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I know how to MACHINE CODE.

Guides written by various anons on the subject of programming. Surprisingly, the examples might give you a chuckle, just like any typical programming book.

So You Want To Learn To Program, eh?

Basically, before you start to learn anything, you're going to have to choose what you want to do with your 1337 skills.

Most universities teach computer science in this order. Therefore, these end up becoming the most common languages, so if you're modding stuff, you should do so too:

  • Python - For quick scripting and easy GUI frontends to C++ programs.
  • Java - For Android apps, existing apps, and an easier way to get comfy with C.
  • C - The universal programming language.
  • C++ - The universal (object-oriented) programming language.

If you are interested in operating systems/hacking/cracking, then you should follow a path like this:

If you're more interested in web stuff/sploiting things, you should learn everything in the Web Development seciton, along with Perl or Python for scripting.

If you want to make LOL GAEMS then you should just learn C++, and if you're a comp sci nerd then Haskell or Lisp would be of interest to you.

Programming Languages

Here are some programming languages worthy of mention.

  • Assembly - x86's low-level programming language.
  • C - The universal programming language.
  • C++ - The universal (object-oriented) programming language.
  • C Sharp - see: Java
  • Cobol - Nobody uses this.
  • Java
  • Haskell - you have to have four PhD's to be good at haskell
  • Lisp
  • Python - For quick scripting and easy GUI frontends to C++ programs.
  • Ruby
  • Visual Basic (real men do not program in this)

Scripting Languages

  • Bash - UNIX-like shell scripting language
  • Batch - Windows command-line scripting language
  • Javascript - The primary scripting language on the internet.
  • XSS - Cross-site scripting: a Javascript-based exploit.
  • mIRC Script - Great for spamming IRC servers.
  • Perl - Great for messing with text, or stuff on the internet.
  • Qbasic

Web Development

Markup Languages

  • HTML - The primary markup language on the internet.
  • Markdown - A simple but powerful markup language designed for easy editing and reading. It's everywhere, especially on this wiki. Beats typing up HTML.


Pastebin's are a good way to share your code with other people so that they may give you advice / help debug your code if you are having problems.


Skill \ Language ASM Bash DOS Batch C C++ C# CSS Flash ActionScript HTML JavaScript Perl PHP Python
Awesome N/A N/A Januszeal N/A N/A N/A Picatta, Tanami Lambda Picatta, Dart27, Lambda, Tanami N/A Tanami Picatta, Azure Picatta
Great N/A N/A Atucha01, Picatta N/A Catnapped N/A Catnapped, Dart27, Azure, Tisteca N/A Catnapped N/A N/A Dart27 N/A
Okay N/A Januszeal, Tanami Catnapped N/A N/A N/A N/A Dart27 Januszeal, Teimros Picatta, Catnapped Catnapped Catnapped, Lambda Catnapped
Learning Catnapped N/A N/A Atucha01, Tanami Atucha01 Catnapped N/A N/A N/A Tanami Atucha01 N/A Atucha01, Tek


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