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WTF Erotic Copypasta

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=== WTF erotic copypasta ===

Kyle pressed his eye against the hole in the wall, looking right into the girl's showers. the cheerleaders at his school had just finished with practice, and were rinsing off. His peephole was installed by an out-of-order showerhead, so no one would be likely to notice it. it was right where one of the knobs for the water control would have been, if the showerhead had been functional. So far, none of the cheerleaders had noticed him watching him, and he had done this four times before. He felt perverted and guilty the first time, but rationalized it that someone as skinny and effeminate as him would never have a chance to do anything more with the cheer squad, and he didn't feel so bad. Especially when Krystal, head cheerleader laughed at him because her boyfriend had pantsed him in the hall. Kyle hated her boyfriend. Typical jock. Resorted to all the typical jock insults and pranks on kyle. Kyle got angry thinking about it all, and his strokes became harder and more violent, as he watched the girls. He imagined being strong like Krystal's boyfriend mitch, and being able to rape the girls. He got so wrapped up in his fantasy as he watched them, that he must have made some kind of noise. It must have been loud, because they heard him over the sound of the showers, and squealed when they discovered his peep hole.

Kyle pulled up his pants, grabbed his backpack and made a break for it. Unfortunately the only way out would take him past the girls locker room. He wasn't a good runner, but he NEARLY made it past, when he felt two hands grab him from behind. He shrieked in a somewhat unmanly pitch, and the hands dragged him back, pulling him into the girl's lockers. Kyle went white with fear, wondering what they were going to do to him. He imagined they'd be turning him over to the female gym coach, for punishment, but instead, they pulled him over to where the cheerleading squad stood, wrapped in their towels, a few already in bras and shorts.

"Well well well, what DO we have here?" asked Krystal, icy blue eyes scowling past her blonde bangs, arms folded over her chest, squishing her breasts up beneath them. "N...nothing. The shower broke. I was..." "You were watching us shower, you dirty little pervert" "!" "We heard you, Kyle. You were MASTURBATING while you watched us." "No I wasn't!" Krystal's friends continued to hold him in place, and Krystal's foot lashed out, kicking him in the balls. Kyle sagged in the grasp of his cheerleader captors. "DON'T FUCK WITH ME, you little geek." Krystal bellowed "I'm surprised you even had balls to hurt. I thought you were a girl the first time I saw you." "Hey! Krystal! that gives me an idea." "What is it Melody? I'm not sure what we should do with this little perv" "We should make him go home as a girl. Dress him up, and make him walk home." Krystal pondered this, looking Kyle over. Kyle tried to gasp out a protest, but he was still reeling from the effects of her kick, unable to even voice a protest. "Well, he hasn't objected. Strip the little geek down, and lets see what we have to work with."

Melody stepped up and unfastened his pants, yanking them off with his briefs. his cock bobbed out limp, which made it look smaller than it was. He was a grower, not a shower, and the cheerleaders giggled unkindly at his manhood. the two holding him up helped his shirt off, and Melody took his socks and shoes off, and finished removing his pants. Standing there, naked in the middle of a bunch of cheerleaders, he began to cry. Krystal walked up to him, and took his face in her hand, raising it up to look at her. "Stop crying you little sissy, I hate the sound of it." Kyle attempted to stop, but he couldn't believe what they were going to do to him. It was bad enough everyone CALLED him a sissy without them dressing him up like one. "Oh, for fucks sake. Jenny, get him off so he'll stop blubbering about this. Sheesh, take it like a man, kid." "Don't we want him to take it like a girl, Krystal?" "That'll come later. He needs to learn from this. Get to work, Jenny."

Jenny let her towel drop to the floor and stepped up behind him. she was only a little bit taller than he was, since he was a fairly short guy. He felt her bare breasts press up against his back, as she reached around, and started whacking him off. Kyle couldn't help but think that she must have done this a number of times, because she had an expert touch. Just the right amount of pressure and the right tempo. He blinked the last of his tears from his eyes, and leaned back into Jenny's breasts, looking at all the other cheerleaders who were watching him. Melody, who had suggested this, had actually reached beneath her towel and started to jill off to the spectacle before her. Krystal only watched coldly. Mary and Sarah, who had restrained him were whispering to each other. Karen, just watched quietly but intently. Kyle had never been seen naked by any girls outside his family, and he spurted hard when he came, nearly hitting Krystal's foot with his jet of cream.

Finished getting him off, they led him over to the showers, and Jenny sprayed him down with shower wand, getting him wet. Mary and Sarah stepped up to restrain him again, as Melody approached with her shaving kit. she took out a can of shaving foam, and soaped up his pubes first, taking a pink disposable razor to his bush, shaving it off of him, and leaving his pubic area nice and smooth. She took good care of him, handling him gently and putting a lot of effort into shaving his sack without nicking him. Mary and Sarah helped out next, going after his legs. Mary used her Venus razor, but Sarah just had another pink disposable. While they shaved his legs, Melody shaved his armpits. He didn't really have any facial hair to speak of, so they left his face alone. they rinsed him clean, dried him off, and pushed him back out into the locker area. Krystal and Karen had laid out an outfit there.

Waiting for Kyle, was a modest pink skirt that went to mid-thigh, a pink T-shirt that'd show some midriff and had "Princess" printed in glittery letters on the chest, a lavender bra, with some material to stuff it. Looked like they'd found some falsies in one of the lockers. and finally some purple cotton bikini cut panties, and a roll of tape to keep him tucked away. Melody took care of that, stashing his cock away between his legs, and leaving Kyle ready to dress. Blushing furiously, he pulled the panties on first, and then struggled to get the bra on and secured. Finally, Jenny stepped up and hooked it up for him. Melody and Sarah put his breasts in, and fit them in better with a bit of tissue. Kyle pulled on the Princess T-shirt, and then the skirt. Krystal put his clothes in her backpack, and told him he'd get them back the next day. Finally, they all pulled out their camera phones and took pictures of Kyle, all dressed up.

"Wait. it's not complete. he needs a little makeup." insisted Mary, and the girls swarmed him. Kyle didn't know exactly what they were doing, but they applied this and that, and his face looked almost completely feminine now. They took more pictures with the camera phones and stood back to admire their handiwork. "But, what do we call her?" mused Sarah "Well, something close to his name would work best" stated Karen "How about Kerry?" "Yeah, that'll do. Until you get home, you don't answer to Kyle, you are Kerry. Now, if you tattle on us, we will make your life hell. You think my boyfriend gives you shit now? wait until I tell him where you were looking. and we'll turn you in to the teachers. BUT. if you can make it home without blowing your cover and keep your sissy mouth shut, we might just give you a little reward. Can you do that, my little slut?" Krystal asked, taking his face in her hand, pointing it up at hers again. "Yes" "and what is your name?" "Kerry." "use a girlier voice." "Kerry." "No, that just sounds silly. like this. Kerry" "Kerry." "That'll have to do. Kyle, no, Kerry walked out of the school, trying to stay calm. Fortunately, both her parents worked late, and there was half a chance her older sister would be out and about. he could see the cheerleaders watching him as he went to the bus stop. Unfortunately, she lived too far away to just walk home and get there in time, so she'd have to take the city bus. Whats worse, the quiet girl named Jessica she had a fierce crush on was sitting right there on the bench waiting for the same bus. She hoped she wouldn't blow her cover right off the bat, so she sat down as far to the edge as she could and looked away. Kerry was just on a streak of bad luck, because Jessica must have been feeling uncharacteristically chatty today. "Hi." Jessica started "h.. hi" Kerry managed to reply "Are you new around here? I don't think I've seen you before" "Y...yeah." "Welcome. My name is Jessica, what's yours?" "Kerry." "Nice to meet you Kerry. Are you a cheerleader? You don't really look like one" "No, I'm not." "Oh, I saw you leave the building with them. I thought maybe you were with them." "No, sorry." Thankfully, the bus arrived before it continued any longer, and Kerry sat away from Jessica on it. Maybe Jessica found other girls easier to talk to. maybe it was just murphy's law, but Kerry cursed that the most she'd ever been able to talk to Jessica, was right now, when she was all... dressed up...

Once home, Kerry rushed into the house, and up the staris in a flash. She heard her sister milling about in her room, and hoped that she could make it to her own room before her sister saw her. That would be incredibly awkward. Kerry slammed her door shut just in time to hear his sister pop her head out her door and ask "Kyle?" "Yeah?" "Just wondering if that was you." "Yeah, it is." "You sound out of breath. are you ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine" Kyle/Kerry dismissed his sister Becky's inquiries. Kerry plopped down on the bed, and reached under her skirt to remove her panties. she got them down below her knees, and raised her legs. She delicately began to un-tape herself because the whole ordeal had made her furiously horny, and she needed to do something about it. she finally freed her cock from its tucked and taped prison, a little raw from the adhesive in one spot, when his door sprung open, giving Becky a perfect view up Kyle/Kerry's skirt, shaven cock beginning to stiffen. Becky froze like a deer in the headlights, Kyle/Kerry didn't know what to do either, s/he just lay there, hand on her cock, burning with shame, but unable to look away from Becky's gaze. "Oh Kyle... what the hell happened to you?" Becky said, walking over to the bed. "..." "C'mon... I know these clothes aren't yours. What happened?" "I can't tell." "Well, SOMEONE made you into a girl. That makeup is on too well for you to have done it yourself." Becky said, and then reached up to Kerry's chest, and gave a breast a squeeze through the shirt. "And these are alright for fakes. You can tell your sister." "N... no. They'll make it worse on me. They've already made me a girl. I didn't want you to see me like this." Kerry sniffed, about to cry again. "C'mon... no.. don't do that." Becky Pleaded "Shhh... its Okay."

Becky reached over, and brushed her brother/sister's hand off his/her cock, and wrapped her own around it. she began to pump it for him, smiling sadly at him. "It'll be okay, I won't make you tell me who did this to you." Becky shifted position, and continued to give her crossdressed brother a handjob, feeling his smooth shaven leg with her free hand. "Your tormentors may have made you a girl, but I can help. I can make you a man. Now, take that getup off." Kyle started taking off the shirt he had on, then his bra. Becky stopped stroking his cock long enough for him to remove the skirt and for her to get a washcloth for him to get most of the makeup off. While he cleaned up, she took her own clothes off, revealing a trimmed little patch above her pussy, and some perky breasts bigger than the fakes they gave him, but still only mid-sized in the scheme of things. He lay on the bed again, and she straddled him. she ground her pussy against his cock, and she moistened his rod as she started to get wet herself. When she felt they were both sufficiently slick, she held his cock up, and lowered herself onto him. she felt her brother's cock enter her, and pondered how good it felt. It wasn't the largest cock she'd had, but there was something about the taboo against brother and sister becoming one like this that added that extra spark, as she pumped her hips up and down on his manhood. Kyle was so fiercely aroused by having to come home dressed as a girl, and by the forbidden act that he was now part of, that he came inside his sister only a couple minutes in, pumping his seed up into her. Then he realized what he'd done. a look of terror crossed his face, and he nearly cried again. "Wait, wait, Kyle... its okay... sshh... Its okay... It was your first time, I wasn't expecting you to hold out very long." Becky assured him. "But, I came inside you. Now you'll get pregnant." "C'mon bro, give me a little credit" Becky said, smiling down at her brother, as his cream oozed out of her hole, around his softening cock "I'm on the pill, and this time of the month I wouldn't be fertile anyway. we're safe." Becky laid down next to kyle, and he rolled to face her, both of them just laying there quietly a moment. Becky stroked his hair and asked "Still won't tell me who did this?" Kyle shook his head no, and buried his face in her breasts. Becky continued to smooth his hair, as he burrowed into the cleft of her chest. "Thats okay. I hope you're feeling better". "Becky?" "Yeah?" "I... I don't want you to hate me." "I won't hate you. I just didn't want whomever did this to you, to take your first time from you. I suppose its not THAT much better that it was your sister, but atleast I care about you." "oh. thanks sis." "Why did you think I would hate you?" "just a little bit.. but when I was dressed like that... I kinda... kinda liked it." kyle squirmed and kept his face hidden between her boobs. "Oh... I see. No, no.. I won't hate you for that. You just do whatever makes you happy little bro." "Thanks for understanding Becky." The next day at school, was almost normal. If it weren't for the cheerleader girls winking at him, and smirking every time he passed them in the halls it would have been entirely normal. Classes were still boring. Nobody but the cheerleader bitches knew about what happened. They had kept their word sofar. Kyle's brain began to think about how he could get back at them, but he remembered they promised him a reward. He wondered what that could be, daydreamed about them offering themselves to him, but thought about it some more, and decided it wasn't likely that they'd do that for him. Then he started imaginging taking that by force. That might be the only way his dick would find its way into Krystal's pussy. He must have been grinning at the thought of that, because his english teacher chose that moment to call on him, catching him off guard and making him look dumb. Between 7th and 8th periods in the hall, Melody stopped him and told him to meet them in the equipment shed at the back of the sports fields. He'd get his reward there.

When he got there, it was dark inside. He stepped inside, and shut the door. Before his eyes had time to adjust to the darkness, a rag was clamped over his mouth, and when he gasped in surprise, he got a mouthful of chloroform, knocking him out almost instantly. When Kyle awoke a few minutes later, he found that he was dressed up as Kerry again, in a full cheerleader's outfit. Assuming Kerry's voice, she asked "What the hell? I don't see why you had to knock me out for this." "Maybe not. Do you want your reward or not?" asked Krystal, from the darkness. "Well... alright. But I would have cooperated with you. I've come this far, haven't I?" "... We'll give you that girl. But! enough of that, its time for your reward." Stated Krystal "We've decided its time you lost your virginity, Kerry." Kerry chuckled dryly "Too late. I already lost that" "No, we know about that. We know that Kyle is an incestuous little pervert who wuvs his sister." Krystal said, her voice as cold as a penguin's tit "But Kerry still hasn't lost her cherry." Kyle/Kerry stared into the darkness in confusion. Then someone flipped a switch, lighting up a single overhead bulb, illuminating Sarah, who was naked, save for a black sports bra, and a strap-on dildo. Sarah smiled sweetly, as she rubbed some KY lube on the glistenining black phallus "Your sister made you a man, but I'll make you a woman" Sarah said in a deceptively honeyed voice. Kerry's eyes went wide, she realized she'd never make it if she tried to run, and with a sigh, resigned herself to this reaming. "Now, be a good little girl, and get up on this stack of mats here" Ordered Krystal "Then remove your panties, and spread your legs for us. It'll hurt less if you don't fight it." "Yes Ma'am" Kerry said meekly, getting up on the mats, and taking off her panties. She noticed that they hadn't taped his penis back this time, and it stiffened immediately when exposed to the open air and gazes of the cheerleaders. She laid back, flipped up her cheerleader's skirt and thought about the favor Becky did her last night. She wondered if it would hurt. She wondered if Becky's first time had hurt. She felt Sarah's strap-on phallus press against her hole, heard her spit on it for extra moisture, felt the head of it being rubbed in circles at Kerry's opening. Kerry felt it plunge into her, filling her up inside. There was pain, mostly pain, but also an oddly pleasant stimulus beneath the pain. Kerry let out an involuntary cry, partly in pain, partly in surprise. Sarah continued to slowly enter Kerry, still with an oddly sweet smile on her face. "Ssshh honey. Don't fight it. Don't fight it. Accept it." Sarah said as she drove it in to the hilt. She waited a moment, letting Kerry get used to it there, and then she began to fuck Kerry in earnest. as she pounted Kerry, she reached down and grabbed, well, it wouldn't be fit to call it a cock, when it was on a girl, so Sarah reached down to play with Kerry's 'clit' rubbing it as she fucked Kerry's ass. "Look girls, She's starting to enjoy it!" mocked Krystal's voice from off to the left of Kerry, and a chorous of giggles came from the other girls. "I didn't know we'd foud such an eager little slut. I expected this one to fight more." Kerry couldn't reply in words, she was lost in the simultaneous fucking and handjob she was recieving. She couldn't compare it to the real sex she'd just had the night before, that was better, but it was an auful lot of sensation. She began to cry out in short sharp bursts, as Sarah drove her plastic cock into Kerry, and with a final cry, Kerry came, shooting a jet of cum onto her cheerleader's uniform. "Aww, look. she came hard. she's a squirter!" mocked Krystal, as Sarah withdrew from Kerry, and went to clean up. "Good think we know how to get THAT out of our uniforms" giggled Melody "How'd you like your reward, slut?" asked Krystal Kerry still couldn't reply, just nodded "Look girls! she's speechless." said Krystal with a laugh. "We'll have to get you out of those messy clothes, and into something worth sending you home in." "Wait, Krystal." came Karen's voice "I wanna play with her some." "What? That wasnt in the pl... oh, whatever. We'll play dress up some more when you're done with her." Karen walked over to the mats where Kerry lay, and smiled at Kerry. Kerry blinked, wondering if she'd seen correctly. It looked like there was some actual warmth in Karen's gaze. Was Karen feeling bad about what they'd been doing to her? Karen took Kerry's limp 'clit' in her mouth, and sucked it clean, and made it begin to stiffen once more. The other girls cheered and hooted to see a second show. Karen paused, removing her sweater, and the white bra she wore beneath it, freeing her breasts. Kerry watched them sway as Karen sucked her off. Suddenly, Karen stopped again, taking her tight bluejeans, and skimpy white panties off, and mounting Kerry's hips. Karen held kerry's member up, and lowered herself down onto it. Then, once Kerry was all the way inside Karen, she leaned in, and pressing her real tits against Kerry's fake ones, kissed Kerry on the mouth. Then she whispered to Kerry. "You've been a good girl. You deserved a real reward" as she ground her hips in a circle, manipulating Kerry's member with the muscles inside her. "t..thanks" whispered Kerry back. Karen went upright again, and began to ride more enthusiastically, fucking Kerry like a pro. She felt different around Kerry's member than Becky had. Becky was a little tighter, but Karen was apparently more experienced, and had amazing muscle control. Karen was also completely shaved, didn't have the little tuft of pubic hair that Becky did. Kerry's hips instinctually began to buck as Karen rode atop them. Karen really seemed to be enjoying fucking Kerry, she had a look of sympathy, colored by what Kerry could only assume was desire. Kerry began to feel an orgasm building, and opened her mouth to protest, but AGAIN, Kerry was rebuffed, as Karen placed a finger over her mouth and softly said "Fill me up. Come inside me." Its hard to resist someone when they're straddled atop you, pounding you with reckless abandon, and imploring you to fill them up inside. Its hard to maintain composure, so it was no surprise that when Karen came a moment later, and her pussy clamped down on Kerry's member, that Kerry came with loud cry, somehow even remaining in her Kerry voice as she cried out, and spurted inside of Karen. "Bra-vo." announced Krystal "a performance worthy of anyone on my squad. But, we've still got to send this little one home. Melody, show her what she'll be wearing today" Melody stepped into the light again, and she was holding a much shorter skirt than the previous day, this time in black, a plain light pink top, with spaghetti straps, an overshirt to wear open atop that, a black bra, with clear shoulder straps, and some satiny black panties. Spent from the sex, Kerry didn't resist as the cheerleaders strapped her in, and dressed her up. They released her into the world at large, and Kerry went home. Fortunately, she didn't run into Jessica today. She did get a few whistles from people as she walked from the bus stop she got off at, and walked to her home though. Apparently they'd done a convincing job feminizning her. There were people home today, so Kerry called Becky and asked her to distract her parents while she snuck back up to her room. Becky agreed with a sigh, and provided the diversion Kerry needed to get up to her room.

Kyle stripped out of the clothes the cheerleaders put on him, and sat down at his computer. Just as he was signing on to his usual chat programs, his sister barged into his room, and turned on his stereo. Once the music was playing loud enough to keep them from being oveheard she asked Kyle "What the fuck? It happened again, didn't it?" Becky demanded, waving the black panties in Kyle's face. "Its alright Becky. I'm okay." "They're using you as their plaything, whoever is doing this" "... Yeah, but I'm kindof enjoying it. When they dress me up, I feel... sexy. and They gave me a reward for cooperation." 'I just don't like seeing people push my little bro around. Its okay if you like dressing up, but... theres better ways to make it happen. Stop playing their game. If you like it that much, we'll go out of town one of these weekends, you and me. We'll go out as sisters on the town somewhere." "T..thanks Becky!" Kyle said, surprised "That'd be great!" They hugged, and Becky left Kyle to his computer. A message appeared on his screen, from someone he didn't have on his contact list. 'Go on vacation if you'd like, but, you're still ours.'

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