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b fucked me

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/b/ fucked me

Well /b/, you fucked me. A while ago there was a thread on /b/ explaining the techniques and the adrenaline rush you get from blowing your load on a sleeping girl. Well it didn't sound too impossible to pull off and I had the perfect opportunity last night. I was sleeping over at my 11 year old cousins house because my aunt was going out of town the next morning and she needed somebody to watch the kids. (not underage b& btw, 18 as of july 6th) My cousins friend slept over, who was also 11 and she had the body of a fucking 14 year old, which is how I like it. So I waited until everybody in the house was sound asleep. I took all the necessary precautions (The tv was on low volume, AC and fan running so it will override the sound of my fapping). So I'm standing above this cum dumpster of an 11 year old for 10 minutes fapping at full power. And don't you know literally 3 seconds before I blow my load, the bitch opens her eyes and fucking BAM, steamy load all in them. She screams, waking up my two cousins and my uncle. I don't know what the fuck to do so I run in the bathroom and lock the door. 2 minutes later my uncle is pounding on it threatening to slit my throat. He threatened to call the cops, and I'm not going to jail for blowing my load on some little cunt so I opened it and he caught me right in the eye. Beat the shit out of me, then threw me out the door at 3 am. He wouldn't even let me come back inside to get my car keys, so I walked 10 miles home where my stepdad was awake. He got a call from my uncle, and beat the shit out of me the second I walked in the door. Nobody has spoken to me since. What the fuck do I do now /b/?

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