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Waha is originally the character Suzuran from F&C's H-game "Suigetsu", she was adopted by a number of 2chan boards, namely the Nijigen (2D) and Nijiura boards in deformed ("chibi") style. This deformed Suzuran was dubbed "Waha", and eventually two additional (original) characters were created: her older sister Musu, and her pet human Choia. In the early days of 4chan, a number of posters decided to adopt Waha as a tribute to Futaba by making a number of Photoshops featuring the character. This quickly got out of hand. Additionally, some time in the spring of 2005, a flash file was posted featuring Waha in a maid's outfit brandishing a duster and flying through the air to the tune of Papaya's "Supergirl" highly highly sped up. It was accompanied by a background change to /b/ which depicted two small anime females wandering back and forth across the screen. As disturbing as it was catchy. Later a modified version was posted to /f/ featuring Waha's head set on fire, a mortified expression and sweatdrop replacing her original cheerful expression, and the song changed to Matthew Good Band's "Pony Boy", featuring the refrain "My head's on fire", also sped up.

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