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Comic Dubs

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Once, around 2010-2012, there was a group of indie voice actors who made amazing comic dubs, creating a gripping TV show that reflected the madness of the internet.

The major component of a comic dub is of course, the audio, by indie voice actors who exhibit gripping emotion in their voice. A comic dub is also a powerful visual medium, which, (by using transitions, text fade-in, and moving text), can to turn an otherwise static comic strip into an amazing TV show.

Nowadays, comic dubs are a dying art. Keep it alive, it's one of the Internet's Intangible Cultural Heritages.


  • Hiimdaisy - Almost all of Hiimdaisy's long satire comics have been dubbed into hour-long shows. Incredible.
  • BrendanielReads - Reads terrible stories and greentexts. Epically. He sounds like Duke, but he claims he isn't. Or is he?


Voice actors strongly associated with 4chan.

  • Commander Douche - Old - A longtime 4chan comic dubber who has a distinctive high-pitched grating voice (probably filtered through a voice changer), and has his art down to a science.
  • Ken Ashcorp - A beloved voice actor who sings amazingly, and makes impressive songs. He also commentates the 4chan Cup when he has free time.
    • ForeverPandering - Ken Ashcorp's previous account. He uploaded satirical criticism against various vices and idiots on the internet. While he deleted his entire account, all of his videos have been restored.
  • Kimi ni Mune Kyun - A trifecta of girls with moe voices that set anons' hearts aflutter.
    • Nyanners - VA - A girl with a cute voice who makes strikingly amazing comic dubs.
    • Kinenz - A similar girl with a similar voice who also makes comic dubs, just cuter. Totally not related. Totally.
    • LilyPichu - LilyRaichu - A third girl with a similarly cute voice that also makes comic dubs. Yeah, they all work together, I can barely tell who's who.

Team Fourstar

A team of dubbers who created gems such as Dub of the North Star, as well as various other DBZ voiceovers. Technically, these are parody fandubs made from existing TV Shows, but they fit well into the tradition.

Voiceover Visualizations

There's an inverse of the comic dub: when you have the audio voiceover already, and just need to make visuals for it, you create a Voiceover Visualization.

  • Lt. Eddy - Source Filmmaker Voiceover Visualizations.
  • Hypo - Award-winning Source Filmmaker Short Film Masterpieces.
  • DietStab - Interesting animations of various audio clips.


Sometimes, streamers say the darnest things. A few animators have have put their skills to the test with these visualizations.


Vocaroo is a service where any person can just make and post a short recording of their voice. Unfortunately, it deletes files after 6 months, so the vast majority of them are now lost for good. We saved what we could find.

These are great audio clips to make animations off of.

  • Duke - Twitter - A voice actor who made a fuckton of short vocaroos on 4chan. He's still active on Twitter, actually. While the threads are long gone, we've discovered an archive of all his Vocaroos, and uploaded it to the Internet Archive.
  • Ken Ashcorp - For the 4chan Cup, when /sp/ got kicked to the babbies, he made an amazing song clip singing: "/sp/ can get... FUUUUUUUUCKED!" Unfortunately, it is now lost.
  • Vocaroo Blogs - Blogs that attempted to collect links to the best vocaroos around. Unfortunately, as it's been over 3 years, the links are now dead.

How to Make a Comic Dub

Pictured: Reconstruction of GeneralIvan's "The Truth Revealed"

A comic dub has the power to turn a static image into an amazing TV show. Usually, the audio is created first, and the visual effects are made to match. Key to a comic dub is the illusion of movement.

Segments of text should fade-in as the dialogue is spoken (much like subtitles), rather than posted as a chunk. This gives the illusion of movement, and allows the viewer to hear rather than read. The easiest way to do this is to erase chunks of text with Paint or something.

Transitions also give a feeling of progression. Where there is no movement, don't use it. If you've reached the end, fade to black. If something profound was stated, zoom into the face. If you're feeling ironic, make spins.

Most of all, print out the comic, cut out the panels, and make a storyboard showing what to say, underline which chunks of words to fade in, and draw which transitions to make. It keeps things organized and makes life easier.

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