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Tim Rogers

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Tim Rogers is just one of those controversial writers that you either despise with imputiny, or genuinely find entertaining. Whether you think he's an insufferable hipster that writes indecipherable walls of text, or a hilarious and insightful guy with tons of stories, adages, and jokes under his belt, there's something for everyone in each of his 10,000 word essays.


Tim Rogers is an American expat living in Japan who has worked in game, design, and other Japanese companies, big or small, giving him an interesting viewpoint on videogames and the local culture.

While he's definitely not a game journalist, his work is supported by Kotaku for his general topics involving video games and Japan.

Beginner's Guide to Tim Rogers

When Tim Rogers writes, every thought in his head spills out, making for a unique, unfocused, rambling, and unpredictable writing style. If an English teacher read it, Tim would get a D. But that's just how he rolls.



  • Stop Telling Me What To Do!

  • Japan: It's Not Funny Anymore

    • "I haven't changed. Japan hasn't really changed either. Something else, however, has." Tim's most notorious piece, on his experience living in Japan and the little oddities that slowly eat away at his patience. Some people would kill to live in Japan. But like any place in the world, it ain't heaven. Or more appropriately, Gensokyo.
  • The Life of Game: Why I Live in Japan

    • With all his complaining, you might be wondering why Tim still lives in Japan after all these years. So he visited his hometown of San Francisco and reviewed his life to find out. A must read if you've read the first.
  • Can Videogames Be Our Friends?

    • "Tetris is our friend. Love Plus isn't. But that's only because it pretends to be."
  • Can Videogames Make Us Happy?

  • Let's Talk About Jumping

  • How I Didn't Get Killed At E3

    • Tim Rogers flies all the way from Tokyo to Los Angeles to visit E3, only to end up getting burned for wearing green by rabid basketball fans and doing push-ups in front of the newest games and hottest booth babes. Great for Tim lovers and haters alike.


  • Are Videogames Terrorism?
  • Who Killed Videogames?
    • Tim Roger's most insightful essay. It details how videogames are devolvingi into nothing more than mathematically defined profit machines, working off the backs of addicted gamers.


Is Tim Rogers just a stuck up hipster, or satire incarnate? You decide.




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