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Proxifier is a program that allows any program to send data through a SOCKS5 proxy or Tor. It is incredibly useful for trolling online games, but more importantly, chaining multiple proxies together.


Quick Tutorial

This assumes Tor has been installed and set up for SOCKS5 connections on port 9050.

   1. Start Proxifier. You may see a small gray box appear on the tray in the Start menu (you know, where the icons and time are). 
      If the Proxifier window does not show itself, double click this to bring up the main window.
   2. Click Options, then select Proxy Settings.
   3. Click Add, then fill out the settings. Set address to localhost, and port to 9050. Click SOCKS Version 5, and leave everything
      else untouched. If you're unsure if the proxy is working, click "Check" to run a test on the proxy.
   4. Now go to Proxification Rules in the Options menu, and click "Process Only the following". 
      This is important if you only want Proxifier to affect certain programs.
   5. Now click "Add". A new window appears. Add the applications you want Proxifier to handle, and you're ready for war.


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