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Mark Alexander Harding

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Around August 2014, an anon named Mark Alexander Harding from the Channel Island of Jersey began shitposting on /int/ as an alleged member of ISIS. He claimed to be a convert to the Islamic State, stated that he would "assasinate Obama" and fly to Syria, and posted his disgusting vilitrol on every thread he could.

While it's not known whether he was trolling or not, the strangest things in life are often true. He had thousands of posts throughout the entire year, with very detailed information and understanding about ISIS's methods, beliefs, and tactics.

On October 3, /int/ anons undertook an operation to dox and report the funposting tripfag to Jersey Police. Takbir, motherfucker.

[![](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/Mark Alexander Harding/1422654001585.jpg)](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/Mark Alexander Harding/1422654001585.jpg)

ISIS's Most Valuable Member

Justification for Doxxing

As has been pointed out, people do get arrested. However, to your point.

The main difference tends to be context. Some random anon in a thread says 'gas the kikes race war now' or some other silly slogan. Or maybe 'we should wipe out the blacks' etc.

Is that a specific threat? Did anon say 'i am going to...'? No, he did not. Further, his statement was not credible. Disagreeable, but not credible.

Another anon however starts posting bomb making details, he then says he is going to kill the pressy. Not calling for a general making of bombs. Not saying 'someone should kill the prezzy', but saying HE is going to do it.

There is a difference.

We also have to consider the nation from which the threats were made. You can get away with near anything in the US, which is where most posters are. Londistan is not the same, they do not have any form of 'free speech' and as such anything said is subject to their much stricter consideration.

Here in the US even a credible specific threat may be dismissed as 'just blowing of steam'. But it isn't that way in other countries.

  1. the guy showed he was credible by posting bomb making details
  2. he made a specific threat that he claimed he himself would carry out
  3. he was not an American - /pol/36927608#p36928254


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