $response = $ua->get("$url?gid=$gid"); $_ = $response->content; @_ = /"photos.php?act=album&id=(\d+)"/gm; # return album ID return $[$#]; }

more & less

Useful for working with big txt files. With this tool you can scroll the content. $ more big.fil3


Just listing file in current dirrectory ~% ls
Mail codes mail mbox vk centericq.core dead.letter mails public_html zed


Note, that options can be combined. ls

Listing files in directory. ~% ls vk img ls -a Listing ALL files (include hidden). ~% ls -a
. .emacs.d .ssh codes vk .. .irssi .subversion dead.letter zed .bash_history .libetpan .vifm mail .bash_profile .links .zshrc mails .elinks .mc Mail mbox .elm .pinerc centericq.core public_html ls -l Showing items in nice list format. ~% ls -l
total 4292 drwx------ 2 dany users 512 Apr 3 2007 Mail -rw------- 1 dany users 2138112 Oct 29 2007 centericq.core drwxr-xr-x 3 dany users 512 Sep 1 17:54 codes -rw------- 1 dany users 1 May 2 2007 dead.letter drwx------ 2 dany users 512 Apr 9 2007 mail drwxr-xr-x 2 dany users 512 Apr 2 2007 mails -rw------- 1 dany users 16926 Oct 29 2007 mbox drwxrwxrwx 5 dany users 512 Sep 10 16:20 public_html drwxr-xr-x 3 dany users 512 Jun 26 20:14 vk -rwxrwxrwx 1 dany users 1408 Jan 26 1999 zed

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