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Club Penguin

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The Game

Club Penguin (CP) is a site where little kids make Penguins who socialize. Same old shit as gaia, habbo, etc. 404d

Suggestions and Troll Tactics

  • Yes, its owned by Disney, and yes, there are 70 paid moderators who police the game. There is also a status that oldfags of the site can achieve called "Secret Agent" where they are encouraged to report bad behavior to the moderator.
  • It is possible to throw snowballs really fast everywhere in THE GAME. So learn to bot or AutoHotkey.
  • Has a wordfilter. Learn to penys, raep and fack.
  • Try to be somewhat subtle in your trolling. The moderation on Club Penguin has actually been described by Wikipedia as similar to an "Orwellian Dystopia," needless to say they run shit tightly.
  • WebOfTrust them, so people with this software can't visit the site. (OMG spam, cybersex, drugs, niggers, viruses!!!11)
Google Bomb them. Just write Club Penguin on every page you can, so people who search Club Penguin get redirected to MeatSpin. Bwhahaha. It's like taking icecream from a little kid and escaping via helicopter.

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