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Corguettes and Rougefort Pie

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Corguettes & Roquefort pie


  1. shortcut pastry
  2. 6 corguettes
  3. 125g of cream
  4. 100g of roquefort
  5. 1 egg yolk
  6. salt, pepper, tarragon

The making

  • get enough shortcrust pastry to make both the pie and a cover for it
  • clean corguettes
  • finely cut them and cook them in butter on low heat for around 5mins
  • put the pastry in a pie tin after having buttered it
  • remove the excedent of liquid from the corguettes and put them in
  • grate the roquefort and add it in to the cream and egg yolk
  • add salt pepper and chopped tarragon to it and pour on the corguettes
  • cover with the rest of pastry from step #1
  • cook in medium heated oven for around 35mins

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