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Memetic Nervegas Factory

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MNF trolling your minds outThe Memetic Nervegas Factory is a project idea for one or more IRC bots that can be used for memetic engineering social networks. It has already been in production before, but needs to be taken into operations once again. The factory consists of one or more twitterbots that retweets everything that we wish that others should read. Kind of like brute force, but I think its somewhat more simple than it sounds like :) The difference from the twitterbots that are already in use today is that it also monitors what others write, and publish it to an IRC channel. It does not just listen for its own name. The channel used for the factories command central will thus be flooded with a steady flow of information, which makes ordinary chatting somewhat difficult :]


  1. Find a useful IRC-based twitterbot, or program it ourselves (again).
  2. Fill the room with memetic engineers for the production of nervegas.

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