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Three Angled Blue

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Three Angled Blue is 4chan's most influential, most beloved artist. He's got a distinctive style: expressive faces, fine engraved details, a masterful shading style. Somehow he manages to make masterpieces... with nothing more than MS Paint.

Despite what you may believe, once upon a time, there was an age when rage comics were good. They were detailed prints that distilled powerful action scenes and striking faces twisted in anger, reminiscent of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

They satirized the inane discussions by trolls who troll the trolls.

And they contained parables that warned anons of the dangers of ironic shitposting.

The rage faces of today are a pale mockery of his legacy.

Today, very few people, even anons struggle to recall his name. But all will recognize his creations from a mile away.

And thus, we built this art collection, with the purpose of archiving as much of their works as we can find; such that their legacy shall not perish from the earth.

Where is 3-Angled-Blue Now?

3-angled-blue has a deep-seated fear of online fame. Rightfully so, I think.
Like many other drawfriends he creates multiple personas over time, but 3-angled-blue creates and discards them before they can really be noticed by a large number of people.
Occasionally a new drawing in his style will pop up, but the source will be untracable. You'll never know for sure it's him, but if you look carefully enough and have enough knowledge of the drawfriend cabal and their various styles, you could hazard a guess.
Simply put, he doesn't want to be found. I don't blame him. If you want to look at his work, look at reposts by anonymous, but you're not guaranteed anything.
Source: 4chanhouse

Collection / Gallery

Most of Three-Angled-Blue's works were posted anonymously on 4chan during 2008, and are at threat of being lost forever as link rot sets in. The loss of the Chanarchive is a bitter blow against the record of his work.

If you can find a work, upload it and place a link here. Chances are, they're about to disappear forever as hard drives crash and websites shut down.

Comic Dub Adaptations

Some anons have created some amazing voiceovers for his comics.

  • Commander Douche - Dubs various comics created as biting satire against 4chan shitposting.
  • GeneralIvan - Began the trend of comic dubbing, and hosted a great big community on Skype and IRC. Almost all his videos are now lost forever, except for two :


EPIC FRUSTRATION + Rage vs. Cancer is the Bayeux Tapestry of the tumultuous events of 2008's Positron Uprising. Floods of anons from /b/ escaped from yet another one of Moot's garish CSS hacks, raiding other 4chan boards in the process: such as /trv/, and most of all, /v/.

/v/ fought back.

Check out the comic series, and the equally impressive flash adaptation in the links below.


Three Angled Blue is now MIA, long gone now and probably never to return. But there are those who evoke his legacy.

  • Three Angled Blue's works popularized the concept of Board-tans, personifications of the 4chan Boards that fought against each other and were the symbolic personas of it's hivemind.
  • Not surprisingly, 4chan's 10th Anniversary Panel commemorative print is deeply influenced by 3-Angled-Blue's engraved style.


Artists who continue the legacy of his detailed engravings.

Project Hate Machine

Project Hate Machine is a fighting game collaboratively produced by anons that pits 4chan boards against each other (inspired by EPIC FRUSTRATION).


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