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Jack Spicer

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Jack Spicer ASCII Copypasta
Jack Spicer, a Goth from Xiaolin Showdown, is a forced and failed meme that appeared around December 2006 in /b/ on 4chan.

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Scream in Hell, Jack Spicers!! When a thread about Jack Spicer is placed on /b/, it is usually flamed with "Scream in Hell, Jack Spicers" because of the character's constant screaming in the show[1].

I got Jacked

It hurts! Get it out!

thumb This pic' usually begins threads of one or two /b/ users that post up a series of Jack Spicer pictures with the words "It hurts! Get it out!" written with MS paint on them.

Thread Jacked

THREAD JACKED Probably from episode 33 of the show Xiaolin Showdown. Whenever something unfortunate happened to an individual (in that episode), the new hip thing to say was "I got Jacked".


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