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Leaving AnonOps

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Why i left Anonops...

Hello everyone, my name is gh0st. Today I had a huge argument with one of the Anonops irc operators and was banned from their irc network. Before i get into what happened i want to give you guys a bit of history...

I started going on Anonops about 6 months ago. I found it an amazing place where i could get together with people that felt the same way i do about certain issues and ideas. It was a place where i could discuss anonymous related ideals, computer security and computer hacking. When i first started going to anonops i was very impressed with the quality of conversations and the people overall. I was so impressed i decided to get involve and help out wherever I could. I wrote several tutorials and some small apps to help those people on anonops educate themselves about all different areas of computer security. This was all in the beginning, however nothing good every lasts...

Next came the dos attacks...

After Anonops IRC Network started being attacked by ddos attacks the irc network was unreachable for days even a week at a time. Many of their users abandoned the irc network and its popularity seemed to die almost instantly. Maybe it was the overall excitement of Anonymous and Lulzsec started to wear off...

Channels like #Antisec and #Anonops (channel that i enjoyed) at one time where housing 500+ users were now housing about 100(give or take) users. Now this had it pros and cons. The good news was a lot of the kiddies that just wanted to learn how to run loic and other dos apps were gone, and it was now a place where people who were serious about computer security could come together. Now i know that a lot of people in the computer security industry look down upon Anonymous and Anonymous supporters. They think we are nothing but lame kids and all we know how to do is run dos apps, yet I met some extremely talented people, people who know a great deal about computer security and other areas such as programming. People who I came to respect greatly.

Yet after numerous dos attacks, the Anonops irc network was useless. People could not connect for days and then when you could connect to the irc network it would only last for a day or two at the most and then we could not connect again for another week. This went on and off for awhile...

I don't know if people got tired of not being able to connect but it seemed that all of the talented people that were on anonymous left, and all of the Channel Ops that i respected were gone. All the people that made Anonops what it was were no longer participating on the irc network and all that was left was the kiddies. After the original channel ops were gone a new wave of channel/network ops emerged.

These ops were nowhere near as talented or skilled as the previous and original channel ops. These ops were quick to abuse people and kick and ban anyone that did not kiss their ass or agree with everything they said. They would flaunt their status and tell people that they could do whatever they wanted to anyone because they were the channel ops...and they did

The ops kicked and banned people and flamed people and were down right rude and cruel. They would harass and make fun of anyone that had a question or that was interested in hacking and maybe didn't know that much. I find this hilarious because chances are they were probably more knowledgeable than a good majority of the channel ops. These channel ops did not achieve their status because of their skill some achieved their status because of their willing to spend money to host the site and the irc network and some achieved their status because they continued to kiss the other ops asses.

I ask you is this what Anonops is about ?

You might be asking who are these opers that are doing all of this to their users...?

I will tell you -> Pie and Poke (especially Poke)

I will not name any other ops but Pie and Poke are not the only ops that are mistreating everyone on Anonops. And when i asked them why they were treating people like this...their answer was simply because they could!

I ask you again, is this what Anonops is about?

So i had been around Anonops for awhile now, and all these people who were being mistreated and abused asked me for my help and guidance. They came to me because they knew that i was always willing to help any of the users that participated on Anonops, whether they were skilled or new. Why was willing to help? Because i believed in Anonops and Anonymous!

Now Poke will tell you that Anonops is not Anonymous!

Yet go to -> (the site tells you that Anonops is a place where anonymous memebers come to chat)


so how are you going to say that ANONOPS is not ANONYMOUS!?

You are affiliated yes i understand but don't say you have nothing to do with Anonymous POKE!

I won't paste what POKE has said about the users on the anonops irc network and the other channel/irc opers but here is an overview

POKE says that he does more than 90% of all of the other network operators

POKE says he doesn't give a fuck about the users on ANONOPS

POKE admits he has a big ego

POKE thinks he deserves more than the other network operators

POKE will ban you if you don't agree with him (yes he said this)

now i ask this what anonops is about?

Because i stood up for those who were being mistreated by Poke and Pie i was banned from Anonops, a place i gladly dedicated my time and efforts to.

A place where i wrote several tutorials to help educated the users of Anonops

A place i participated in several successful ops (and some non successful ones)

A place i helped anyone i could...

Now i ask you Poke what have you ever done to help the people of AnonOPS ?

the answer = NOTHING!

Because i stood up for those being mistreated i get banned? Because i don't agree with you 100% i get banned?

is this right?

are you representing AnonOPS or are you representing yourself?

Poke you do nothing to help people and i get have no skills. You know nothing about coding/linux/security/or any other related areas.

All you do is go on and on about how you run 2 leafs for Anonops and you deserve more credit and recognition than any of the other network ops.

But lets be honest....

You don't deserve shit, your a dick and a bully. You treat people like shit, and you don't give a fuck about your users.

The only 2 ops that i respect on AnonOPS are:

  1. Shitstorm

  2. Power2All

You guys have my respect, and always have. Thank you for being there for anonops!

Anonops owes you 2 so much!

POKE grow up!

Learn to be an adult and learn to criticism, that is what being an adult is all about!

POKE it is because of you why AnonOPS is going downhill!

Anyone who goes on Anonops (if you can connect) knows what i am talking about!

You lost a dedicated person that has been their for anonops for awhile now!

I plan to never return....

I ask you one last time, is this what AnonOPS is all about?

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