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Pirating Shit

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In this guide I will show you the 3 main ways to pirate shit. (PROTIP: If you see downloads for versions of software newer than whats out, go ahead and download the app because you will be cool!)


The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Method 1: Getting stuff yourself

This method has 2 advantages over the other 2 methods: Its safer and its... safer. When you want an app, instead of heading to your favorite RapidShit site or thepiratebay, you should just google the name of the app you want, and download it from the official site (Ex:, then head over to a good crack site like,, to download the patch/keygen/cracked.exe/loader/wutevar u need. (PROTIP: Know where you are downloading from, don't click links to download-provider or usenext, as they are all scam shit. Beware of all links that say "full download" or something.) Use your crack and enjoy.

Method 2: Torrents

In this method you should have PeerGuardian 2 (PROTIP: PeerBlock is better for Windows 7 and newer machines), an app that blocks the IP's of most anti p2p organizations, a good BitTorrent client like µTorrent, and know a few good torrent sites like, (now only does content distribution) or Just have PeerGuardian running and open up the .torrents in your torrent client. For best results download torrents with lots of seeds (people hosting the file) and good comments. (PROTIP: ALWAYS READ THE COMMENTS TO AVOID AIDS! Also, you don't need an IP filter if you live in a shitty country with backwards legislation, like Mexico or Argentina.)

Method 3: RapidShare sites

For this method all you need is WinRAR (most stuff is packed as .rar's) and a good RapidShare site Ex: DISREGUARD THAT I SUCK COCKS, Warez-BB (USE THIS ONE LOL), and a good rapidshare downloader if you dont gotta premium account. Search for your shit and download, there you go. Other site include hotfile, mediafire, Fileserve, Filesonic, and zshare. But you should check forums and search engine for your file.

Method 4: Googol

Google can be a very useful tool that allows you to find TV-series, music albums, and software. Most important thing is how you look for things, e.g. what keywords you put in. Below I will cover one way of acquiring the treasure loot, but there are countless others (edit this if you know). In terms of downloading music albums, our multinational friend has a nifty tool called Google. This, combined with free hosts and the awesome dedication of music fans to upload their favorite albums to them creates a powerful tool of getting the stuff you want. Try searching for the following (no quotes) "[insert artist] - [insert album name] ([insert year])" which will render a lot of results. Vary this if necessary as you would do with any normal Google Search. You can scan the titles and the small content previews easily to check for the validity, e.g. say that the content preview already contains a Rapidshare link, you know it's likely to be legit. Try looking for blogs on the domain "" (add _site:.blogspot.com_ to the query), these have a much higher chance of having valid gets than other blogging services. The same can be applied for movies, TV-Series, and to a limited degree for software, although all of these can be found more easily in the normal Google Search Engine than music. PROTIP: For added accuracy, you can add names of often-used free hosts such as Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire (best), etc. Also, putting in "descargar" in the search query seems to make results more accurate.

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