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Some Links

Collaborative work



Information about websites


Use them for registering activist related email-/Facebook-/. . accounts.

Portable Software

Portable software is software, that you can run from an USB drive, so that it leaves nearly no traces on your computer.


You may use them in conjunction with a VPN.



Chat for more info about I2P

The channels #i2p, #i2p-chat and #irc2p are supported.

Tor Onion Router

Privacy Box

The PrivacyBox provides non-tracked (and also anonymous) contact forms. It is running primarily for journalists, bloggers and other publishers. But it is open for other people too. Think electronic mailbox.

Sending anonymous email

Free and uncensored DNS-Servers

  • (Ports: 53, 110)

  • (Ports: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC)

  • (Ports: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC)

  • (Ports: 53, 110, DNSSEC)

  • (Ports: 53, 110, HTTPS-DNS, DNSSEC)

  • (Ports: 53, 110, DNSSEC)

To see wether you're using them properly, open your browser and type http://welcome.gpf into the the adressbar. If you're using them you should see a website saying „Congratulation You are using a censorship free DNS server!“. Else, you failed.

If you're a hax0rz you can use a terminal. Open it and type nslookup welcome.gpf this should result in the following output:

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: welcome.gpf


Else, you failed. (Else is General Failure's sister. Avoid meeting them at all costs.)

Other free and uncensored Nameservers

  • (
  • (, ISC, USA)
  • 2001:4f8:0:2: 14 (, IPv6, ISC)
  • (; anycast DNS!)
  • (

Send free faxes

(.pdf-capable; 2 free faxes when signing up for free trial, no credit card/payment details needed)

On non-violent protests


(…) is a decentralized cluster of net activists who have joined forces to collaborate on issues concerning access to a free Internet without intrusive surveillance.

For short: If your Gov shuts down phonelines and or the Internets, Telecomix are there to help you, they provide new lines.

„To develop and support technologies that allow individuals to communicate during times of crisis or oppression.“ #emcom

Bibliotheca Anonoma

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